Satanic progressives

satanic temple

As an atheist, I tend to view all religions and religious organisations from an ideological perspective rather than a spiritual one. This is one of the primary reasons why I oppose the three main Abrahamic religions, because they are ideologically authoritarian (specifically, they would fall under the authoritarian right). How exactly does this lead me to talk about Satanism you might ask? Well, I am aware of the ideology of Satanism, and compared to most religions, it is actually quite sound, with its distinctly liberal attitude towards man’s earthly desires. Though I personally am not a Satanist, I know quite a bit about it, and I get that it is quite a libertarian religion, in the sense that Satanists believe that you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t infringe open the rights of others (including the right to life, and the right to bodily integrity).

Of course, there’s nothing the social justice progressives won’t try and invade, and in my opinion, the progressives are making their way into Satanist circles, and the main way this manifests is through an organisation called The Satanic Temple. Who are they? They’re essentially an atheistic Satanist organisation that focuses on activism, and utilises typical Satanic imagery in order to promote social justice (I wonder how long I have to wait for the Satanist equivalent of Chanty Binks to arrive on scene). Given their marketing tactics, you may be led to believe that they are a genuine Satanist organisation, but the reality is further from the truth.

They’re essentially little more than secular, liberal humanists who appropriate Satanic imagery just to agitate Christians, who seem to be they’re primary targets. Since their founding in 2012, everything they’ve been doing has been for the sole purpose of trolling the Christian right, despite the fact that the authority and prestige of the Christian right in America has been dwindling to point of irrelevance. The Satanic Temple have been doing so through a number of attention-grabbing shock tactics such as erecting a statue of Baphomet next to the Ten Commandments monument in the Oklahoma State Capitol Building (they’ll say it’s to do with separation of church and state, but they only target Christians), countering a Florida capitol nativity scene with their own fallen angel display, showing up at a high school game to protest pregame prayer, and most recently, releasing children’s colouring books for the purpose of promoting their religious ideology, and most recently, they’ve started up an after school club called “After School Satan” just because a Christian group thought of the same idea (never mind that the Christians have been doing this for quite a while now).

Those who know nothing about Satanism, including the mainstream media, will think that The Satanic Temple represents Satanism, but in fact they don’t. The Church of Satan, originally founded by Atnon Szandor LaVey in 1966, has denounced The Satanic Temple, calling their behaviour “disgusting”, “deplorable”, and “un-Satanic”, and for anyone who knows anything about what Satanism is actually about, they would be right. At its core, Satanism is a religion that stresses individualism and self-responsibility above all else. Meanwhile, the Satanic Temple does not. They emphasise compassion and empathy, and they openly state that “the spirit of compassion, wisdom, and justice should always prevail over the written and spoken word”, which perhaps explains their consistently vapid troll activism throughout the years. Given the mindset of these people, what they define as “justice” could just as easily be interpreted as “social justice”, and their tactics and emphasis on feels is eerily similar to another cult that is rampaging through our society like rabid locusts – the social justice warriors.

They even have their own parallel set of tenets, one of which says that “beliefs should conform to our best scientific understanding of the world”, which literally goes against Satanic principles. The Satanic Temple are literally a bunch of progressives attempting to infiltrate Satanism, appropriating the religion as an excuse to harass Christians. Their mindset appears to be stuck in the 1980’s, when the conservative-dominated media participated in the “Satanic Panic”, in which they spread malicious false reports about Satanic ritual abuse in order vilify Satanists. The Satanic Panic eventually petered out during the early 1990’s, after the FBI proved that every case of Satanic ritual abuse propagated by the media was false. Since then, the religious right has been steadily declining in relevance, to the point that now they are simply seen by most people as a joke. Meanwhile, the Satanic Temple can’t get the old Satanic Panic out of their minds, otherwise their organisation has no credibility.

The Satanic Temple constantly pushes the narrative that America is a Judeo-Christian society, despite the fact that the American Founding Fathers were deist Christians, and designed the nation so that the separation of church and state is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Just because most of the US population identifies as Christian doesn’t mean that America is a Christian nation. In fact, Christianity in America is actually on the decline. Last year, a Pew Research poll found that the number of American Christians dropped from 78% in 2007 to 71% in 2014. The established media doesn’t even prop up Christianity anymore, and the Republican party, once the bane of liberal atheists, has effectively dropped God from their platform with the nomination of Donald Trump, a candidate who is decidedly less focused on religion than any previous GOP nominee.

Of course, that doesn’t change their tune at all. They’ll attack Christianity all day and all night, but I have not heard of them criticising other religions. What about Hinduism, a religion whose followers still practice a caste system, despite that it is not a part of the tenets of Hinduism? Nothing. What about Scientology, a faux-religion that regularly robs people of thousands of dollars for psychological therapy that doesn’t even work, and is known to litigate against its critics? Not a word on Scientology from them. What about Islam, the world’s most misogynistic and regressive religious ideology, wherein a woman’s voice is considered to be worth half that of a man’s, where a man is allowed to rape and beat his wife, and where homosexuality is punishable by death, often by such brutal methods as stoning and hanging (especially in Muslim majority countries)? They never say a word about it, unless it’s about Islamophobia. They’re willing to help defend Muslims from Islamophobia, but where are they when Christians get harassed for being Christian? The hypocrisy of the leftist Satanic Temple is truly astonishing, and even as it flies in the face of actual Satanic values, it seems to fit perfectly in line with the progressive way of thinking. In my mind, The Satanic Temple is literally no different in principle to the Evangelical Christian “Moral Majority” of the 1980’s, with the sole different being that while Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority operated in the conservative right, The Satanic Temple operates in the progressive left, just that we haven’t had any Satanist college students asking for a safe space from “nasty Christians”.

Like all social justice warriors, The Satanic Temple perverts the cultural identity it claims to represent in order to suit their own agenda, and I think this is happening. We live in a time where progressive busy-bodies are trying as hard as they can to subsume as many cultural groups as possible – whether they are religious, ideological, sub-cultural, sexual, or even racial – in order to increase support for their ideology, and it looks like the progressives have found a way to infiltrate Satanism, through an atheist organisation that is more ideological than religious. The real danger with organisations that pretend to be religious is the very fact that it is ideologically driven. Much like the social justice warriors, The Satanic Temple are driven by their ideology, such to the extent that they will not think on any other terms, and if you think I’m exaggerating, I have seen what SJW’s do, and I have seen the mentality of SJW’s in action. This is all too predictable, and I doubt that the SJW’s will stop here.


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