Why Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted

hillary clinton

For most people, the US election has come down to two candidates – Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Personally I would rather that people consider Gary Johnson instead, but it looks like most people are only concerned with Trump vs. Clinton. However, if I was forced to choose between just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, as so many Americans feel compelled to, something tells me that I would rather see Donald Trump be elected president. Trump isn’t my candidate of choice, but I like that he is actually capable of appealing to the average man, and he does so often entertainingly. Besides, out of all the candidates, the one I hate the most is Hillary Clinton.

Before anyone gets rubbed the wrong way, hear me out. Ever since I heard about Hillary, I mainly knew her as the wife of Bill Clinton, and for a while, that’s all she was to me. Even when she was Secretary of State, I never got what I was supposed to see in her, or why she was even in that position (though I later found out that the Secretary of State is appointed by the President). I personally believe that people only support Hillary for the following reasons.

  1. She is a woman, and that means electing the first female President (given that I come from a country that elected the Iron Lady, that distinction is completely meaningless to me).
  2. She is apparently very experienced (never mind that her negligence led to an attack on the American embassy in Benghazi, in which four Americans were killed).
  3. Voting for her means voting against Trump (probably one of the stupidest reasons to vote for a candidate).

The problem with American politics is that many Americans tend to be very tribal and simplistic when it comes to politics. If you’re not a Republican, then you must be a Democrat, and vice versa. In this case, that also means that if you’re a liberal, you must support Hillary Clinton, and if you’re a conservative, you must support Donald Trump. Neither assumption is true, giving the number of liberals who denounce Hillary, and the number of Republicans who want Trump gone.

Back to my point. What really irks me is when people say that “you’re gonna vote Hillary rather than Trump”, assuming that voting Hillary is the sane option. It’s very odd that young people, the people who should be diametrically opposed to the establishment, would rather support a candidate who represents the establishment more than any other candidate. It also bothers me that the establishment media outlets give Hillary unwavering praise, and that the Democratic Party is so willing to hand the nomination to her. That’s one reason why I don’t trust her. The other reason is that she will say literally say anything for public approval. In the past, she used to be opposed to gay marriage, but by the time of last year’s Supreme Court ruling, she appears to be fully in favour of it. Don’t even bother trusting her on the Iraq War, because she voted on favour of it. She also frequently avoids answering questions addressed to her, such as on the ABC interview where Hillary refused to clarify whether she was in favour of the Second Amendment, despite saying in 2008 that she supported gun rights. You literally can’t trust her on any position at all.

She’s also a pathological liar. Aside from all the times she’s flip-flopped on various positions, she once claimed that she landed under sniper fire during her visit to Bosnia in 1996, but even CBS could prove that was an utter lie. In reality, she was greeted peacefully, and there was no sniper fire at any of the army outposts she visited. Say what you will about Donald Trump lying, but Hillary always knows that she’s lying, and she lies more than anyone else in politics. Some role model she must be for young girls.

As bad as Donald Trump might be, he’s certainly no worse than Hillary, one of the most corrupt politicians in recent history. Besides the email server scandal, there’s a wealth of evidence that points to Hillary’s brazen corruption. Hillary used to be a strong advocate of socialised healthcare (I don’t know if I agree with the idea, but it’s nice that she once stood by that), but in 2006, she became the second-most highly paid recipient of donations from the healthcare industry, and since then she has never spoken about the matter again. Hillary is also known to have taken money from a number of multi-national corporations, including Citigroup, Time Warner, Dreamworks and Goldman Sachs (the company whose support I suspect is what gets people elected, since Obama had their support and he won), and shady investors such as Haim Saban and George Soros (who some suspect is paying people to disrupt Donald Trump’s rallies). She also takes in millions of dollars from regressive nations in the Middle East where being gay is punishable by death, with the biggest contributions coming from Saudi Arabia, who donated up to $50 million to Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of Bill, Hillary also has a history of covering up her husbands affairs, as evidenced by the numerous former mistresses and rape victims who have come out and revealed the extent to which Hillary has been an enabler for Bill’s rampant sexual assaults. Juanita Broaddrick, a woman Bill Clinton allegedly raped in 1978, recalled that in a meeting with Hillary, she implied that Juanita should remain silent about the incident. It seems laughable that Hillary can campaign on women’s issues when she practically allowed Bill to abuse women.

And then of course there’s the recent scandal surrounding leaked emails from her private server. This was being covered up by her, her husband, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, with the latter being accused of taking bribes from Hillary. If you need final proof of Hillary’s corruption, yesterday’s verdict should suffice. The Justice Department decided not to press charges against Hillary, this coming after FBI director James Comey decided that there was “no basis for a criminal case”, despite the mounds of evidence for a criminal case in the form of the leaked emails.

What’s really telling is that David Petraeus can be charged for mishandling classified information while Hillary Clinton can walk away a free woman shows how corrupt she is. She is so entrenched within the political establishment that she can literally avoid punishment. It’s gotten so bad that open the revelation that she wouldn’t be charged, the people took to the Internet to express their disgust through memes.

laws are for poor people

At this rate, I fail to see how Donald Trump isn’t going to be elected. In my mind, Hillary represents everything that is so disgustingly corrupt about the American political establishment. She is a symbol of the status quo, and I’m not surprised why the elites want Hillary for president. However, we can’t trust Hillary. Her Machiavellian scheming has contributed greatly to the rise of ISIS, and if elected president, she will basically continue the status quo of the Obama administration, and she will do this because the elites benefit from this.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t give a damn about ordinary Americans. If she did, she would address the issues that Donald Trump has taken on board as part of his platform. I believe that she won’t because she is incapable of effectively challenging Trump on the issues that matter, and she would rather that ordinary people shut up and do what she tells them to do. She’s the American equivalent of Britain’s Theresa May, but she’s a thousand times worse. One of my biggest worries about 2016 is that America could do something completely insane – electing the most corrupt politician the world has ever seen. I fear this will happen because the mainstream media will most likely shame them into voting against their self-interest by guilt-tripping them into electing her because of her gender. So to my American readers, I would strongly reject Hillary. A vote for Hillary is a vote for corruption, a vote for the globalist elites, and a vote for the cancerous old politics of yesteryear.


2 thoughts on “Why Hillary Clinton cannot be trusted

  1. It would be nice to hear how she is so corrupt with evidence that really meant she is corrupt. The author really has issues with facts that match his verdict. If she was so corrupt she would be in jail. The problem with the republicans is that they take one hell of a giant leap. Make up conspiracies is all they have they surely don’t have policy.

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