Love and sex are not the same

As we all know, today is Valentine’s Day, and in that spirit, I think it’s time I wrote another post about love. Unfortunately, our culture has become corrupted by the undue influence of the highly sexualized media, and so many people have come to conflate love with sex and sexuality, almost as though love can’t exist without sex.

I can’t exactly blame people. All we only see two kinds of relationships on the mainstream media: either young love, or supposedly mature adults acting like children. We’re also bombarded by reinforced messages from pop stars, unrealistic sexual imagery, advertising, and a host of other subliminal influences.

In reality, emotions are a lot more complex than a pop star would have you believe. For instance, real love, as in the emotional sense, would look something like this:


And yet many music videos will only really show this:

false love

That guy must be up to something. Either the guy’s a wh*re or the girls are.

The only reason the media only focus on the “sexy” aspects (which themselves are a matter of personal taste anyway) is because they seem to draw our attention. This, I feel, is critical to understanding how our cultural perception of love became corrupted by corporate influence.

There really are two definitions of love, but do the popularity of pop, R&B and soul music, the aggressive marketing campaigns from sleazy competitions like Disney, and the tidal wave of rom-coms and sitcoms, many people have come to see love as only sexual.

Both love and sex are things that are a part of life. In the past, we accepted this, but I think that as we’ve begun to forget this over the past few centuries, many of us are craving more and more titillating fantasies of sex and romance, some of which can’t be achieved in the real world. This means that society’s current, sex-oriented perception of love is based on a misunderstanding; in this case, failure to separate fantasy from reality.

I wonder if we’ll ever get it right, but I think that much of the problems come in when you have the wrong perspective on love, sex and relationships in general.

Unfortunately, as my experience tells me, things like these are difficult to learn about. You either learn from your parents, learn from your peers, or you figure it out for yourself. I wish it could be different, but the sad truth is that this is the way things are, and it’s not something I can change.

Of course, this doesn’t justify what the media and the pop stars do at all.


5 things I think Capcom should do

In recent years, Capcom has courted negative attention from pretty much everywhere. Whether its because they abuse DLC, or because they cancelled Mega Man Legends 3, or because they redesigned Dante for DmC: Devil May Cry (which was released this year). Whatever the reasons, a lot of people hate Capcom nowadays.

capcom sucks

Capcom has fallen very far from its glory days in the 80’s and 90’s, when they made good games. However, I think they can dig themselves out of the mess they’re in, and there are a few simple things they can do to get their reputation back.

1. Make new Mega Man games

mega man

He’s ready for action, but Capcom won’t let him have any.

Since 2011, there have been no new Mega Man games. Series creator Keiji Inafune left Capcom in 2010, and selfishly left behind millions of Mega Man fans. As a result, Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3 were cancelled within 2011.

Now, Keiji Inafune is working on an extremely similar game called “Mighty No. 9”, which I think is a good idea, but it’s still a bit of an excuse to not make a new Mega Man game.

I think that Capcom should treat the Mega Man franchise with more respect than it has given it in recent years. Mega Man being a playable character in the new Super Smash Bros game is an excellent start, but I think they should go further. They should continue the franchise without Keiji Inafune.

Think about it. It’s pretty obvious that Inafune isn’t coming back. And besides, to my knowledge, Capcom still owns the rights to the franchise, so they could technically make a new one, which the fans want. Also, what if Mighty No. 9 becomes a success? Capcom would need to compete.

2. Stop milking DLC


Pictured: Greed.

A big part of why Capcom is hated today is because of how blatantly greedy they are. This is nothing new. When they were among the kings of arcade games, they would make games that were deliberately hard in order to grab as much quarters as possible.

This was true for many arcade games, but back then, gamers accepted this as the norm. They didn’t like it, but still, back in the 80’s, greed was “good”. But we’re three decades past that, and now, gamers hate it when game companies behave like EA does today.

I say enough is enough. If Capcom wants people to love them again, then what they obviously should put a stop to is the rampant greed and abusing of DLC. Games don’t have to have DLC. Rayman Origins had no DLC, and that was a modern classic.

I’m honestly surprised that Capcom hasn’t spammed the dreaded micro-transactions yet.

3. Stop copying Western games

dark void

Recently, Capcom has been making games that are disturbingly out of line with Japanese gaming principles. For instance, they made Dark Void, which looks and feels like a typical American third-person shooter.

Not only that, but it seems that Dark Void was trying to be like a Hollywood movie. I played that game, and it sucked. It’s basically a by-the-numbers third-person shooter with the gimmick of being able to fly on rocket packs.

Then there’s also Dragon’s Dogma, which tries to be a Western-style fantasy game, complete with Skyrim-esque gameplay and a distinctly Western art direction. This is also true for the eerily similar upcoming PS4 game Deep Down.

There’s also the awful remake of Bionic Commando (released in 2009), which tried ever so hard to be more like a Hollywood blockbuster instead of being an enjoyable game. Remember Me, a recently released action game with stylistic similarities to EA’s Mirror’s Edge.

When will they stop abandoning the style that made their old games great? Just because Western games are selling well, doesn’t mean they should be copied.

4. Listen to the fans

fat mega man

Not pictured: What the fans want.

Any good business would listen to its fans. But many corporations in the field of entertainment fail to do even that. Instead of listening to what we want, they’re telling us what they think we want, and apparently game companies are no exception.

Part of the reason why fans of Capcom are p*ssed off is because they feel that Capcom is ignoring them. If Capcom wants to get its reputation back in shape, they should listen to their fans.

In a way, #1 and #4 on this list actually work well together, because the fans want more Mega Man games. Nintendo treats their fans all the time with Mario and Pokémon spin-offs, so let’s see some more from Capcom.

5. Stop double-dipping

ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

This is not a new practice. About 20 years ago, Capcom released four different “revisions” of Street Fighter II. For God’s sake, if we already bought Street Fighter II, why the hell would we buy the other versions?

They repeated this cash-grabbing technique with Street Fighter III and IV, and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, where we got Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, which got released just 9 months after the original game. Everything in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 could easily have been split into DLC packs for the original game.

This is what we in the entertainment business call “double-dipping”, the practice of releasing multiple editions of the same product at different times (sometimes at the same time) in order to get people to buy more than one edition. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it’s just lazy.


Overall, Capcom really needs to get its affairs in order, otherwise it’ll become more reviled than EA, Activision, Comcast, or even the Fox Network.

The Great Stupification

messages are everywhere

Idiocracy may have been a crappy movie, but it did have at least one point: humanity is getting dumber. Of course, there should be no problem in figuring out how this is happening.

As I previously mentioned back in January, television has become the mechanism with which higher powers aim to keep us from thinking. For this reason, governments will always support television, because its primary function is to make people docile (in the form of “entertainment”). Because we allowed TV to have a dominant position in our lives, we have set the great stupification of humanity into motion.

What do I mean? “The Great Stupification” refers to the gradual dumbing down of mankind through the use of the mainstream media, religion, politics, technology, and commercial messages. It’s gotten so bad that we have no defence against blatant scaremongering and deceit.

No one group of people have more to benefit from the stupification than the politicians, the people who want to convince you to vote for them. The truth is that in Western democracies, a large portion of the population has no idea what they’re voting for and what they really need, and politicians know that they can get something out of this, so rather than informing them about all this, they try to fish some votes out of use by using tantalizing promises as bait.

Nowhere is the effect of the stupification more apparent than reality television.

here comes honey boo boo

Pictured: Enemies of thought

TV seems to feed off what the people want, and thanks to decades of stupification by TV, which led to mankind’s exacerbated thirst for non-stop entertainment, we’ve become dumber. Either that, or we seem to have very low standards for what we want. Reality TV shows are poison for reason, intellect, and good judgement.

Even with how bad reality TV is, it’s somehow what people want, even if they have no entertainment value or substance. In a way, reality TV is just like the public hangings of old England.

Finally, let me turn my attention to the bombardment of messages we face in everyday life. Commercials are all around us, and each one is designed to deliver a hidden command (usually “buy now”), and Hollywood keeps delivering conflicting moral messages, all while the politicians keep trying to make us believe their crap.

Come to think of it, I think I’ve found a reason why democratic governments actually support capitalism, because capitalism not only allows stupification to happen, but it thrives on it. After all, if more people are gullible, then corporations will have more customers willing to buy things they don’t actually need, which puts more money in their pockets.

In conclusion, I think we need to be aware of the fact that we as a society and as a species are getting dumber as each generation passes, for we can only reach a solution once we admit that we have a problem. The sooner that happens, we can start getting off our asses and say no to all those who think they can exploit us.

The Easter conundrum

With Easter, I’ve found that there is a similar logical conundrum as with Christmas. Both are considered “religious” holidays, yet nowadays, they’ve both been excessively commercialized, to the point that all spiritual meaning has been lost. This makes me ask a particular question: what are we actually celebrating?

To answer this question, I need to contrast the original Catholic meaning with the secularized version of Easter.

FYI: I am aware that parts of Easter were taken from various Pagan traditions, but this post is not about the Pagan version of events.

In Catholicism, Easter is the greatest feast in the calendar. On Good Friday, Christians celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross. Here’s on oft quoted bible verse that explains away the basic premise.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

– John 3:16 (later to be found in baseball venues)

It comes after 40 days of Lent, traditionally a period of fasting and praying similar to when Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert avoiding temptation from Satan. Easter Sunday is meant to be a celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, and it also represents a fulfillment of Christian faith. The part that represents fulfillment of the faith is based on another bible verse, this one uttered by St. Paul.

And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.

– Corinthians 15:17

With that said, what does today’s secular version of Easter have to do with Jesus?

The secularized version of Easter sees the mass marketing of hot-crossed buns, Easter eggs, and of course, the Easter bunny. In this regard, Easter is typically tailored as a “children’s holiday”, what with the Easter egg hunts et al. But one must ask, what does all that have to do with Jesus?

Well, let’s see. Are Easter eggs in the bible? No! Eggs were a pre-Christian symbol of fertility. Is the Easter Bunny in the bible? Of course not! The Easter Bunny as we know it today was invented in 16th Century Germany, and brought to America by Dutch settlers in the 18th Century.

On to the point. Are we celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus? Probably not. Why? As society became more secular, popular religious holidays were slowly being transformed by monolithic corporations who wanted to make money out of what was Catholic tradition. As a result, the Easter Bunny became the corporate prostitute mascot for Easter, just like what Santa is for Christmas.

Think about it. nobody owns the rights to the Easter Bunny, which means any company can use it for whatever they want.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think I’ve resolved this one. We’re not celebrating the original Catholic version of Easter. Instead, we’re celebrating the artificial Easter that the corporations have fashioned for us. Do I think that’s alright? No. Why? Because it means that sleazy corporations have exploited religious tradition to make money. That’s just plain wrong! If I was God, could you imagine how angry I’d be?

ram it down judas preist

I’d say, about that angry.

Bonus Announcement

On an unrelated note, I’d like to make an announcement. From this point, I want to take a break. As in, I will not be releasing any new posts until April 15th. The Spring holidays have started, and I want to have fun. Don’t worry, I’ll be back, and hopefully with more ideas for what to talk interesting topics to write about. Until then, goodbye for now.

Don’t fall for McDonald’s Monopoly Fortunes

monopoly fortunes

This post is about my 6-year long frustration with the whole “McDonald’s Monopoly” thing. Since I first heard of it in 2006, I’ve been buying into it because of its devilish promise of winning £500,000 (£50,000 as of 2012). Imagine what my 12-year-old mind must have been thinking.

kid with lots of money

I so wanted to have all that.

For six years, I would keep trying, and every year, I failed. How does the game work? You basically put stickers on a mock Monopoly board, and if you get all stickers of a certain type, you win a prize. The only time that has ever happened in my life, is when I won an iPod Shuffle from the game in 2011, and I never used it on the basis that it was made by Steve Jobs.

But, wait a minute. You’re paying for a meal hoping to win prizes (or money) with every purchase. Doesn’t this technically amount to gambling, especially because luck is involved? Before you say anything, luck is involved. There’s a random chance of you ever getting all stickers of a certain type. McDonald’s would often say that there’s a “1 in 3 chance” of winning. That’s bullcr*p. Since those are pretty big odds, then if there really was a 1/3 probability of winning, then I’d be rich by now. There is probably a different set of odds for winning the large sum of money.

In this regard, this makes it the exact same scam as the lottery. Every time the lottery comes up (which is every week), you go out and buy lottery tickets for a pound or two, hoping that your numbers show up on TV, and when your numbers don’t show up (and we all know they won’t), you’ve just gave the Lottery organization your hard-earned cash, which they then redistribute to the next jackpot, that may be won be someone else. In essence, that makes the lottery the ultimate Ponzi scheme, because it’s perfectly legal.

I’m probably not the only one who’s failed to win the huge sum of cash from the McDonald’s Monopoly game. I’m pretty sure that across the UK, there were others in my position, sharing the same frustration (though I’d really like to meet the kid who actually won the money).

Before you say anything, Monopoly Fortunes is the exact same game as “Best Chance Monopoly” (2009), “Monopoly Millions” (2012), and “Monopoly Triple Play” (2011). Therefore, Monopoly Fortunes has the exact same rules as the games before it, and that means the cash prize is still rigged. Yes, I’ve failed so many times that I actually suspect that the cash prize is rigged, so I only one person (10 as of 2012) in a year can have it, saving the McDonald’s corporation a lot of money.

And that is why I believe that you shouldn’t fall for the Monopoly Fortunes game, and it’s also why I will never participate in any similar contests. If you’re attempting to win the cash, don’t bother, because it’s all a big scam. I guess the moral of this story is that if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

Why should I save the planet?

earth hour

Will you give me a break?

For those who actually give a damn, Earth Hour is on tonight. Earth Hour is a farcical yearly event aimed at raising awareness of climate change. If you want me to be honest, I’ve had enough of hearing about climate change. I never liked having to care about it, but I’m not a climate skeptic.

I do believe there is scientific evidence to support the theory of global warming, but I also believe that the influence of environmentalism in society has created a grave injustice: innocent people are picking up the tab for something they didn’t do.

When I was a kid, the “save the planet” credo was everywhere. They were trying to install the environmentalist view into my head all through my time in Pembroke Dock. For a time, it worked. I was often consistently scared into caring for the environment. But often, that would slip my mind, and now, I don’t give a damn. Now, I actually hate environmentalism.

Why? It’s just another ideology, except this one goes about demonizing humanity and technology. The environmentalists are perfectly willing to ignore logic and reason, which I find seriously odd considering that global warming is a scientific phenomenon which wouldn’t have been discovered without the rationality or logic that science requires.

Now I should describe the injustice. It is true that the rate in which the planet is warming has increased faster in our time than it ever did. There is evidence to point that it is man-made, but has anyone ever stopped to consider that maybe ordinary people didn’t cause the majority of the pollution? I think most of the environmental damage was done by large corporations. How are they to blame? Well:

  • Their factories were the things spewing those classic black clouds of smoke into air
  • They were the ones dumping toxic waste into the ocean
  • The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 practically speaks for itself
the oil spill

What a mess.

What I’m saying is that corporations are to blame for most of the pollution, and the government has done nothing to stop them. Instead, they seek to solve the problem while absolving the corporations of any responsibility by blaming the rest of us for global warming. Using the power of liberal guilt, they’ve been trying to make us clean up the mess we didn’t make. If you think I’m wrong, I’d like to hear why.

Finally, Earth Hour? I’ve never heard of something so ridiculous. Why would anyone switch off their electrical appliances, and everything entertaining because of the foolish notion that it’s the right thing to do? In fact, the whole thing is just a demonizing of everything good that the Industrial Revolution has brought us. There are many scientific ways to save the planet being contemplated by actual scientific thinkers. Earth Hour is nothing more than a shambolic display of environmental idiocy.

What about the street lights? Are they non-essential? No! They’re there so people can see where they’re going at night (if they plan on having a night out). If we turned off the street lights, criminals would have a better advantage, because there’s no lights around for people to spot them.

In conclusion, I believe that our lifestyles don’t have to be changed so long as they aren’t doing any actual harm to the planet. Why should I obey the cries of a bunch of zombie-brained hippies who do nothing but blame human progress for all our problems. I acknowledge that global warming is a real problem, but it’s not an apocalypse scenario, as the mainstream media has tried so hard to convince us.

No matter how hard people can try and convince me otherwise, I won’t live my life based on whether or not the planet is dying. If I never wanted to care about it in the first place, then I won’t care now. Even if we saved the planet, what difference would it make anyway? We’d just go back to the status quo, and if we came up with a quick fix for global warming, we’d just repeat the same mistakes, and then nobody would have learned anything.

Why I despise Fox News

fox news

You’re probably thinking, how is this relevant to the UK? Simple. Fox News is available on Sky (channel 509). I’m more shocked that people are unaware, and that Ofcom hasn’t wised up to Fox News’ blatant bias.

Anyhow, when I was 16, I wanted to look for a channel that was completely American. Complete with American personalities and American ads (which I couldn’t find). Eventually, I tuned out of Fox News, primarily because I had no idea what they were talking about, until I did some research, and found out that Fox News is biased to the right, and that its reporters personally try and take down anyone who opposes the Republican agenda.

I felt like it was a massive con. The only all-American channel I can find on Sky is apparently the most evil news outlet there is. I ended up becoming obsessed with media bias, to the point that I based my second art project in sixth form on the issue of bias in Fox News. I named it “The False News Channel Project”.

In 2011, I periodically put Fox News on so I could personally investigate right wing bias myself. I did just that during my trip to New York (taking full advantage of the fact that we were out most of the time). What I found was less than rosy. I found that Fox commentators were vilifying British union protesters and calling Israel the most peaceful and democratic part of the Middle East (when Jerusalem is riddled with sectarian violence).

Back then, I hated Fox News because they were supporting the things I came to passionately oppose:

  • Censorship
  • Corporate greed
  • Monopolies
  • Fundamentalist Christianity
  • Republican dominance
  • Invasions of foreign countries
  • Media bias

As I grew older, my opinions matured, but I still passionately Fox News, for all the same reasons. They’re an evil media corporation that seeks to brainwash its viewers with right-wing propaganda, and it doesn’t respect the people’s right to make up their own minds.

But now, I realize, that there’s an even bigger reason to hate Fox News. It almost gave me a negative view of America. It almost made me forget how much more wonderful America is beyond the political rhetoric, probably because I was an overly naive teenager with too much of a concern for the world at large.

However, my raw dripping negativity towards Fox News remains, just that it isn’t guided by a liberal’s sense of outrage. It’s guided mainly by Fox News’ objective track record of grievous crimes against journalism.

I don’t really look for more recent examples of bias in Fox News because I know that it will all be the same, even if Glenn Beck (who I despise with a passion) is no longer a part of it. I don’t need to be told that Fox News is evil, I know it is. I’ve seen it for myself, and decided for myself that it was.