“Toxic masculinity” is a dangerous myth


One of the most common buzzwords spread around by third-wave feminists and progressives is the phrase “toxic masculinity”, which is basically their way of saying “we don’t want men to assert themselves at all, even when it’s appropriate”. What they’ll tell you is that the term “toxic masculinity” is a way in which “the patriarchy” (yes, this comes from feminist circles) is harmful to men, referring to what feminists perceive as socially constructed attitudes that compel men to be violent, unemotional, and sexually aggressive.

Not only does the toxic masculinity narrative espouse that all men are inherently violent (which in turn becomes the feminist rationale for the “teach men not to rape” argument), but it also presents men as incapable of being any better than creatures of animalistic passion and rage. Of course, progressives and feminists love this kind of postmodern claptrap because in their mind, it lets them justify treating men as inferior, broken creatures, with the added bonus of giving them an imaginary bogeyman for whenever men commit violent crimes (for example, this Think Progress article, which tries to connect “toxic masculinity” with the Orlando massacre).

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced that the whole toxic masculinity nonsense is not only sexist, but also ludicrous, and dangerous. I firmly believe that the idea of “toxic masculinity”, preached by charlatans and bought by impressionable readers, is a dangerous myth that can only bring harm to those who believe it, including men. How? Well put it this way, what could be more harmful to a man than being taught that his masculinity, the natural state of being a man, is inherently evil? It’s not even based on anything that could be demonstrated as observable facts. Everytime I glance at an article with “toxic masculinity” in its title, I can immediately assume that it’s dabbling in postmodernist nonsense.

And the thing is, I’m not entirely wrong. The idea comes across to me as what happens when feminists look at hypermasculine stereotypes of men and assume that all men act like that, or are inclined to. The problem is that in today’s world, men are taught to see masculinity in general as something to resent, and in the process, we a new generation of more sensitive, neurotic men who don’t stand up for themselves. I know this because I almost became one of them. I know what it’s like to question the very things that make a man what he is, until I realised that a lot of what I felt was based solely on resentment towards feeling unable to meet what I perceived were social expectations. To me, that’s literally what toxic masculinity sounds like – a way for third-wave feminists to tap into weak, battered boys by feeding into their delusions. It makes men weaker by giving them the idea that their self-confidence is “toxic”, and even a hint of aggression (which is sometimes necessary when sticking up for your interests) is misogynistic, it deludes them into seeking approval from others instead of commanding respect, and it instils a victim complex into men who are unfortunate enough to be infected with the ideology that inspired it. In short, it disempowers men.

Of course, the religion of toxic masculinity may benefit feminists, but what about women who aren’t feminists? It’s a time-tested fact that the majority of women are attracted to self-confident men who assert themselves when the time is right. They don’t even have to be the hypermasculine type, as long as a man can outwardly express self-confidence and self-control, then it’s safe to assume that those men have a reasonable chance of finding a partner. With the idea of toxic masculinity convincing men that they are the problem, the men who buy into it become outwardly weak, much like neurotic thralls who try to constantly appease women. The reality is that most women aren’t attracted to weak-willed men, passionless men who self-flagellate themselves in front of them, and yet those are the kind of men that feminism and the myth of “toxic masculinity” are creating, and so I’m not surprised when a man writes about how he allowed his wife to cheat on him with other men.

For me, the fact that major news outlets are propagating the idea of “toxic masculinity” represents a startling shift, but it says more about feminism than anything else. In its current incarnation, feminism has sought to tear men down every turn, and I’m convinced that it’s merely a way of exercising vengeance against men for what they perceive as a “male-dominated culture”. The feminists, progressives, and left-wing liberals in general have given up on trying to change the world for the better, so they are now engaged in the cultural destruction of the old world, because only by degrading the existing culture can you justify creating a new one.

The most hypocritical part as that the people propagating the myth of toxic masculinity claim to be in favour of empowering women, or creating equality. If people of one gender are allowed to feel empowered while people of the other gender are to feel ashamed of themselves, then I’m afraid we live in an unequal society at best, and a totalitarian society at worst. I’ve already known this for some time, but at this point it should be clear that third-wave feminists aren’t really in favour of equality as they claim. You can’t say you’re in favour of gender equality and yet espouse the notion that men are evil. It’s literally no different to how men used to treat women over a hundred years ago, just that today the roles are switched, and now the establishment media denigrates or objectifies men, all while hypocritically decrying female objectification.

huffington post hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the media is never-ending.

The misandrist bias in the mainstream media is basically why Gawker thought it was okay to realise a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan, while also releasing an article condemning the leaked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. It’s also the reason why feminism enjoys such a lofty position in contemporary culture, despite the fact that nearly all issues regarding gender bias against women in the West have been resolved, while men’s rights advocates, who wish to address gender biases against men (such as the family court system, and the fact that prostate cancer research doesn’t get as much funding), are either ignored, ridiculed, or vilified by the mainstream media.

Next time you see an article decrying “toxic masculinity”, my advice is to ignore it. It’s essentially another progressive writer using postmodern gibberish to lecture you about why masculinity is somehow evil, and that’s just what they do if they aren’t calling masculinity fragile. It’s no wonder why both men and women alike have now been abandoning feminism, because it has ultimately become the means by which crazed gender ideologues can rationalise misandry, and because of that, relations between the two genders are more tensed than ever before. Masculinity isn’t toxic and men aren’t evil (most of them anyway). In fact, for the most part, men try to be good to women, but in today’s culture, a lot of men are so scared of crossing the line that they don’t know what to do, and we can thank feminists and the mainstream culture for telling them that anything they do is harassment. If masculinity is seen as toxic in the distant future, it will be because of the culture the progressives have created today.


16 thoughts on ““Toxic masculinity” is a dangerous myth

  1. I don’t think you understand what toxic masculinity means at all. In this case “Toxic” is not an adjective describing all masculinity, but rather a category of masculinity in which men are heavily programmed by society to act aggressively to prove their masculinity. I am a feminist and I am In full support of men who can express their masculinity in healthy ways. When men are truly secure in their masculinity, the idea of women being powerful does not cause them to lash out and write articles about male oppression.

      • if you understood, you’d get that masculinity is sacred. Being violent is not. I have not seen your version of toxic masculinity displayed in the media ever, I think it’s your own interpretation. Please don’t continue to justify rape culture by suggesting that men being called out for harassment is denying them masculine power.

      • It’s not my interpretation. This is what I get from progressives like John McIntosh and the writers at sites like ThinkProgress, Vox, Being Liberal, etc.
        This “version” of toxic masculinity can be found whenever the left-wing media outlets talk about masculinity at all as I’ve already explained in the article. For an example of this happening in the media (and for analytical purposes), I recommend this video, along with the channel.

        I’m also not justifying rape culture, and by now you can probably assume that I regard “rape culture” (in the neo-feminist sense) as a myth. Also, when did I ever say that “men being called out for harassment” (evidently you don’t seem to think that they can be falsely accused) denies them masculine power? That’s one of my biggest problems with feminists like you. Whenever people like me criticise you, you put words into our mouths and try to defame us. Very few of you are actually interested in self-reflection, or at least trying on our shoes for at least one second.

  2. “Toxic masculinity” is a provocative, sexist expression. How about replacing it with something gender-neutral such as “bad behaviour”?

  3. “Everytime I glance at an article with “toxic masculinity” in its title, I can immediately assume that it’s dabbling in postmodernist nonsense.”

    This here is your problem. I don’t think you did much research about what toxic masculinity even means before writing this, you just made assumptions. This is actually completely inaccurate. You said “Not only does the toxic masculinity narrative espouse that all men are inherently violent (which in turn becomes the feminist rationale for the ‘teach men not to rape’ argument), but it also presents men as incapable of being any better than creatures of animalistic passion and rage.” It is actually the COMPLETE opposite. Feminists actually fight the belief that men are inherently violent and have no self control, because we know that is not true. The problem with toxic masculinity is that it is TAUGHT. Men are TAUGHT to be violent, encouraged to be aggressive, and these actions are pardoned (with phrases like “boys will be boys”). Ask any psychologist or biologist: men and women are inherently more similar than different. Men are not naturally violent, misogynistic, homophobic, emotionless, etc. But the problem is that from the time they are very young, boys are taught to be these things, and are ridiculed, ostracized, and considered “not a real man” if they aren’t these things, which is both harmful to themselves and even more so to women. Women are also taught forms of femininity that aren’t healthy either. Feminism (done right) has no intention of tearing men down. The full intention is to tear down the bullshit idea that women are inferior to men, that women are sexual objects solely existing for male sexual pleasure, that homosexuality is something to hate and fear, and that men are “creatures of animalistic passion and rage.” We want to dismantle all of these harmful rhetorics. If you meet a feminist who is doing otherwise, they need to be educated too.

    • “Feminists actually fight the belief that men are inherently violent and have no self control”

      Don’t make me laugh. No feminist on Earth can convince me of that position, because I can see that it is the feminists promoting exactly the idea that all men are inherently violent and have no self-control. Men aren’t taught to be violent and aggressive. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They’re taught not to be violent and aggressive, and some men still are.

      “Feminism (done right) has no intention of tearing men down.”

      I’m sure that’s what the nicer feminists will tell me, but the fundamental problem is that even if the original goal of feminism wasn’t to tear down men, you have to accept that feminism today isn’t the same as it was fifty years ago. Men and women are already equal under the law, but because modern feminists have redefined sexism as prejudice + power, they see men in general (especially cis straight white men) as the oppressor that must be usurped.

      Added to that is their obsession with gender-based affirmative action (favouring women for employment because of past discrimination), which signals that they want equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity. In other words, for society to be equal according to feminists, men have to be marginalized, because that’s the only way feminists can achieve the “equality” they want.

      I know, not all feminists are like this, but an alarmingly large proportion of the movement is like this, and none of the mainstream feminists thinkers admonish them, because all the establishment feminists have similar positions.

  4. This is dumb and totally bias.
    Toxic masculinity isn’t saying there’s anything wrong with masculinity.
    Men are allowed to be masculine, just as women are. I feel like you’re seeing masculinity as a solely male trait.

    • In no way did I claim that men aren’t allowed to be masculine, nor did I claim that only men could be masculine (though men are naturally masculine, and that’s why more men exhibit masculine traits than women do). This is about how the phrase toxic masculinity is used to demonise men. Besides, the way toxic masculinity is described makes it sound like there is something wrong with masculinity, and the way people argue it makes them sound like they think all men act like Biff from Back to the Future.

      Besides, how come we don’t hear anything about “toxic femininity”? It would be equally nonsensical, but if there are “toxic” elements of masculinity, then it should follow that the same is true of femininity, right?

      • We don’t hear anything about any femininity that is toxic is the same reason we are never really told about masculinity that isn’t toxic. Feminists and other progressives (I call them regressives because that’s what they really are) don’t want us to believe there are such things. Because women and girls need to be empowered so they can break free from the patriarchy. Media constantly infers that women are good and men are essentially evil for supposedly this very reason. But what I am concluding from media is that women typically show less initiative than men and are in constant need of being told they are wonderful lest their galaxy sized egos don’t become deflated which would cause worldwide economic devastation if it causes them to stop spending so much money. What people don’t want to recognize is that women typically run up higher debts than men. And, as this debt gets bigger it will reach a point where there won’t be enough money to pay it which will lead to a crash anyway because nobody will have any money to lend.

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