Why I am not an animator

I want to explain what I would want to do (or not do in this case) when making games in a team. One thing I pride myself on is ideas. I consider myself an ideas man, as in a person who comes up with ideas, and can at least try to illustrate them. I also like panning out my vision for what a world would look like.

That’s what I would do. One thing I don’t want to get into is animation. In college, I learned why I don’t.

adobe flash

Whatever that is, it’s not mine, but it looks damn good.

In my course, there is a unit on animation where you use Adobe Flash. I always hated that idea, mainly because I’ve historically had a bad experience with Flash. In this regard, this is mainly because I never used it very often. Sure, in college I got better at it, but it doesn’t make up for what a grueling process it is.

For me, it’s a matter of trying not to make it look too cheaply done, which is hard considering that I only had 3-4 months to finish this unit. The problem here is that this is just one of 8 units, all of which are handled separately by two different tutors, and panned out over 9 months.

Realistically speaking, good animation takes months, maybe even years to finish. This course on the other hand, asks a noob like me to make a 30-second short animation within only 4 months. That seems like an unbearable task for someone with little discernible experience.

Not to mention, ideas for me take time to form. One time, I had to make a flip book showing a sporting activity, and I failed because I couldn’t come up with something in 20 minutes (I’m sure it was 20).

To make a long story short, if I were in a game development team, I’d more or less be the creative head, the engine that drives much of the ideas, much like the lead singer or lyricist in a rock band. If I were trusted with the more monotonous and technical stuff, I’d probably break.