Signing off…at least for a while

It would seem that my days in university are almost starting. Starting this Saturday I’ll begin the pursuit of a better life through university, and after that, I simply won’t have as much time to write for this site. With that in mind, I’ve decided to go on hiatus, effective immediately. I don’t intend to say when I’ll be back on Stef’s Cave, though I might drop a new post at any given moment.

University life is of course the main reason that I’m doing this, but that’s not the only reason I have. At some point, I began to feel that I couldn’t focus on writing the article, and this has led to articles that I had wanted to write becoming the victims of procrastination, and they would often be either benched or scrapped entirely, and I can’t help but think that it was a terrible way for me to work. This doesn’t mean that I intend to stop writing. Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews and Movies for Earthlings will continue as normal, with Movies for Earthlings being on a short break, and the game review site publishing at the normal rate. However, I think that Stef’s Cave in particular would interfere with the kind of life I want to live in university by adding another writing commitment I would have to worry about, something that I would have to juggle with the other things in my life.

I’m aware that this might disappoint some of my committed readers, but I ultimately can’t see myself taking any other course of action. I would actually like to see this as an opportunity rather than something negative, as every good writer should go out into the world and experience it as it is, willing to be shaped by reality as much he or she is willing to shape it. Since this isn’t the first time I’ve posted notices like these, once again I must stress that I’m not quitting completely, but after this, I will not be writing anymore posts for a good long while. I simple don’t have the energy to keep doing it, and I predict that to keep trying would cause me some problems when I start getting into the really heavy coursework. I’ll still reply to comments that are posted on the site, but for an as yet undetermined amount of time, I’m basically signing off, but I may start writing on this site again before you know it.


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