When did being right-wing become such a bad thing?

left vs. right

There once was a time were one person could say they’re right-wing, and another could say they’re left-wing, and the two could engage in a proper and balanced debate. However, we now live in a time where mainstream culture is so heavily entrenched in left-wing ideology that political discourse has come down to “left wing is good, right wing is bad”. People have grown up with the idea that all right-wingers are reactionary bigots and wacky evangelists, completely glossing over the kind of bigotry and oppression that far left ideologies have proven themselves capable of.

When I was a teenager, I was practically entrenched in the left wing, probably because I thought the left was morally superior compared to the right, and I didn’t know much better. I essentially bought into the nonsensical narrative that was so common back in the day and still is now, and I didn’t bother to research the other side. I didn’t even think they had any arguments that made any modicum of sense, but then again, I was just a stupid teenager back then. I didn’t even think that there is a left-wing bias pervading society and culture. In fact I always ignored the conservatives’ warnings of a liberal media bias, thinking it was all quack, but I was wrong. Not only is the liberal media not a myth, but it’s been going on for quite some time apparently.

Today, being right-wing has apparently become a social stigma, a stick used to beat people with which we disagree with. Right-wing thinkers are either left to obscurity or dismissed as crazies and trolls (some of them probably are, but I digress), while left-wing commentators like Owen Jones, Jessica Valenti and Michael Moore are propped up as intellectuals by mainstream outlets like The Guardian, no matter how insane or ill-constructed their arguments are. In today’s political discourse, facts no longer seem to matter. All that matters is whether you’re left-wing or right-wing, and if you’re right-wing, you apparently get lumped in with neo-cons, internet trolls, religious fundamentalists, neo-nazis, fascists, and all sorts of other awful people, and that’s if you’re not dismissed as ignorant.

I’m not even completely right-wing (though I am sort of a modestly right-wing libertarian), but I find this attitude very childish, and that’s part of the reason why I ultimately abandoned the left, and also because of the way social justice warriors (the narcissistic progeny of Marxist social justice courses) have militantly censored discussion and silenced debate in the name of their far-left ideology (meanwhile they aren’t considered extremists by the mainstream). All the more vexing is the fact that I have found a number of right-wing and mostly libertarian arguments to be quite reasonable, meanwhile the left-wingers now sound like gibbering loons with arguments that don’t quite stand up to scrutiny.

It’s not as though the right isn’t as capable of being as extreme as the far left. I know that because I used to do extensive research on Fox News back in 2010/11. However, Fox News and all the other right wing outlets seem rather tame and definitely comical compared to their left-wing equivalents, particularly the far-left online news outlet The Young Turks (owned and presented by Cenk Uygur), who in many ways mirror the kind of grotesque circus that I’ve chided Fox News for, but if anyone on Fox News says something stupid, the mainstream media won’t let you hear the end of how stupid it is, but when Cenk Uygur does it (and he will), nobody in the media seems to bat an eye. Let me see if I got this right – Bill O’Reilly screws up and all the news outlets and comedians dogpile on him, but Cenk Uygur screws up and gets no scrutiny from the mainstream media, all because one is right-wing and the other is left-wing.

The problem as I see it is that ever since the left gained dominance in the political and cultural arena, the whole political discourse became about the “enlightened liberal” versus the “ignorant conservative”, and if all else fails, “love vs. hate”. The problem is that it gives people an excuse not to think critically about ideas and issues that need to be examined with more care and nuance, and the end result is a hopelessly distorted political climate where you can silence your critics with words like “racist” or “sexist”, therefore suggesting your opponent is hateful when in fact he or she may not be.

I’m not at all convinced that being right-wing is necessarily bad. I’m not a conservative, but I can name a handful of intelligent right-wing thinkers, commentators and politicians who have made reasonable arguments, including Dennis Prager, Thomas Sowell, Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, Gavin McInnes, Douglas Murray, Steven Crowder, Dinesh D’Souza, Ron Paul, Allum Bokhari, just to name a few. It’s also a mistake to believe that all right-wing ideologies are authoritarian. The right wing encompasses philosophies that generally favour reduced economic regulation, and support capitalism. The more libertarian philosophies in the right wing include conservative libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, minarchism, and objectivism, just to name a select few. The right wing is just as intellectually diverse as the left (or so I think), and yet the leftists would have you believe that the right-wing is full of insane idiots who probably aren’t fans of human rights.

My point is simple. I feel that the dialogue between left and right has been hopelessly distorted, with the left dominant in society and indoctrinating the young generation with vapid, meaningless nonsense that breeds more narcissists than critical thinkers. What I gather from the right-wing perspective is that you the individual are responsible for your own station in life (that’s not true with all of them, but a number of rightists think this way), whereas the left teaches you that “the system” causes all of your problems, and effectively that you have no agency. Of course the dominant left-leaning culture wants to dismiss right-wingers as idiots, because they don’t buy into the narrative that the system is the cause of all your suffering, and I don’t think a lot of people buy that anymore. There is a wealth of information out there that disproves a lot of the left-wing nonsense we’ve been conditioned to believe as teenagers, and I suggest that you go out and find it, along with looking into the names I mentioned in the previous paragraph, because, more than anything else, I want people to question what they have been taught by the media. If they did, I think they’ll find that they have been fed lies, and a narrative that doesn’t hold up very well to scrutiny.


One thought on “When did being right-wing become such a bad thing?

  1. Alright. That’s it. I’ve had enough of you.

    I don’t care if you remember me because I don’t give a shit about you anymore. I’ll admit that I used to follow you, but now I completely regret everything. I regret ever meeting and I regret ever talking to you. You are just a neurotypical little fuckbag. I knew you were an absolutist but I had know idea were this much of a conformist. You regurgitate the same old crap that everyone has been spewing for centuries.

    “Waaaah, politcal correctness!”

    “Waaaah, SJW’s!”

    “Waaaah, media bias!”

    Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! Why don’t you try thinking for yourself for once in your damn life? Why don’t you actually try and do some research?

    I’m going to come out and say a few things to you.

    Number one, political correctness is myth! All it is is just some boogeyman that people made up so they don’t have to take responsibility for their bigotry and keep their privilege from being challenged. It’s a myth, now quit being an asshole!

    Number two, people have rights and ideas, beliefs, and opinions don’t! Milo whatever-the-fuck-his name-is fully got what he deserved for bullying that black actress, and I swear to fucking Christ on a cross that if people start calling bullying free speech, I will quit calling myself an American. Actually, scratch that, I HATE America and free speech for EVERYTHING! Speaking as an autistic LGBT who was raised Catholic in the deep south, I refuse to allow ANYBODY to have a so-called opinion on who I was born as and how I live my life.

    What’s more, I am a proud male feminist and social justice advocate you fully supports safe spaces and respecting trigger warnings. Go ahead and call me a special snowflake or cuck or whatever the fuck you people label everyone. You people act like fucking toddlers! In fact, I dare say that YOU are the one who the real SJW here. You are so obsessed with equality that you blame everybody without taking into consideration the dynamics of power and privilege.

    Number three, I feel no shame in saying that Donald Trump deserves to die! I refuse to live in the same piece of shit land as this filthy man! Any country that refuses to uphold the ideal that all men and woman are born free and are allowed to choose their own destiny, that country is a piece of shit and the flag and constitution that supposedly represent it are better off as toilet paper. Anybody who believes that our Constitution is a living document is exactly like saying that the bible is a living book! Fascism fucking kills, you idiot! Stop pretending that it’s just a “different opinion” or a “dissenting point of view!”

    Rights are not opinions and are not up for debate! They never were and they never will!

    So yeah, fuck you and good-fucking-bye.

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