Regression, depravity, and a crisis of identity

safe space liberals

Illustration by A.F. Branco

Ever wondered why I and many others use the term “regressive left”? The answer is astonishingly simple – the ideas of the mainstream left as prescribed by college students have manifested in the form of trigger warnings, safe spaces and no-platforming, and those things becoming so common amongst young liberals that it’s as though they have regressed back to an almost child-like mindset. People have pointed the finger at a number of things, including social media, the proliferation of smartphones, reality TV, and liberal guilt, but the message remains clear – society has gotten dumber, and I personally blame our leftist culture of overly permissive attitude towards nearly everything.

Indeed, this mentality has led to a disturbing trend in the liberal left, where you have people literally regressing to the mindset of children. Remember Paul Wolscht? If not, I’m not surprised, that’s because several months ago he became Stephonknee Wolscht, a 52-year-old man who dresses up and identifies a 6-year-old girl? He left his wife and children behind in order to pursue the fantasy of living as an overgrown child. I don’t doubt that he might have had issues, but I think he should have seen a therapist instead of just abandoning his family. In the old days, that man would be universally condemned for abandoning his family, but when he was interviewed on Daily Xtra, the left-wing media celebrated it, and I think I have some idea of who else might be celebrating.

Remember Todd Nickerson? He’s a Salon writer who openly admits to being a pedophile, but expects to be treated nicely just because he didn’t molest anyone (even though, given the circumstance, I think that he would). In his article, entitled “I’m a pedophile, but not a monster”, he writes about how he was babysitting a 5-year-old girl, and fantasised about her, and yet he expects not to be judged harshly. Here in Britain, that’s the sort of thing that would spell the end of your career and turn you into a pariah, but across the Atlantic, the American left didn’t bat an eye, probably because nobody who identifies as left-leaning wants to seem “intolerant”. I’m surprised he isn’t a NAMBLA activist, but I’m also surprised that he didn’t get fired from Salon, but then again, they’re willing to tolerate anything, even racism, as long as the racists and perverts can make themselves sound like a marginalised and oppressed group.

Of course, even Todd Nickerson isn’t the most glaring sign that we may yet be reaching the murky nadir of Western civilisation, which leads me to the impetus for this rant. It has recently been reported that a 21-year-old Floridian woman named Jess has been living as an “adult baby”, with her boyfriend as the daddy, and they both insist that their ageplay isn’t sexual (yeah, sure, whatever you say weirdos). In a video posted by Barcroft TV, she claims that this is a way of coping with sexual abuse, but admits that she would have done it anyway. Whatever the reason, this is clearly a case of liberal regression going way too far, and illustrating without fail why I call the increasingly permissive left the regressive left – because they’re openly okay with grown men and women acting like children.

I can’t be entirely surprised though. If anything, I think these people and others like them are indications of an even bigger problem. The age of social media has brought about a culture of validation wherein people are seeking acceptance from as many places as possible. Thanks in part to the proliferation of social media and smartphones, more and more people are effectively tuning out with the real world, and what happens is you have people who are so unsure of themselves that, desperate for an identity of their own, they take on all sorts of identity labels, whether it be dogs, cats, elves, dragons, vampires, toddlers, or even babies.

I may be a libertarian, and thus, I shouldn’t care what people do as long as they’re not hurting anyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t express criticism, and even I’m concerned when the depravities of a few psychos are passed around as normal. After all, I would argue that Paul Wolscht was hurting his family by abandoning the people who loved him just to pursue a fantasy life (added to the creepiness is the fact that, while dressed as a little girl, he’s going around kissing male bikers, whilst convinced he is a six-year-old. Make of that what you will). I’m not the only person out there with these concerns, there are many people out there who are legitimately concerned about how far things like this will go, and it’s not just about the idea of “baby play” becoming normal.

I’m starting to think that it’s hardly a coincidence that this is happening at the same time as the rise of safe space culture and campus censorship. I think what we are seeing is the infantilization of society as a whole. Just as nursing homes lead to the infantilizing of the elderly, I feel that political correctness is allowing what we’re seeing to fester, and infantilizing the rest of society. If the adults are acting like children, who will take care of the children? Things like this make me worry about the state of things to come, though I can always take consolation in the fact that people are getting tired of it. One can only hope that the people’s frustrations will manifest into something positive.


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