North Korea for morons

north korea

Something strange is happening in the left as of late. Following the death of the captured American student Otto Warmbier last week, it has now become convenient for leftists to defend the totalitarian regime of North Korea, thereby sinking the lowest they could possibly sink. Left wing outlets like Huff Post, Salon and Affinity Magazine went out dancing on Warmbier’s corpse, rationalising their behaviour by saying that Warmbier didn’t respect the law of the country he was visiting. For those who don’t know or have forgotten by now, Otto Warmbier visited North Korea and stole a propaganda poster from the hotel he was staying in.

Of course, they aren’t wrong when they say Warmbier disrespected the country’s laws, but isn’t it ironic that the same people who view Donald Trump as a totalitarian dictator who must be resisted at all costs don’t have the same view of Kim Jong-un, an actual totalitarian dictator. More importantly, it seems as if they missed the point. Warmbier was detained by North Korea, and subjected to torture in one of their labour camps, and he was apparently treated with such brutality that he entered a coma and died. What defence can you have for a regime that is culpable of such a thing?

And let’s be clear, North Korea is the worst country in the world, with its people living in abject poverty under one of the last functioning communist states in the world. Thanks to their government’s destructive communist economic policies, the North Korean economy is among the weakest of any nation on earth, to the point that the country can’t even feed its own people, half of whom live in extreme poverty and subsist on corn and kimchi. The average personal income for North Koreans sits between $1000 and $2000 per year, meanwhile in Pyongyang there are people with access to the kind of luxury items we have in the Western world.

North Korea closes itself off from the rest of the world and restricts Internet access for anyone except the ruling elites and some scientists, but that’s not the worst part. As most people know, North Korea has perhaps the most deplorable human rights record in the world. The government quashes any form of self-expression that isn’t favourable to the regime, and prohibits political opposition. Religious freedom doesn’t exist in North Korea, an officially atheist nation where public expression of one’s faith is discouraged.

According to Human Rights Watch, the country discriminates against certain individuals and their families by grouping them into three classes. There’s the “loyal”, which is self-explanatory. Then there’s “wavering”, which I would assume are people with fairly weak loyalty to the state, but they pose no threat to the state’s authority. Then there are the “hostile”, which would be the defectors. It is a known fact that North Korea employs collective punishment for offences against the state, basically meaning that if you disobey the government, your entire family and their descendants are condemned to eternal punishment.

I’ve heard leftists claim that North Korea’s atrocities are no worse than those committed by Nazi Germany, or that America is somehow worse. These people have obviously never heard of some of the horror stories to come out of North Korean prison camps. Many eyewitness accounts tell of such atrocities as guard dogs being trained to kill people because it’s not illegal if a dog kills somebody, and of pregnant women having to undergo forced abortions. In the camps, the guards see the prisoners as less than insects, and have often killed them just for stress relief. I could go on all day about their atrocities, but if you actually read about the camps, that will disprove the idea that anyone did worse than the North Koreans today.

Why is North Korea this way? Because of its totalitarian ideology. It requires that everyone in the country follow every aspect of the ideology, because as soon as anything is questioned, it puts the entire ideology into question, thus potentially undermining the authority of the state. That’s how all totalitarian governments work, so I find it baffling that the left has found it convenient to come to North Korea’s defence. By the way, North Korea is perhaps the only country in which I would support US military intervention, because in North Korea that sort of action would actually improve the situation, though I suppose because things can’t get any worse there.

I find it baffling that the supposedly liberal left is coming around to defend the most awful regime in the whole world. I should’t be surprised though. The left seems to turn a blind eye to the worst governments you can think of, from Saudi Arabia to Zimbabwe, and from China to Qatar (which is effectively a modern slave state). If it’s an actually totalitarian country, the left will never lift a finger, because their only concern is how we in West behave. They’re more than happy to turn a blind eye to an actual dictatorship overseas, especially if the nation in question happens to have far-left ideology at its core, and apparently they are willing to ignore the brutal reality of what North Korea is like as long as Trump talks tough on North Korea. Apparently mutual hatred of America can create strange bedfellows.


It’s time to wake up – the far-left are not your friends

Sorry I didn’t post much over these few weeks, but I’ve been quite bored with the topics of choice lately. All the anti-Trump hysteria gets repetitive after a while, and I thought I’d get overworked if I focused on that, so I thought, let’s talk about something other than Trump, because I’m getting sick of hearing from the far-left agitators in the media, especially when they all say the same things, stoking a new wave of tension as they do it. Of course, it wasn’t exactly long before the left-wing radicals decided to come out of the woodwork, and they’ve decided that their “allies” in the more liberal left are no longer useful to them.


The message couldn’t be clearer.

I am of course referring to the now infamous riot that occurred in the University of California’s Berkeley campus this week, in which masked, Antifa-affiliated communists broke windows, hurled smoke bombs, and started bonfire all because Milo Yiannopoulos came to the campus, to air opinions that the far-left don’t approve of. We know they are communists because of their general rhetoric, but also because this is the same group of people behind the riots on January 20th. The best possible sign of their communist leanings is their disdain for anyone to the right of them, and as the image above shows, this includes liberals.

It seems as if the social justice leftists, rather than accepting defeat, and helping to unify the country (which is unlikely because it means them accepting responsibility for the division they’ve caused), they’ve decided to make their enemy list bigger. It used to be that all Republicans were Nazis, then all conservatives, then all Trump supporters, and now it’s crystal clear to everyone that they hate liberals too, and what clearer way for them to say it than “liberals get the bullet too”. I’m not entirely surprised, not just because they’re communists, but also because the mainstream left in the West (and I’m not saying Antifa are part of that) has become so extreme that they disown anyone who’s just a hair to the right of them, who they label as “Nazis” (thereby watering down yet another word to the point of removing all meaning), which in their minds, excuses violence against them.

If you’re a progressive or a left-leaning liberal reading this, it’s time for you to wake up and smell your so-called allies in the social justice camp. They aren’t your friends, and they never were. In fact, I’m convinced that they’ve been waiting for a time like this for many years. In the past, it seemed as if the social justice leftists weren’t crazy, or at least it seemed that way to the moderate progressives and liberals, but that’s because the far-left have been using the terms “liberal” and “progressive” as a kind of trojan horse. They’ve infiltrated you guys, subverting the liberal left from within, and as a consequence, the mainstream left is now full of far-left ideologues who are solely interested in advancing their agenda, controlling the narrative, and suppressing those who disagree with them.

I don’t think even the moderate left-wingers even realised until now the kind of people the social justice leftists are, or what kind of world they would create. If they had their way, and we wind up having a communist regime, the liberals would be purged, along with any social justice leftists who aren’t members of the communist party.

If there is one silver lining, however, it’s that I think now we are going to start seeing more and more liberals and progressives rejecting the far-left elements that have been infiltrating them. Ever since the victory of Donald Trump, the far-left, unable to debate with the public, have resorted to violence and intimidation tactics, but such internecine flailing will come at their expense. The social justice left have been exposed for what they really are, and I don’t think we have to do anything, as the leftists will basically make themselves look bad every time Donald Trump does anything nowadays. Hopefully more people will begin to realise that they were being had by radical leftist ideologues, who are now springing into action to try and subvert America and Europe not through covert tactics as they usually would (because they have failed), but through coercion and violence, and I hope we will see the end of this repugnant nonsense once and for all.

I hope this wasn’t too much of a rant, but I wanted to get this out there, because I genuinely believe that people in the mainstream left have no idea that they are being used by those in the radical left as useful idiots to further their own agenda, and if the radicals had their way, the ordinary liberals would be shot. Now there are commies who outright state this. Is this isn’t proof enough that progressives and liberals were being duped, then I don’t know what is. I can only hope that more of the left-wingers who value individualism and democracy come to realise that they are being conned, and shun the far-left back into the scrap heap of history.

The myth of global citizenship

global citizenship


In college, there was one thing they were trying to push on us – the idea of “global citizenship”. What is global citizenship? Global citizenship is the idea of a “one world government” system in which all humans are joined as “citizens of Earth”, hence the term “global citizen”.

I can see through the bullsh*t, and I can tell that it actually sounds like blueprints for a one-world dictatorship, where all are united under one flag. They say that nations don’t have to go away, but if we are all “global citizens”, then that defeats the purpose of there being individual nations, as the concept of nations implies individual cultures. Global citizenship is just a ploy for what the preachers of world peace really want for the world.

In college, the posters said “we are all global citizens – play your part”. F*ck no. I’m not a global citizen. I’m a free kid! Even if I were a global citizen, who said I was? Who decided that for me? Whoever it is should come out right now!

People who push the idea of global citizenship hide behind the cause of “anti-racism” and “equality”. I guess that would be the logical extreme of equality for everyone. What really sickens me is that they’re pushing it on children. That’s right, innocent kids are being brainwashed into believing the lie of “global citizenship”.

This idea is obviously being propagated by vengeful communists who aren’t happy with the fact that collectivism doesn’t run the world. If I’m wrong about the “communist” part, please let me know, but for the purpose of taking them down a notch, I want to point out a few reasons why a society of global citizenship is logically impossible.

  1. Cultures will inevitably clash when they’re made to co-exist. This is the same reason why state multiculturalism is destined to fail.
  2. People will never accept a one-world government, especially not Americans. Maybe that’s why it’s being sugar-coated as “global citizenship”.
  3. People want to have their own culture. What do you think the Britons, the Americans, the Italians, and the Japanese all have in common? They all have a strong sense of tradition. Tradition is like the glue that holds together a cultural identity. Without that, there’s nothing that makes us distinct from everyone else. Distinction is the word. Distinction is a thing of individuality, which itself is a thing of glory.

What I’m trying to say is that “global citizenship” is merely a mask for a one-world government plot. Such mass collectivism can’t be tolerated. Now that I’ve told you the truth about global citizenship, choose now what you are in all this.

  • A free man
  • A slave to a one-world government (a.k.a. “global citizen”)
  • Or somewhere in the middle

The life, work, and death of Steve Kangas

steve kangas

This post is dedicated to Steve Kangas, the obscure author of the website Liberalism Resurgent who died on this day 14 years ago. Why? Some of his articles contributed to my beliefs, and, despite not being a full-on liberal, those beliefs still persist today, 2 years after I first discovered his articles in 2011.

This post will talk about his life, his work, and the strange mystery surrounding his death in 1999. Now, this is not a biography, and I am not a biographer. This is just a way to spread the word of the late Steve Kangas, and his website. Without further ado, let the commentary begin.

Steve Kangas was born May 1961, as Steven Robert Esh, to a conservative Christian family. After graduating from high school in 1979, he joined the army, where he worked for military intelligence. During his time, he spent a year learning the Russian language, before eventually being shipped off to Grenada, after then-president Ronald Reagan ordered the invasion of the Central America nation in 1983.

He was eventually shipped off to Berlin on the following year in order to electronically eavesdrop on Soviet units in Eastern Europe. Whilst there, he learned that it would be impossible for the communist Soviet Union to invade Western Europe, because the Soviet soldiers lacked certain skills (according to Steve Kangas, they lacked driving skills). In spite of this, Western leaders were trying to convince us of the grave threat of a Soviet invasion of Europe.

Later, Kangas bore witness to the terrorist bombing of a discotheque in Berlin, which he said was a few blocks away from his living quarters. It was this terrorist act that led Ronald Reagan to order the bombing of Libya, in spite of the lack of evidence that Libya was responsible.

The moment which led him to abandon his conservative beliefs, he wrote, was the assassination of Major Arthur D. Nicholson, a fellow intelligence officer whose funeral was attended by Kangas. When talking about his beliefs, he wrote:

“The image of his 4-year old daughter clutching a Cabbage Patch doll throughout the entire service is one that is forever burned into my memory. This was a pivotal moment in my life, causing me to question my conservative beliefs and take a more serious look at the costs and benefits of the arms race.”

He also witnessed the Chernobyl nuclear disaster of 1986, after which Berlin was bathed in nuclear radiation. In the same year, he flew back to California with an honorable discharge. Once there, he attended the University of California in Santa Cruz, a city in California which was a frequent target of Rush Limbaugh’s right-wing fury.

After some time, he created the Liberalism Resurgent website (dated 1996), which he made as “a response to the right”. The website itself is highly critical of business propaganda, the right-wing media, the American overclass (a powerful and privileged social class), and the CIA.

Since he’s done so much that I have yet to read, I’ll give you the links to the articles I’ve read and have been influenced by in some way:

The website itself is very well done for something out of the 90’s. Kangas researched his arguments very well, almost like he was writing a thesis in university, which I guess is not surprising considering he went to college after leaving the army.

It was rumored that was planning on writing a book on CIA atrocities, when on February 8th 1999, he was found dead in the men’s bathroom on the 39th floor of the One Oxford Center, inside the office of one Richard Mellon Scaife, the political enemy of Steve Kangas.

The police ruled said death as a suicide, but since Scaife sent his own private investigator, Rex Armistead, to investigate the “suicide”, it became the subject of conspiracy. There are two theories as to how Steve Kangas died:

  1. Steve Kangas went to the One Oxford Center to try and kill Richard Mellon Scaife, but was himself apprehended by Scaife’s men, and then killed.
  2. Steve Kangas went to the One Oxford Center and killed himself in order to incite the authorities into launching an investigation of Scaife.

Let’s look at a few things. Richard Mellon Scaife is a staunchly conservative member of the wealthy elite who was known for being reclusive, and vindictive. He is quick to use lawsuits and private detectives against his critics, so when he got wind of Kangas’ website (which is scathingly critical towards Scaife), he hired his own private detective Rex Armistead to investigate Kangas and his website. Keep in mind that Rex Armistead is a private detective hired by Scaife and other anti-Democrats to smear Democrat politicians. Also keep in mind that Rex Armistead has an expertise in organized crime.

In the 60’s, Rex Armistead worked to enforce racial segregation laws. After a distinguished career in the 70’s, he was later hired by people like Richard Mellon Scaife to run smear campaigns against Democrats on behalf of the Republican party. Most famously, he ran a smear campaign against Democrat Bill Allain, in which Armistead spread rumors that Allain was having a homosexual relationship with three transvestites, until the plot was eventually uncovered by ABC’s 20/20.

With that in mind, I have come to the conclusion that Richard Mellon Scaife personally held a grudge against Steve Kangas, and therefore ordered his murder in order to eliminate him as a political enemy.

richard mellon scaife

Look at the face of evil.

Of course, that’s just theory. But Armistead was a real private investigator, and Scaife definitely had something against Kangas, the perfect motive for murder. Then again, there has been no real answer. Why? Because if Scaife really was responsible, then he would use his wealth and power to cover up the incident, meaning there can be no answer until Scaife dies (he’s 80, so that shouldn’t be long).

I believe that Steve Kangas was wrongly killed, and that his death should be avenged, and properly investigated by an independent body. Kangas had a good website, with scholarly arguments that you can actually rely on. The good news is that his site still lives on. If you want to see it for yourself, click here.

I think that the whole thing actually makes for a great story. Now if only a Hollywood scriptwriter got a hold of it…

Why China will not rule the world

chinese riot

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about China “becoming a new superpower”. The reason, the media claims, is that Western economies has been borrowing money from China, and if they can’t pay back their debts, the media tries to tell us that the outcome will be anything other than pretty. But I believe that it’s all just a snow job by the media, just like world peace.

Whenever they talk about China’s growth on the news, they’ll post statistics that show China doing well (usually at the top of something). But what you might not know is that the media actually omits key stats that undermine the possibility of a Chinese superpower. For example, China has the worst divide between the rich and the poor in the whole world, which is something even the Chinese are ashamed of, which obviously implies that China knows about this.

There exists another barrier between China and world domination: the people. You would think that in a communist dictatorship like China, the people are not a problem. However, you’d be forgetting that there are over a billion people in China, most of which are “peasants”. There are tens of thousands of angry protests and potentially violent riots (which the Chinese government refers to as “mass incidents”) every year, and all because China has such a crappy government, and horrific living conditions.

China has the worst environmental track record in the world, with air so polluted that only the few can breathe fresh air. Even China’s own Ministry of Health lists cancer as the number one cause of death reported in China. There are towns in China where seeing the sun is an actual miracle, because it’s obscured by smog, one of the biggest issues that China is both the victim and the cause of.


Welcome to Hell!

China is basically the biggest polluter in the world, and all in the name of industrial progress. Money alone does not make a superpower. It’s also about military clout, and the stability of a nation. China is definitely not stable.

The only reason Americans fear China’s “expansion” is because in the American mind, there can only be one superpower. So to them, and the stupid Western media, China becoming a superpower means the end of the US.


Pictured: American mentality

Is everyone forgetting the fact that there were two co-existing superpowers before? Back during the Cold War, there were two rival superpowers: America and Russia. Both were large in size, both head nuclear warheads, and both ruthlessly hated each other’s ideology.

China does not export its education, innovation, values, or ideas, all of which may as be just as lousy as the smog. America, on the other hand, did. China has a plethora of undesirable attributes, as well as desirable attributes, and we would benefit from studying China. But in all this confusion, use your heads, and don’t buy into the scaremongering. The media is just using this whole thing to instill fear into you so you can give them attention they don’t deserve.

History has shown that people filled with fear are easier to control. If we want to preserve our freedom, then we must be strong, and stand up against the scaremongering.