Around the horseshoe in 80 days


Guest starring Jack Posobiec

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Jack Posobiec again. As if I already despised him for playing the race card in the wake of last month’s #FireOliver fiasco, it looks like the Rebel Media’s Washington D.C. correspondent had to ratchet up his obnoxiousness on Friday by interrupting a rendition of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, which he and fellow activist Laura Loomer attempted to shut down the play due to it having a scene in which a character resembling Donald Trump is murdered, which they believe to be “an act of political violence against the right”. After Loomer was escorted out, Posobiec himself likened the audience the Nazi’s, and yelled “Goebbels would be proud” until he himself was escorted out.

Does this sound familiar? Remember when social justice warriors would try to shut down speeches held by Milo Yiannopoulos? Remember how often far-leftists were labelling all of us who opposed them as “Nazis”, cast Breitbart’s owner Steven Bannon as the new Joseph Goebbels, and accused conservatives of normalising hate? Well now you have right-wing idiots acting exactly like the left. Good job Jack, you’re really helping us out by acting like the people we despise. If we ever needed more proof of the existence of horseshoe theory, we finally have it. Posobiec is so bad that most conservatives have distanced itself from him, and even the far-right Richard Spencer can’t stand him or Laura Loomer.

While we’re at it, there have always been some very shady characters in our ranks. In the eighties and the nineties you had the Moral Majority, a bunch of one-nation Christian moralists disguised as Reaganite conservatives. In the 2000’s you had people like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, neo-con pundits who exploited the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to artificially generate loyalty to the fake conservatism of the Bush administration, and draw ratings and make money of off easily suckered partisan Republicans. Today you have InfoWars, Jack Posobiec, and other tabloid online personalities who use our real outrage to make a fast buck. Don’t believe me? Soon after the incident the Rebel Media promoted a campaign called “Free Laura”, a crowdfunding campaign to help fund Laura Loomer’s legal defence team. The problem is that the domain for the campaign website was apparently set up a few hours before Loomer and Posobiec interrupted the play. The domain also appears to have been registered by Ezra Levant, the founder of The Rebel Media.

If this screen shot is proof of anything, it’s that Posobiec, Loomer and Levant colluded in order to create a scene of fake outrage as a prelude to a campaign in which Loomer can make money off of partisan conservatives. What I’m saying is that Laura Loomer got herself arrested on purpose in order to justify scamming people. Doesn’t this sound anything like the time Anita Sarkeesian lied about harassment threats from Gamergaters in order to make money off fellow social justice warriors and pimp her own name on the mass media? And before people on the right complain, this is exactly the same principle. It’s the same kind of con job that we saw from the left.

Unlike in the left, however, Rebel Media’s followers don’t seem to tolerate this kind of crap. In any of their videos that has anything to do with the incident involving Laura Loomer, you will find many in the comments section telling them that this is immoral, that they are acting just like the left. It’s great that so many people are calling out people like Jack Posobiec and Laura Loomer because it means we are not as unprincipled as the hard left. We despise people like them because they are scumbags, and their actions undermine the very cause they profess to be a part of.

It’s not as though they’re the only right-wingers acting like leftists. Paul Joseph Watson, a man who trades in sensationalism, blamed the Weis Market Massacre on social justice ideology, when there was flimsy evidence at best to suggest that he was motivated by ideology. Lauren Southern isn’t completely innocent either, and on that note, what the hell is she doing shacking up with Génération Identitaire? She may not be a con artist, but she certainly abandoned her journalistic integrity by effectively becoming an activist. Is this why she left the Rebel Media? If so, she didn’t really need to. After all, the Rebel Media is currently stuffed with activists posing as journalists, especially now that Tommy Robinson has been inducted into the family.

For moderate conservatives, even those who like these guys, I must ask one simple question. Is this really the future you want for the right? Do you want the right to become just another variation of the left? If you want conservatism to win the battle of ideas, you will not do it by acting like the left, and if you’re going start quoting Rules for Radicals to try and disprove me, the very fact that you have to quote Saul Alinsky to justify yourself proves that you’re operating from the left’s playbook. If you want people to think that you are a good alternative to the left, you must distance yourself from the loony con artists within your ranks, as thankfully many have. If not, then the culture war will merely manifest in another pendulum swing from the crazy left to the crazy right, and we will have accomplished nothing because nothing will change. We’d simply be repeating the 2000’s when the neo-cons were in charge.