The truth about “fake news”

fake news

After Donald Trump got elected President, the mainstream media quickly rushed to figure out how this could have happened. I could tell them how, but it appears that the media are doing everything do dodge the obvious answer, and so they turned to another scapegoat – “fake news”. They’ll tell you that when they say fake news, they mean unofficial news sites that spread deceptive, unsourced stories passed around as journalism, but they’re really referring to anyone who isn’t CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, CBS, RT or NPR. Basically “fake news” refers to anyone not part of the exclusive club known as the mainstream media.

Given the mainstream media’s overwhelmingly negative coverage of Donald Trump, it’s painfully obvious that the mainstream media is devoid of the journalistic integrity they claim to uphold. Only 6% of ordinary people actually trust the mainstream media, with alternative news outlets slowly but surely poised to take their place in terms of relevance. You don’t even need a journalism degree to report the news anymore. Somebody on YouTube, if proper diligence is done, could give far more accurate commentary than the likes of CNN. Alternative Internet voices are making themselves heard, and the established media doesn’t like that, because it means their glory days are over.

When the mainstream media was at the zenith of its influence, there was no internet. Control of the spread of information was concentrated in the hands of the cultural and political elites. Knowledge was controlled at the time, but thanks to the Internet, we now have access to any kind of information and point of view you could possibly imagine. Of course, the elites hate that, and now they want all the non-mainstream media outlets, regardless of journalistic quality, to be stricken down, and it’s been implied that Facebook is joining in on the witch hunt, along with the EU.

Of course, I’m painfully aware of the fact that there are genuinely fake news sites out there that spread false information and yet gain millions of views. Buzzfeed is a good example of one. However, most people can easily tell a fake news site just by looking at it. Also, all the people crying “fake news” ad nauseam generally agree that Breitbart is a “fake news” site, and unless you’re a far-left progressive, you probably know that Breitbart doesn’t even come close to being “fake news”. In fact, I’ve read enough Breitbart articles to come to the conclusion that they are capable of solid journalism, more so I would argue than the likes of CNN.

The fact of the matter is that the mainstream media hates Breitbart solely because of they are a right-wing populist news site that actively promoted Trump (thus they see Breitbart as a key contributing factor in Trump’s victory). In a globalist world heavily marinating in failed lefty ideals, Breitbart represents the counterculture, and thus they are the enemy of the establishment. That’s why they freaked out when Trump appointed Breitbart’s (now-ex) boss Steve Bannon as his chief strategist. Hillary Clinton was once caught proclaiming that Breitbart “has no right to exist”, implying that if she had succeeded in getting elected, she would work to have it shut down. Of course, now that Hillary has lost, her cronies want to do it for her.

To me, the whole “fake news” controversy is just a whingefest carried out by a failing, irrelevant mainstream media hell bent on maintaining its power. The irony here is that they want to punish right-wing news sites for the kind of practices that CNN regularly committed throughout the election. We all know that it’s a useless way of distracting the public, and it’s not working. People are starting to realise what’s actually going on, that the media has been lying to them all this time, and I’m glad. When I first started this site, I was constantly speaking out against the lying mainstream media, and it seems that the MSM never learned their lesson.

“Fake news” didn’t influence the election, unless you count CNN pissing off enough of the public for Trump to win. The reason Trump won was because the people have had enough of living under the Democrats, and they didn’t trust Hillary Clinton at all. All they’re doing by persecuting people and news sites with opposing opinions is proving to everyone that they are a bunch of ivory tower elitists who don’t care about freedom of speech, and by doing so, they will have fully alienated themselves from the public.


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