Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, Gavin

gavin mcinnes

Normally I see Gavin McInnes, one of the main stars of the conservative online politics channel The Rebel Media, in a positive light. When I first saw him in an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, he came across as an edgy counter-cultural conservative who, like me, opposes the worst perversities of the far-left. However, I think lately he’s been drinking too much of conservative Kool-Aid, and now he’s sliding the slippery slope towards the authoritarian kind of conservative that I opposed in the first place.

The reason I’m talking about this is that he recently made a video entitled “Millennials aren’t interested in having sex. Here’s whose fault that is.”, which addresses the fact that, according to recent studies, millennials are less interested in sexual intercourse than previous generations. I maintain my stance that whether or not you have sex at all is a matter of choice, but I think the problem associated with young people not having sex as often they used to is usually linked with low birth rates. While I personally blame feminism and culturally Marxist gender professors for damaging relationships between men and women (and even Gavin mentions them, but only briefly), that apparently isn’t Gavin’s conclusion. Do you want to know what he thinks is the problem? Porn and video games. That’s right, Gavin literally just toed the conservative Christian line, blaming the things young people enjoy rather than the culture that is stunting the male sex drive.

In the video, which was uploaded to YouTube on August 10th, Gavin, despite giving a more accurate reason for the low interest in sex (mentioning the war on boys that Christian Hoff Summers wrote about), basically spends the whole video chiding online porn and promoting his “Proud Boys” movement, a hypermasculine group with a vaguely pick-up-artist-like philosophy, whose goal is to get men off porn and video games in order to train men to achieve traditional ideals of masculinity. The fatal flaw is that not only is his case against porn based on sketchy science (including blaming divorce on porn based by his own admission on him guessing), but he also assumes that any man who watches porn or plays video games regularly is a loser who dropped out of society, totally ignoring the myriad of factors that play into a man’s life choices.

Much of his argument is him complaining about how the men of today aren’t anything remotely like the men of his time, and his solution is for men to join his weird “No Wanks” site (which he claims is the “religion” of his “proud boys”), and for men to pick up five girls a day. Congratulations Gavin, you and your Proud Boys are literally the strawman feminists thrive on! His views on video games are even worse, citing even sketchier sources to make a case that video games are bad for you (and he once tweeted that “if you’re playing video games for hours a day, your balls are long gone”). At this point, he sounds like an utterly cliche concerned parent from the 1990’s, and for those of us younger right-wingers in the modern world, it’s just embarrassing to see a whiny conservative commentator who acts like a stereotypical reactionary grandfather. Seriously, he makes me people like me sound like progressives by comparison.

He claims that his seemingly cult-like Proud Boys movement has been effective, citing people that he has talked to in the past. However, I have found no significant evidence to support his claim, and from he said, it sounds if he pressures people into it, and he outright admits that he pushed one person too far. The person in question being Michael Kittrell (a.k.a. CopperCab), and Gavin takes responsibility for causing him to become transgendered. I’d like to point out that I have nothing against Michael (now Claire) Kittrell mind you, he can do whatever he wants (and call himself whatever he desires), but if it’s true that Gavin pushed him into that state, then I have some serious questions for him about what exactly his movement does.

Of course, this is the same man who condemns gaming as an indulgence for children (he dismissed #Gamergate for exactly that reason in a video he made last year), and currently supports Donald Trump purely on the basis of getting on the bandwagon, and to him any conservative that doesn’t support Trump is a baby who needs to “man up”. He made another video entitled “Top 10 Things Wrong With Kids These Days”, in which he chides toddlers for things that they do naturally, giving me the impression that he’s basically like a grumpy old man who’s just mad that the world isn’t the way it was in his time.

old man yells at cloud

Gavin isn’t even the only one in The Rebel Media toeing the stodgy old “games are bad” line. Their own Faith Goldy made a video claiming that Pokémon Go turns adults into children who lose interest in the world around them, and docile enough to submit to the will of the liberal elite. That’s a very poor argument even by the standards of the craziest right-wing Christian out there, and to make matters worse, she compared the game to Paul Woltsch, the man who left his wife and seven kids to live as a six-year-old girl. I swear if it weren’t for Lauren Southern, The Rebel Media would quickly be turning into the right-wing version of The Young Turks, which it will if Gavin McInnes keeps up this “proud boys” nonsense for long enough.

For me, Gavin’s attitude isn’t good for the conservative movement at all. Doesn’t he realise that it is precisely his paternalistic brand of anti-porn and anti-gaming conservatism that pushed young people over to the left in the first place? I swear that people like him are the best advertising the left ever needs, because it’s people like him that keep the left in business, and in case Gavin doesn’t realise it, his stodgy old-fashioned conservatism is unappealing for young libertarians like myself, and younger, more moderate conservatives who don’t necessarily hold the same authoritarian worldview of the previous generation of conservatives. If we in the right have any hope of weakening the influence of social justice leftists in the mainstream, we need to be able to convince people that we aren’t the stodgy reactionaries that the media portrays us as. People like Gavin McInnes, whose head seems to be stuck in the ’80’s, are easy prey for the left-wing media, and as long as the right has these guys, the left can still use the whole “those crazy right-wingers” argument to make us look insane in front of an impressionable young audience.

That’s why I worry about Gavin McInnes’ approach, because we don’t need more old-fashioned conservatives like him or Rush Limbaugh. As far as I’m concerned, they are a liability in the modern culture war against social justice warriors, and they only have two options – they can either drop the whole anti-porn and anti-gaming shtick because it isn’t a winning issue, or they can continue toeing the conservative Christian line, and ensuring that the right have no credibility.


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