The future of Stef’s Cave

Last month, I wrote a post wherein I hinted the possibility of retirement, due to several upcoming commitments. However, after a month of thinking, I have decided to change my mind on this. Contrary to what I said little over a month ago, I will not be retiring in 2016. Instead, I will continue posting throughout July, August and September, and then gradually start posting less following the start of university.

The reasons why I took this course of action are numerous. One reason is that I have recently been galvanised by the shifting tides of cultural and political discourse. As such, I now have a number of topics I could cover, in fact I have a few ideas on what to write about next. I also want to write less about politics specifically, since the last month has been very politically charged due to Brexit, but I’ll always come back to it at some point or another.

Another reason is that I have a crap load of time on my hands, and by retiring now, that would make the summer holidays even more boring. I won’t be posting on a fixed “one post every four days” basis. I’ll post as often I feel like, which is all well and good considering the fact that after I start university I won’t have as much time for this site.

If you’re following this site and thought I would retire, this might come as a relief. Even I didn’t think I’d give up so easily. After all, my site offers a challenging alternative viewpoint. Here, I can lay bare the fallacies of the progressive media and the lies of the establishment, while also talking about popular culture, and anything else I would consider writing about.

Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere for a long time. I may take the odd hiatus every now and then, but I’m nice to my reader, so you’ll know about it as soon as I decide to take a break. However, now will not be that time. For now, I will continue my post as an independent writer – barring the possibility of being picked up by a publishing outlet – continuing to write until I can’t write anymore.


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