Don’t ban @Nero (or, why we can’t have nice things)


Oh boy.

Let’s face it, the new Ghostbusters film was an unmitigated disaster. The writing was bad, the characters and acting were terrible, the effects were pretty but ineffectual plastic, and the humour was almost nonexistent. In other words, it sucked. Of course I go into more detail than that in my review on Movies for Earthlings, but I wasn’t alone. Indeed, Breitbart’s very own Milo Yiannopoulos delivered a much more brilliantly scathing review, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Of course not everybody enjoyed it. Indeed, Milo eventually got into a spat with one of the main actors, Leslie Jones, who blamed Milo for the tide of bizarre comments and photos (which included pictures of her face with semen on it). Leslie then reported Milo to Twitter hoping that they lock his account, all while drawing ire from his fans. In fact, when a Milo supporter called her out for trying to censor him, she called him “a racist bitch”. Of course, Milo took it all in classic stride, but apparently the SJW’s wouldn’t let it slide, and so they try to silence him with the hashtag #BanNero, which was near-universally panned and mocked on Twitter. Most people on Twitter saw it for what it was – a bunch of whining SJW’s who hate Milo so much that they desperately want to censor him.

Were they all so desperately attached to the new Ghostbusters film that they were willing to silence critics? Apparently so, but this is only the latest attempt by wailing fanboys to try and dismiss critics of Paul Feig’s summer flop. Reviews from all across the establishment papers have come out singing praises of the new film, which I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t just dismiss us critics as “sexist trolls” (like The Guardian and The Telegraph did in their reviews). Paul Feig himself, the king of male feminist white knights, even went on to describe those who hated the idea of the new Ghostbusters as sexists. No surprises here. This is a man so entrenched in male feminist thinking that he once wrote a rambling article in which he espoused the bold claim that men aren’t funny.

The progressives, neofeminists and SJW’s are all obvious very desperate to defend the film from all forms of criticism, in spite of the fact that nobody wanted this film other than the jaded Hollywood establishment that is equally desperate to appeal to millennial social justice warriors, and I’ve heard that even they have managed to find fault with it (I’ve heard complaints from SJW’s that Leslie Jones’ character is a racist stereotype). In this case, Hollywood and the progressive elites have found themselves on a sinking ship. Most of the audience doesn’t even like or care about the new Ghostbusters film, and worse still, the film has so far made only $69 million against a $144 million budget. The film was a terrible investment, and I bet that Sony realises that. The film was basically a vanity project, and the fact that the film’s producers, actors, the SJW’s and Guardian writers are so fervent in trying to defend it speaks volumes about their character. These are the same people who write off popular dislike of the Ghostbusters trailer as a “campaign” to downvote it into oblivion.

If they know that the new Ghostbusters film was going to be largely unpopular, then surely they should have grasped by now that calling critics “sexist trolls” or “misogynists” isn’t working, and trying to censor a conservative journalist for criticising the film only mad them look worse. To be honest, I would have had higher expectations of the film itself if it weren’t for the regressive left’s campaign to smear anyone who didn’t like the Ghostbusters trailer back in March (granted, even after I took my mind off that, I still hated it). This is precisely why we can’t have nice things nowadays, and if anything else, this is the direct result of what happens when you retool a beloved comedy classic and market it toward a mob of brainless SJW’s. With results this bad, I highly doubt that there will ever be a Ghostbusters sequel. Just as well, I want the whole fiasco to be laid to rest as much as anyone does. Of course, that can only happen if the SJW’s on Twitter can stop whinging for at least five minutes.

But they can’t can they? Before the “Gays for Trump” party, Milo’s account was permanently suspended by Twitter, thus confirming that Twitter has become a safe space for progressives, neofeminists, SJW’s and BLM extremists, but a no-go zone for anyone who happens to disagree, especially if you’re a conservative like Milo. Of course, the hashtag #FreeNero has come up as a response, but this proves that free speech today is under threat. As Martin Luther King Jr. once said, no one is free until we are all free. When the rights of one are endangered, then it threatens us all. When ideas are censored, tyranny is inevitable, and I worry that Twitter is on the path to becoming a far-left echo chamber where dissenting views are struck down.


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