The smug leftist

john oliver

That face when a hypocrite self-righteously scolds the entire country for not being as progressive as he is.

Over the past decade we in the West have had to live with a chattering, self-righteous left-wing elite that has somehow attached itself to mainstream culture, and in America, they are best represented by late night “comedians” such as Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, and of course, John Oliver. You may remember that I recently wrote a post in which I defended him from the more dimwitted members of the right (e.g. Jack Posobiec) who were acting like SJW’s in calling for him to be fired. Let the following be known – I still hate him!

I only defended him because my principles demanded it. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a liar, a hypocrite, and a devious propagandist. At this point, his entire raison d’être is to try and be more anti-Trump than his peers. Indeed, he has been one of the most ardent critics of the Trump administration, and in his criticism he has come to exemplify the smug liberal problem (Samantha Bee may deny it, but they really are the problem). Of course, like all the smug liberal elites, he doesn’t even practice what he preaches, and it turns out that John Oliver and his wife had purchased a $9.5 million Manhattan penthouse, using a tax loophole used by Donald Trump himself a few decades ago. And to add insult to injury, he did this months before his episode on the wealth gap.

The loophole I’m talking about is the 421-a tax exemption, which was designed in 1971 in order to encourage new development in vacant or underutilised property locations. Apparently Donald Trump wanted to use it in 1980 in order to turn the Bonwit Teller building into the famous Trump Tower. When the then-mayor Ed Koch wouldn’t allow him to, he sued the city, and won a $50 million tax exemption, and thereby established that all new developments could be written off under that provision. Years later, John Oliver, who condemns the wealthy elites on a regular basis, not only used that same rule to buy an expensive penthouse, but to do so he also hired Proskauer Rose LLP, a law firm that specialises in helping the wealthy find tax breaks.

I knew John Oliver was a liar, but this surprised even me. There you have definitive proof that John Oliver is a snake with no guiding principles, and that is because he is a neoliberal corporatist. He has to feign his left-wing stance in order to keep his career afloat. It should be fairly obvious that he and his ilk are rich enough that they would stand to gain from Donald Trump’s proposed tax cuts. He’s not even the only one to directly contradict himself. Take Samantha Bee, a woman generally known for barking on about how white people have “ruined America”, but her husband opposed a move to relocate their children’s school to an area that would make it more accessible to black schoolchildren (and claims that his opposition isn’t racist).

Of course, do we really expect the likes of John Oliver and Samantha Bee to have any principles? They’re the smug leftists, the bourgeoisie if you will. All that stops them from being true aristocrats is the fact that they probably weren’t born with blue blood. In the end, they only care about their self-centred, frivolous wants, even as they have the gall to criticise other rich people for the same kind of behaviour. Come to think about it, that whole progressive shtick is probably a scam too. I wonder how many wealthy socialites they know? If they’re celebrities they’ve surely attended a number of high-class parties that only the rich and famous will ever be invited to. As for that crap about caring for the poor, I wouldn’t be surprised if they cracked jokes about poor people with chortling laughter.

They’re all the same, and I guarantee that this anti-Trump crap is just for ratings. When John Oliver did his first anti-Trump rant, he got far more online traffic than anything else he had done prior to that. What that tells me is that he’s all too aware of what drive traffic to him, and he’s capitalising on that in order to further his career. They’re all liars, and the people who still watch them and take him with a little more than a grain of salt are either idiots who have never ventured outside cable TV, or their leftists themselves who buy the propaganda. Either way they’re a diminishing audience. TV as a medium is dying anyway, and in its death throes you still have the vestigial kings and queens of late night “comedy” attempting to preserve their hold on the public consciousness, and failing because on the Internet, the people can reveal how the really feel about the smug leftists who constantly talk down to them.

Bill Nye the pseudo-science guy

bill nye

“Remember, either I’m right or you go to jail.”

Recently America dealt with yet another social justice haemorrhoid in the form of the “March for Science”, in which far-left ideologues try to convince ordinary people that if you like science, you must be anti-Trump, and of course they failed miserably because no sane person wants anything to do with social justice anymore. The face of that endeavour was Bill Nye, the so-called “science guy” who most people only remember for a PBS children’s show back in the 1990’s, but the March for Science isn’t why I’m talking about him.

On Saturday, Netflix put out a TV show entitled “Bill Nye Saves the World”, a late night talk show in which he talks about how sciences supposedly “intersects with politics, pop culture and society”. In other words, it’s Nye’s own entry in an overcrowded market dominated by the likes of fellow propagandists like John Oliver and Trevor Noah. One of the episodes (which were all released at the same time) focused on promoting myth of “sexuality is a spectrum” as hard science, and he even summoned a barely known actress Rachel Bloom to do one of the worst musical numbers of all time (don’t believe me? click here if you dare).

Picture this for a moment. Bill Nye, a man who the establishment media in America has proclaimed to be the one of the go-to scientific experts, is on the “sexuality is a spectrum” bandwagon, even though the only “evidence” for it is on Tumblr, a site with as much scientific credibility as a crazy cat lady. He’s also the same person who apparently is such a fervent apostle of the cult of global warming that he believes climate skeptics should be jailed for their heresy, a sentiment also shared by Bernie Sanders and, of all people, Eric Idle.

Of course, the thing you need remember is that the so-called “science guy” isn’t even an actual scientist. His bachelor degree is in mechanical engineering, though his main trade seems to be a science educator, and before his TV show was even conceived, he was a comedian. Of course, the only reason people treat him as a scientist is because his mere presence fuels people’s nostalgia for his PBS series, which I presume works well for the editors of Buzzfeed, a fake news site that practically runs on a constant 90’s boner.

The reason why he’s so keen on promoting Tumblrisms as credible science is obvious – it’s in vogue. You see, Bill Nye is pretty much a shyster. He appeals to the left’s proclaimed love of science (except when it goes against their narrative of course) by branding himself as “the science guy” and presenting himself as a cheerleader of scientific inquiry. That’s how he managed to become a celebrity, and appealing to the left-wing establishment has gotten him rich. It’s a sham, and all around the world leftists will for it because they’ve bought into the idea that all conservatives are just science hating nutjobs who suck the cock of the oil industry all the time. People like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson know that.

The problem, however, is that Bill Nye believes that science is political, and he practically confesses this in a CNN panel discussion on climate change, wherein his facade is broken by William Happer, an actual scientist whose findings contradict Nye’s agenda-driven fearmongering. It’s generally not hard to pick apart Bill Nye’s positions. In fact, the only debate that I’m sure he won was the debate he had with Ken Ham, the famous peddler of Young Earth Creationism. Of course he would win, though doesn’t it sound rather odd that he decided to take on Ken Ham in 2014, long after creationists already lost the culture war? On the other hand it’s not surprising. After all, creationists are ridiculously easy targets for people who would just as easily be ripped apart anyone whose actually done even so much as cursory research on climate science.

Personally, I think the rise of Bill Nye can be attributed to the left’s years of elevating the prestige of the scientist, which they only did in order to make themselves look like the smart ones when compared to the religious right, who in the olden days were busy demanding that creationism should be taught as fact in schools. As a result, the scientist became sort of a priestly class within the left, someone no leftist is allowed to question, particularly if they’re talking about “global warming. When scientists are treated as people who are beyond criticism, you inevitably get flashy conmen who come to take advantage of people’s good faith. In that regard, people like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson (whose proposed government I explored in a previous post here) are no different to the likes of Ching Hai or Al Gore, and yet they garner more respect because they have the correct political views.

That Nye enjoys this prestige is dangerous because he uses this to peddle pseudo-science, and whenever he argues with an opponent who actually calls him out for his nonsense, he reveals his true nature as a shill for the green lobby. This is a guy who wants people to believe that man-made global warming is settled science, even though any idiot can point out that the ice caps haven’t completely melted, and that the Antarctic ice sheets are actually growing (though that’s not the only thing they got wrong). The alarmists have time and time again been proven wrong, and yet people like Bill Nye, with his clear leftist agenda, want us to ignore the skeptics and submit to big government climate regulations that will do far more harm to society than could ever help the planet.

Fortunately there may be a silver lining. Eventually frauds like him are eventually exposed for the liars they are, and that shouldn’t be too far away in this case because more and more people are being skeptical of him. It also helps that most people aren’t even buying the global warming scam anymore, especially in America, where most Americans don’t even trust the “consensus of scientists” that believe in man made global warming. The green gravy train is grinding to halt, and people like Bill Nye hate that, and tasteless, degenerate stunts like what we saw on Netflix won’t change people’s attitudes towards him. If anything, it’ll only make it worse.

Stop moaning about 2016 already!


Pictured: Two entitled leftists moaning about how they lost everything.

As the current year draws to a close, the one thing that’s absolutely is that clear my Facebook feed is flooded with memes that are effectively designed to persuade you that “2016 is the worst”, as if I hadn’t already heard that from everyone in the fossilized media, including resident shill John Oliver. Pretty much everyone in the left-leaning commentariat is screeching from their soapboxes that 2016 was the worst year on record, and the reason why is obvious – they lost, and they have shown the world that leftists are terrible losers, because when the going gets tough for them, they cry “RACIST”. Of course the veritable avalance of celebrity deaths hasn’t helped, and to be fair, I don’t appreciate having lost David Bowie, and two parts of Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

In spite of the negatives, I actually think that 2016 is actually one of the best years I’ve had the luxury of living through. First of all, this was the year I finally made it to university, and possibly a future career. Second of all, this was the year in which I finally overcame the nihilistic predilections of modern youth (I’m still a goth, but at least I’m finally out of the depressive phase that dominated the previous two years). Third, and the most important point, this was the year in which most of the population finally realised that they had been lied to by the media and political establishment, and vented their rage in the ballot box, including me. I realised that I was being lied to by the left. Now, I’m a hardened right-wing anti-SJW, and yes, I feel absolutely no shame in calling myself “right-wing”, because the left-wing political establishment has turned it into yet another meaningless insult.

The left-wing commentariat doesn’t even realise it, but most of the world is tired of being told what to think by an ideological overclass that has become increasingly out of touch with reality, and increasingly more authoritarian, which is why I abandoned the left. They’re so privileged that they can’t see why the public are revolting against them, because instead of talking to them, they’re talking down to them, and in doing so, the left has dug its own grave, as I’ve spent a few posts recently pointing that out (though my uni work has taken over, so it’s been hard posting again).

And therein lies the crux of the matter, the leftists are mad that they lost, and they’ve resorted to fearmongering and whinging, and nothing exemplifies this better than Flo and Joan’s “2016 Song”, which essentially amounts to two minutes of potty-mouthed regressive whinging from people who have obviously been brainwashed by the mainstream media, which ultimately reinforces the biggest lesson of 2016. We have all been lied to, and now we see the liars as they truly are. It was ultimately heartening for me to see the general public come to the conclusion I had already reached four years ago, that the mainstream media is full of agenda-driven liars who are more interested in lining their pockets with cash than informing the public, who they look upon as plebs anyway.

The point is, 2016 has been a great year because it proves that the spirit of rebellion hasn’t been killed yet, and that if things go bad for us, we have the ability to turn things around if we desire it. If anything, 2016 has been the most positive year in a long time. If you want a bad year, try 1914 (the start of World War I), or 1929 (the start of the Great Depression), or 1347 (when the Black Death broke out in Europe)? Hell, why not try the year 476, when the Western Roman Empire collapsed? I’m sure that was way worse than all the “horrors” that 2016 had to offer. If you think we have it bad in the West right now just because the right-wingers are coming back into power, you obviously haven’t been to the Philippines, where upwards of 6,000 people have been killed in a nonsensical “war on drugs”. What about Libya, which is essentially a failed state thanks to Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State? What about Venezuela, a country that can’t afford to feed its people? What about Syria, a country that became a war zone thanks to intervention from the West and Russia? All of those countries and more have it FAR worse than we do, and yet the left acts like the world is coming to an end just because a man they personally hate became the President?

I know this is more of a rant than usual, but as 2016 draws its last breath, I thought it was time to finally show how I really felt about the current year, in all its blazing glory as the “progressive”, globalist establishment finally crumbles before my eyes. Do any of these people think I care what they think, after they’ve lied to me for the past five years? I used to be a liberal progressive until I found that The Guardian showed its true colours, and after I found out that the right-wing arguments, for the most part, actually made sense when you don’t look at them through the progressive lens (which I’ll talk more about in a later post).

I honestly hope 2017 will shape up to be better than 2016, not just for political reasons, but because I think this the year where we finally venture out into a brave new world where anything is possible, though I think that attitude will change if things suddenly go to shit. Unlike the doom-and-gloom Clintonites, Europhiles and social justice warriors, I’m open-minded about the future, and I’m going to continue walking forward while the regressives in the establishment lurch backward into their caves and throw their little tantrums. Peace out!

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Gavin

gavin mcinnes

Normally I see Gavin McInnes, one of the main stars of the conservative online politics channel The Rebel Media, in a positive light. When I first saw him in an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, he came across as an edgy counter-cultural conservative who, like me, opposes the worst perversities of the far-left. However, I think lately he’s been drinking too much of conservative Kool-Aid, and now he’s sliding the slippery slope towards the authoritarian kind of conservative that I opposed in the first place.

The reason I’m talking about this is that he recently made a video entitled “Millennials aren’t interested in having sex. Here’s whose fault that is.”, which addresses the fact that, according to recent studies, millennials are less interested in sexual intercourse than previous generations. I maintain my stance that whether or not you have sex at all is a matter of choice, but I think the problem associated with young people not having sex as often they used to is usually linked with low birth rates. While I personally blame feminism and culturally Marxist gender professors for damaging relationships between men and women (and even Gavin mentions them, but only briefly), that apparently isn’t Gavin’s conclusion. Do you want to know what he thinks is the problem? Porn and video games. That’s right, Gavin literally just toed the conservative Christian line, blaming the things young people enjoy rather than the culture that is stunting the male sex drive.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on August 10th, Gavin, despite giving a more accurate reason for the low interest in sex (mentioning the war on boys that Christian Hoff Summers wrote about), basically spends the whole video chiding online porn and promoting his “Proud Boys” movement, a hypermasculine group with a vaguely pick-up-artist-like philosophy, whose goal is to get men off porn and video games in order to train men to achieve traditional ideals of masculinity. The fatal flaw is that not only is his case against porn based on sketchy science (including blaming divorce on porn based by his own admission on him guessing), but he also assumes that any man who watches porn or plays video games regularly is a loser who dropped out of society, totally ignoring the myriad of factors that play into a man’s life choices.

Much of his argument is him complaining about how the men of today aren’t anything remotely like the men of his time, and his solution is for men to join his weird “No Wanks” site (which he claims is the “religion” of his “proud boys”), and for men to pick up five girls a day. Congratulations Gavin, you and your Proud Boys are literally the strawman feminists thrive on! His views on video games are even worse, citing even sketchier sources to make a case that video games are bad for you (and he once tweeted that “if you’re playing video games for hours a day, your balls are long gone”). At this point, he sounds like an utterly cliche concerned parent from the 1990’s, and for those of us younger right-wingers in the modern world, it’s just embarrassing to see a whiny conservative commentator who acts like a stereotypical reactionary grandfather. Seriously, he makes me people like me sound like progressives by comparison.

He claims that his seemingly cult-like Proud Boys movement has been effective, citing people that he has talked to in the past. However, I have found no significant evidence to support his claim, and from he said, it sounds if he pressures people into it, and he outright admits that he pushed one person too far. The person in question being Michael Kittrell (a.k.a. CopperCab), and Gavin takes responsibility for causing him to become transgendered. I’d like to point out that I have nothing against Michael (now Claire) Kittrell mind you, he can do whatever he wants (and call himself whatever he desires), but if it’s true that Gavin pushed him into that state, then I have some serious questions for him about what exactly his movement does.

Of course, this is the same man who condemns gaming as an indulgence for children (he dismissed #Gamergate for exactly that reason in a video he made last year), and currently supports Donald Trump purely on the basis of getting on the bandwagon, and to him any conservative that doesn’t support Trump is a baby who needs to “man up”. He made another video entitled “Top 10 Things Wrong With Kids These Days”, in which he chides toddlers for things that they do naturally, giving me the impression that he’s basically like a grumpy old man who’s just mad that the world isn’t the way it was in his time.

old man yells at cloud

Gavin isn’t even the only one in The Rebel Media toeing the stodgy old “games are bad” line. Their own Faith Goldy made a video claiming that Pokémon Go turns adults into children who lose interest in the world around them, and docile enough to submit to the will of the liberal elite. That’s a very poor argument even by the standards of the craziest right-wing Christian out there, and to make matters worse, she compared the game to Paul Woltsch, the man who left his wife and seven kids to live as a six-year-old girl. I swear if it weren’t for Lauren Southern, The Rebel Media would quickly be turning into the right-wing version of The Young Turks, which it will if Gavin McInnes keeps up this “proud boys” nonsense for long enough.

For me, Gavin’s attitude isn’t good for the conservative movement at all. Doesn’t he realise that it is precisely his paternalistic brand of anti-porn and anti-gaming conservatism that pushed young people over to the left in the first place? I swear that people like him are the best advertising the left ever needs, because it’s people like him that keep the left in business, and in case Gavin doesn’t realise it, his stodgy old-fashioned conservatism is unappealing for young libertarians like myself, and younger, more moderate conservatives who don’t necessarily hold the same authoritarian worldview of the previous generation of conservatives. If we in the right have any hope of weakening the influence of social justice leftists in the mainstream, we need to be able to convince people that we aren’t the stodgy reactionaries that the media portrays us as. People like Gavin McInnes, whose head seems to be stuck in the ’80’s, are easy prey for the left-wing media, and as long as the right has these guys, the left can still use the whole “those crazy right-wingers” argument to make us look insane in front of an impressionable young audience.

That’s why I worry about Gavin McInnes’ approach, because we don’t need more old-fashioned conservatives like him or Rush Limbaugh. As far as I’m concerned, they are a liability in the modern culture war against social justice warriors, and they only have two options – they can either drop the whole anti-porn and anti-gaming shtick because it isn’t a winning issue, or they can continue toeing the conservative Christian line, and ensuring that the right have no credibility.

“Toxic masculinity” is a dangerous myth


One of the most common buzzwords spread around by third-wave feminists and progressives is the phrase “toxic masculinity”, which is basically their way of saying “we don’t want men to assert themselves at all, even when it’s appropriate”. What they’ll tell you is that the term “toxic masculinity” is a way in which “the patriarchy” (yes, this comes from feminist circles) is harmful to men, referring to what feminists perceive as socially constructed attitudes that compel men to be violent, unemotional, and sexually aggressive.

Not only does the toxic masculinity narrative espouse that all men are inherently violent (which in turn becomes the feminist rationale for the “teach men not to rape” argument), but it also presents men as incapable of being any better than creatures of animalistic passion and rage. Of course, progressives and feminists love this kind of postmodern claptrap because in their mind, it lets them justify treating men as inferior, broken creatures, with the added bonus of giving them an imaginary bogeyman for whenever men commit violent crimes (for example, this Think Progress article, which tries to connect “toxic masculinity” with the Orlando massacre).

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that the whole toxic masculinity nonsense is not only sexist, but also ludicrous, and dangerous. I firmly believe that the idea of “toxic masculinity”, preached by charlatans and bought by impressionable readers, is a dangerous myth that can only bring harm to those who believe it, including men. How? Well put it this way, what could be more harmful to a man than being taught that his masculinity, the natural state of being a man, is inherently evil? It’s not even based on anything that could be demonstrated as observable facts. Everytime I glance at an article with “toxic masculinity” in its title, I can immediately assume that it’s dabbling in postmodernist nonsense.

And the thing is, I’m not entirely wrong. The idea comes across to me as what happens when feminists look at hypermasculine stereotypes of men and assume that all men act like that, or are inclined to. The problem is that in today’s world, men are taught to see masculinity in general as something to resent, and in the process, we a new generation of more sensitive, neurotic men who don’t stand up for themselves. I know this because I almost became one of them. I know what it’s like to question the very things that make a man what he is, until I realised that a lot of what I felt was based solely on resentment towards feeling unable to meet what I perceived were social expectations. To me, that’s literally what toxic masculinity sounds like – a way for third-wave feminists to tap into weak, battered boys by feeding into their delusions. It makes men weaker by giving them the idea that their self-confidence is “toxic”, and even a hint of aggression (which is sometimes necessary when sticking up for your interests) is misogynistic, it deludes them into seeking approval from others instead of commanding respect, and it instils a victim complex into men who are unfortunate enough to be infected with the ideology that inspired it. In short, it disempowers men.

Of course, the religion of toxic masculinity may benefit feminists, but what about women who aren’t feminists? It’s a time-tested fact that the majority of women are attracted to self-confident men who assert themselves when the time is right. They don’t even have to be the hypermasculine type, as long as a man can outwardly express self-confidence and self-control, then it’s safe to assume that those men have a reasonable chance of finding a partner. With the idea of toxic masculinity convincing men that they are the problem, the men who buy into it become outwardly weak, much like neurotic thralls who try to constantly appease women. The reality is that most women aren’t attracted to weak-willed men, passionless men who self-flagellate themselves in front of them, and yet those are the kind of men that feminism and the myth of “toxic masculinity” are creating, and so I’m not surprised when a man writes about how he allowed his wife to cheat on him with other men.

For me, the fact that major news outlets are propagating the idea of “toxic masculinity” represents a startling shift, but it says more about feminism than anything else. In its current incarnation, feminism has sought to tear men down every turn, and I’m convinced that it’s merely a way of exercising vengeance against men for what they perceive as a “male-dominated culture”. The feminists, progressives, and left-wing liberals in general have given up on trying to change the world for the better, so they are now engaged in the cultural destruction of the old world, because only by degrading the existing culture can you justify creating a new one.

The most hypocritical part as that the people propagating the myth of toxic masculinity claim to be in favour of empowering women, or creating equality. If people of one gender are allowed to feel empowered while people of the other gender are to feel ashamed of themselves, then I’m afraid we live in an unequal society at best, and a totalitarian society at worst. I’ve already known this for some time, but at this point it should be clear that third-wave feminists aren’t really in favour of equality as they claim. You can’t say you’re in favour of gender equality and yet espouse the notion that men are evil. It’s literally no different to how men used to treat women over a hundred years ago, just that today the roles are switched, and now the establishment media denigrates or objectifies men, all while hypocritically decrying female objectification.

huffington post hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the media is never-ending.

The misandrist bias in the mainstream media is basically why Gawker thought it was okay to realise a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan, while also releasing an article condemning the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. It’s also the reason why feminism enjoys such a lofty position in contemporary culture, despite the fact that nearly all issues regarding gender bias against women in the West have been resolved, while men’s rights advocates, who wish to address gender biases against men (such as the family court system, and the fact that prostate cancer research doesn’t get as much funding), are either ignored, ridiculed, or vilified by the mainstream media.

Next time you see an article decrying “toxic masculinity”, my advice is to ignore it. It’s essentially another progressive writer using postmodern gibberish to lecture you about why masculinity is somehow evil, and that’s just what they do if they aren’t calling masculinity fragile. It’s no wonder why both men and women alike have now been abandoning feminism, because it has ultimately become the means by which crazed gender ideologues can rationalise misandry, and because of that, relations between the two genders are more tensed than ever before. Masculinity isn’t toxic and men aren’t evil (most of them anyway). In fact, for the most part, men try to be good to women, but in today’s culture, a lot of men are so scared of crossing the line that they don’t know what to do, and we can thank feminists and the mainstream culture for telling them that anything they do is harassment. If masculinity is seen as toxic in the distant future, it will be because of the culture the progressives have created today.

Regression, depravity, and a crisis of identity

safe space liberals

Illustration by A.F. Branco

Ever wondered why I and many others use the term “regressive left”? The answer is astonishingly simple – the ideas of the mainstream left as prescribed by college students have manifested in the form of trigger warnings, safe spaces and no-platforming, and those things becoming so common amongst young liberals that it’s as though they have regressed back to an almost child-like mindset. People have pointed the finger at a number of things, including social media, the proliferation of smartphones, reality TV, and liberal guilt, but the message remains clear – society has gotten dumber, and I personally blame our leftist culture of overly permissive attitude towards nearly everything.

Indeed, this mentality has led to a disturbing trend in the liberal left, where you have people literally regressing to the mindset of children. Remember Paul Wolscht? If not, I’m not surprised, that’s because several months ago he became Stephonknee Wolscht, a 52-year-old man who dresses up and identifies a 6-year-old girl? He left his wife and children behind in order to pursue the fantasy of living as an overgrown child. I don’t doubt that he might have had issues, but I think he should have seen a therapist instead of just abandoning his family. In the old days, that man would be universally condemned for abandoning his family, but when he was interviewed on Daily Xtra, the left-wing media celebrated it, and I think I have some idea of who else might be celebrating.

Remember Todd Nickerson? He’s a Salon writer who openly admits to being a pedophile, but expects to be treated nicely just because he didn’t molest anyone (even though, given the circumstance, I think that he would). In his article, entitled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”, he writes about how he was babysitting a 5-year-old girl, and fantasised about her, and yet he expects not to be judged harshly. Here in Britain, that’s the sort of thing that would spell the end of your career and turn you into a pariah, but across the Atlantic, the American left didn’t bat an eye, probably because nobody who identifies as left-leaning wants to seem “intolerant”. I’m surprised he isn’t a NAMBLA activist, but I’m also surprised that he didn’t get fired from Salon, but then again, they’re willing to tolerate anything, even racism, as long as the racists and perverts can make themselves sound like a marginalised and oppressed group.

Of course, even Todd Nickerson isn’t the most glaring sign that we may yet be reaching the murky nadir of Western civilisation, which leads me to the impetus for this rant. It has recently been reported that a 21-year-old Floridian woman named Jess has been living as an “adult baby”, with her boyfriend as the daddy, and they both insist that their ageplay isn’t sexual (yeah, sure, whatever you say weirdos). In a video posted by Barcroft TV, she claims that this is a way of coping with sexual abuse, but admits that she would have done it anyway. Whatever the reason, this is clearly a case of liberal regression going way too far, and illustrating without fail why I call the increasingly permissive left the regressive left – because they’re openly okay with grown men and women acting like children.

I can’t be entirely surprised though. If anything, I think these people and others like them are indications of an even bigger problem. The age of social media has brought about a culture of validation wherein people are seeking acceptance from as many places as possible. Thanks in part to the proliferation of social media and smartphones, more and more people are effectively tuning out with the real world, and what happens is you have people who are so unsure of themselves that, desperate for an identity of their own, they take on all sorts of identity labels, whether it be dogs, cats, elves, dragons, vampires, toddlers, or even babies.

I may be a libertarian, and thus, I shouldn’t care what people do as long as they’re not hurting anyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t express criticism, and even I’m concerned when the depravities of a few psychos are passed around as normal. After all, I would argue that Paul Wolscht was hurting his family by abandoning the people who loved him just to pursue a fantasy life (added to the creepiness is the fact that, while dressed as a little girl, he’s going around kissing male bikers, whilst convinced he is a six-year-old. Make of that what you will). I’m not the only person out there with these concerns, there are many people out there who are legitimately concerned about how far things like this will go, and it’s not just about the idea of “baby play” becoming normal.

I’m starting to think that it’s hardly a coincidence that this is happening at the same time as the rise of safe space culture and campus censorship. I think what we are seeing is the infantilization of society as a whole. Just as nursing homes lead to the infantilizing of the elderly, I feel that political correctness is allowing what we’re seeing to fester, and infantilizing the rest of society. If the adults are acting like children, who will take care of the children? Things like this make me worry about the state of things to come, though I can always take consolation in the fact that people are getting tired of it. One can only hope that the people’s frustrations will manifest into something positive.

When did national identity become a cardinal sin?



Today is of course American Independence Day, and as I celebrate the 240th anniversary of the great nation where I spent my formative years, I’m reminded of the reason why America was founded, and the revolutionary war that led to the creation of a country that believed in liberty from the beginning. If I lived there, of course I would be proud to call myself an American, but over the past decade the left has been working to making American culture seem like an unequivocally shameful thing in what I understand is some sort of vainglorious attempt by the progressive establishment to shame people into rejecting their national identity.

The same has been happening in Britain for a long time, and I think that the ongoing aftermath of Brexit has exposed the leftist elite’s contempt for the very concept of national sovereignty. People who voted Leave in the referendum were vilified as racists, xenophobes and fascists simply because they valued their own national identity and culture, rather than the empty globalist farce that is the achievable dream of a borderless world. Until then, I had no idea just how much the British electorate valued their culture, and even before the vote, I sympathised with one of the driving concerns of those who intended to vote Leave – they were tired of being called “racist” simply because of their concerns about immigration. Indeed after the vote, the young people who voted Remain began dismissing their elders as “racist xenophobes” who “robbed their future”.

How is this relevant? It showed that the young Remain supporters had complete and utter contempt for the very idea of national pride, or even a national identity. Living in Wales, I find this rather odd because you have plenty of people who have a strong belief in Welsh identity. Indeed, I know one or two young people who would happily support Plaid Cymru because they think Wales should be run by the Welsh government rather than from England, and yet the majority of young people in Wales seemed to be in support of Remain, indicating that they have no problem with Britain being controlled from Brussels. I fail to see the logic in that.

What I want to know is how did national identity become such a cardinal sin to modern society? I think the problem is that many people seem to have been convinced that national identity is only capable of dividing people based on arbitrary conditions, but while I agree that it’s stupid to label people based on something that they didn’t choose, I also believe that if people choose to embrace their national identity, then we have no right to judge them for it. I also believe that national identity has been given a very bad image by the mainstream establishment in both Britain and America.

In America, patriotism became associated with supporting the inept interventionist policies of George W. Bush, and a lot of conservatives in America did exactly that. This led to a number of liberals and progressives leaping to the assumption that patriotism was synonymous with blind acquiescence to the will of the state, and I think that’s a mistake. What followed was a continuous assault on American exceptionalism (as demonstrated by the monumental bullshit spewed by Jeff Daniels’ character in The Newsroom), and now that conservatives have lost the public debate in America, the progressives have continued their campaign of liberal guilt and political correctness, and now it has given rise to the success of Donald Trump.

In Britain, the media has created a narrative in favour of multiculturalism, such to the extent that any who dare question it are branded as either “racists” or “far-right extremists”. In 2011, current PM David Cameron delivered speech in which he said that “multiculturalism has failed”. Naturally, critics such as Sadiq Khan accused him of effectively giving propaganda material to the English Defence League, a far-right protest group that was created in order to combat the rise of radical Islam in British communities. Of course, I’m not a nationalist, and I certainly would not support the EDL, mainly because they are too extreme for my tastes, but I believe that the rise of organisations like the EDL are a symptom of a deeper problem.

The problem is that state multiculturalism (which David Cameron was criticising) really has failed, and before you get the wrong idea, there is a reason why. Before David Cameron was elected, the New Labour government was promoting a doctrine of state multiculturalism with the intention of “changing the face of Britain” forever. However, the Blair government oversaw a blatant open border policy which was implemented purely for political ends. Multiculturalism succeeds when migrants assimilate into the culture they emigrate to. Blair’s multiculturalism, however, involves allowing the free expression of all cultures except the national culture. His plan was to make our national culture into a cosmopolitan culture, but you can’t claim to be open to all cultures while silencing those who express our indigenous culture. The reason multiculturalism isn’t working is because you often have people who refuse to assimilate, and if you dare point out the problems associated with that, you are condemned as a racist. UKIP’s Nigel Farage is a man who often gets called a racist (if, that is, he’s not being called a twat) simply for standing up for national identity. New Labour’s failed experiment also led to a rise in crimes that weren’t punished because the authorities feared being called racists. Because of that, we saw the rise of the EDL and the British National Party, and the tempers of some of the nastier elements of society are only getting worse.

To me, the establishment is forsaking the concept of national identity in favour of the idea of “global citizenship”, a concept that nobody really wants any part of when they actually learn what it is. The idea of global citizenship is based on getting rid of the idea of nations and replacing it with state-free citizenship of a globalised world, and the only people pushing for that idea are leftist celebrities, opportunistic politicians, EU bureaucrats, educational institutions, and idealistic youngsters who found themselves conned by any of the former. Is it any wonder why people are rejecting it?

The idea of global citizenship is really empty and pretentious, and it’s impossible to achieve, mainly because the very idea of getting rid of one’s national identity is profane to most of us. This relentless push for global citizenship at the expense of alienating working class Britons is exactly what is causing the populist revolution spreading across the Western world. They’re also tired of being racist if they object, and I’m getting tired of leftists trying to use the worst parts of our history in order to shame us into agreeing with them. Why should we be ashamed to British? We live in the country that abolished slavery, and made sure the rest of the world ended it as well, and we played a key role in defeating the Nazis. Are we Britons supposed to be ashamed of that?

Progressives in America won’t stop trying to make Americans feel like America is a horrible country, and I refuse to believe that because America was the first country that was founded on liberty from the ground up. America also ended the Second World War (albeit in a very regrettable fashion), landed a man on the Moon, and they also gave the world the technological advancements that the rest of the world takes for granted. It might not be perfect, but I think it’s very immature to judge a nation just for its faults, whether they’re in the past or the present. It’s not good for a country to become ashamed of itself. Look at Germany for example, a country so mired in guilt over the atrocities of the Nazi government, that it is a cultural norm. You even have an “anti-fascist” movement that is actively against their own home country, to the point of openly calling for the death of ethnic Germans. I’m thankful that Britain isn’t at that point yet, but if this is what the globalist progressives are aiming for, then it’s no wonder that British people are rejecting the globalist ideas the establishment and the media are propagating.

In conclusion, a lot has been said about national identity. If you believe the mainstream media and the leftist social justice mob, then you’ll be convinced that it is racist or stupid to even consider national identity, or that nationality is another useless concept that serves only to divide us. While I think it’s pointless to divide people based on something they do not control, I don’t believe that nationality is only capable of dividing people. In fact, nationality can be something that unites people, because for most people nationality reminds them of the country’s heritage, and we in Britain enjoy a very rich cultural heritage, but whether or not you value any of that is ultimately your choice. You shouldn’t have to feel bad about it just because somebody told you that you’re racist if you care about national sovereignty.

The bottom line here is that we shouldn’t go around convincing people that caring about one’s national culture is “racist” just because a few nasty characters have used nationalism as an ideology to justify bigotry, because that kind of intellectual dishonesty can only lead to one being just as bigoted as the nationalists towards people who hold different ideological beliefs. If we are to learn anything from Brexit, it’s that clearly people aren’t buying the whole “global citizenship” nonsense anymore, and it’s only a matter of time before we reach the nadir of the globalist fad.