Bill Nye the pseudo-science guy

bill nye

“Remember, either I’m right or you go to jail.”

Recently America dealt with yet another social justice haemorrhoid in the form of the “March for Science”, in which far-left ideologues try to convince ordinary people that if you like science, you must be anti-Trump, and of course they failed miserably because no sane person wants anything to do with social justice anymore. The face of that endeavour was Bill Nye, the so-called “science guy” who most people only remember for a PBS children’s show back in the 1990’s, but the March for Science isn’t why I’m talking about him.

On Saturday, Netflix put out a TV show entitled “Bill Nye Saves the World”, a late night talk show in which he talks about how sciences supposedly “intersects with politics, pop culture and society”. In other words, it’s Nye’s own entry in an overcrowded market dominated by the likes of fellow propagandists like John Oliver and Trevor Noah. One of the episodes (which were all released at the same time) focused on promoting myth of “sexuality is a spectrum” as hard science, and he even summoned a barely known actress Rachel Bloom to do one of the worst musical numbers of all time (don’t believe me? click here if you dare).

Picture this for a moment. Bill Nye, a man who the establishment media in America has proclaimed to be the one of the go-to scientific experts, is on the “sexuality is a spectrum” bandwagon, even though the only “evidence” for it is on Tumblr, a site with as much scientific credibility as a crazy cat lady. He’s also the same person who apparently is such a fervent apostle of the cult of global warming that he believes climate skeptics should be jailed for their heresy, a sentiment also shared by Bernie Sanders and, of all people, Eric Idle.

Of course, the thing you need remember is that the so-called “science guy” isn’t even an actual scientist. His bachelor degree is in mechanical engineering, though his main trade seems to be a science educator, and before his TV show was even conceived, he was a comedian. Of course, the only reason people treat him as a scientist is because his mere presence fuels people’s nostalgia for his PBS series, which I presume works well for the editors of Buzzfeed, a fake news site that practically runs on a constant 90’s boner.

The reason why he’s so keen on promoting Tumblrisms as credible science is obvious – it’s in vogue. You see, Bill Nye is pretty much a shyster. He appeals to the left’s proclaimed love of science (except when it goes against their narrative of course) by branding himself as “the science guy” and presenting himself as a cheerleader of scientific inquiry. That’s how he managed to become a celebrity, and appealing to the left-wing establishment has gotten him rich. It’s a sham, and all around the world leftists will for it because they’ve bought into the idea that all conservatives are just science hating nutjobs who suck the cock of the oil industry all the time. People like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson know that.

The problem, however, is that Bill Nye believes that science is political, and he practically confesses this in a CNN panel discussion on climate change, wherein his facade is broken by William Happer, an actual scientist whose findings contradict Nye’s agenda-driven fearmongering. It’s generally not hard to pick apart Bill Nye’s positions. In fact, the only debate that I’m sure he won was the debate he had with Ken Ham, the famous peddler of Young Earth Creationism. Of course he would win, though doesn’t it sound rather odd that he decided to take on Ken Ham in 2014, long after creationists already lost the culture war? On the other hand it’s not surprising. After all, creationists are ridiculously easy targets for people who would just as easily be ripped apart anyone whose actually done even so much as cursory research on climate science.

Personally, I think the rise of Bill Nye can be attributed to the left’s years of elevating the prestige of the scientist, which they only did in order to make themselves look like the smart ones when compared to the religious right, who in the olden days were busy demanding that creationism should be taught as fact in schools. As a result, the scientist became sort of a priestly class within the left, someone no leftist is allowed to question, particularly if they’re talking about “global warming. When scientists are treated as people who are beyond criticism, you inevitably get flashy conmen who come to take advantage of people’s good faith. In that regard, people like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson (whose proposed government I explored in a previous post here) are no different to the likes of Ching Hai or Al Gore, and yet they garner more respect because they have the correct political views.

That Nye enjoys this prestige is dangerous because he uses this to peddle pseudo-science, and whenever he argues with an opponent who actually calls him out for his nonsense, he reveals his true nature as a shill for the green lobby. This is a guy who wants people to believe that man-made global warming is settled science, even though any idiot can point out that the ice caps haven’t completely melted, and that the Antarctic ice sheets are actually growing (though that’s not the only thing they got wrong). The alarmists have time and time again been proven wrong, and yet people like Bill Nye, with his clear leftist agenda, want us to ignore the skeptics and submit to big government climate regulations that will do far more harm to society than could ever help the planet.

Fortunately there may be a silver lining. Eventually frauds like him are eventually exposed for the liars they are, and that shouldn’t be too far away in this case because more and more people are being skeptical of him. It also helps that most people aren’t even buying the global warming scam anymore, especially in America, where most Americans don’t even trust the “consensus of scientists” that believe in man made global warming. The green gravy train is grinding to halt, and people like Bill Nye hate that, and tasteless, degenerate stunts like what we saw on Netflix won’t change people’s attitudes towards him. If anything, it’ll only make it worse.


Fortune tellers, psychics, and mystical fraudulence


I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m gonna need more evidence than just a crystal ball.

If you look around in a city area, you’re likely to find someone claiming to be a fortune teller, someone who can allegedly read the future. If they believe it’s real, and they can do it any time, then why would they charge you for it? Isn’t it obvious? It’s because it’s not real, and the fortune teller is actually a con artist of some variety.

I know that fortune tellers, or “oracles” as they were called in antiquity, are part of various mythologies, like the Oracle at Delphi. It is also an important part of Chinese culture, in the form of the I Ching. However, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam denounce fortune telling as sorcery. In fact, some fundamental Christians see fortune tellers as “slaves to Satan”.

Of course, Christianity hypocritically denounces prophecy while using the Bible (specifically the book of Revelations) to predict the end of the world. And let’s not forget the number of “prophecies” that are supposedly found in the Quran.

On the issue of psychics, there have been a number of reality TV series in which people supposedly have psychic abilities, or encounter other supernatural phenomenon. Of course, there is actually no evidence for this sort of Hollywood hooey, but sadly, there’s also no evidence to say that it’s not real, which means Hollywood and the TV producers can exploit this in order to attract gullible viewers and make money.

Since the release of the movie The Sixth Sense and the TV show Crossing Over with John Edward (both in 1999), there have been numerous claims of people who can communicate with the dead. However, it’s been known that John Edward and all other psychics are merely “cold readers”, people who fish for information while leaving the person you are reading to think that you gave them the information. If you really want a demonstration of this point, watch South Park.

The fact that psychics make money this way officially makes them frauds. In fact, notable “psychic” Sylvia Browne has made numerous predictions that were later proved incorrect, but was only convicted of investment fraud and grand theft, and that was over 20 years ago. That still doesn’t make up for her latest crime.

sylvia browne

At this point, even Hell won’t do it, and Hell is probably where she’ll end up because the Christians don’t look too kindly on the whole “psychic” thing.

Lastly, I think I’ll talk about astrology. Every newspaper comes with a horoscope, a vague, unspecific prediction that attempts to predict the future in relation to one’s “star sign”. Astrology involves giving you a star sign (determined by your date of birth), which an astrologist to “predict your future” based on a personality stereotype associated with that star sign.

I was interested in this sort of crap when I was 13, but I eventually realized that it’s nothing more than pseudo-scientific nonsense that, I’ll be honest, denies any possibility of free will because it ignores that fact that everyone is different. Also, because it relies on the activity of stars and planets (which is impossible to observe on a long-term basis), it is completely unreliable, and seems to be grounded in some New Age hippie crap (though I have heard that astrology originated in Vedic India).

Overall, psychic powers, fortune telling, and all that mystic crap is best left for fiction and fantasy. In the real world, this stuff needs some scientific evidence behind it. These people can’t go around scamming people like that, especially since the scientific community knows that they’re frauds.

In case I sound a little too vitriolic, try to understand that I’ve never believed in superstition of this kind when I was a kid. Maybe I just have an investigative streak.