Buzzfeed’s privilege quiz (and why it’s dumb)


A few weeks ago, I was introduced by a friend of mine to a famous YouTuber known as The Amazing Atheist, who I now follow (I find him entertaining and brutally honest, and he seems to click with me in some way). One of his most recent videos addresses a new video excreted by those cultural neanderthals at Buzzfeed, which was apparently supposed to promote a “check your privilege” quiz that the same site published two years ago (but apparently is “trending” on their site, and the video for it seems to be doing the rounds online). The whole video was basically a putrid exercise in virtue signalling and blatant racism, and I enjoyed watching the Amazing Atheist rip into it. As for the test itself, it’s absolute nonsense, and in this article, I’m going to go through why.

For starters, it’s not so much a quiz as it is a tick the box form, except instead of giving you actual choices, you’re given a long list of statements that you’re supposed to click on if they apply to you, the problem is that the quiz writers are under the assumption that all of the statements correctly apply to one specific group – young, white, straight men who identify as the gender they were born. Given that I fall right into Buzzfeed’s most hated demographic, let’s see how privileged I could possibly get according to this possibly insane social experiment quiz.

Right off the bat, it starts out by asking if you’re white, and if it does that, you should know what kind of insanity we’re dealing with. In fact, the first bunch of questions address race, probably because race is at the top of the so-called progressive stack. A lot of the questions are completely ridiculous. For example it asks if you’ve been mocked for your accent, or if you’ve been told you “sound white”. Of course I haven’t been asked that, because most people in Britain have the decency not to ask me that.

It then moves on to sexuality, wherein it’s obvious that the writers believe that straight people are privileged because they have been insulted. Of course, it only highlights problems that may be faced by homosexuals in places like the American bible belt (which Buzzfeed assumes is what all of working class America is like). Not once do they consider that straight men may have problems engaging in sexual or romantic relationships with women, as I have had in the past. Of course, even if I were gay, I wouldn’t hide it. What about other gay men or women who don’t hide their sexuality. Are they “privileged” because they didn’t have the same experience as one might have in another country? This the kind of nuance that the writers at Buzzfeed would prefer not to explore, as it would wreck their entire narrative.

The next topic is gender, and along with it the assumption that all men are privileged (especially if you’re white and identify as the gender you were born with). Then again, Buzzfeed is rafter infamous for its SJW politics. None of the questions make any sense from my perspective, and most of the gender-related questions seem like a transparent attempt to shame men into “checking their privilege”. And of course, there’s one question which asks if you make more money than a professional counterpart of a different gender. What difference does it make if I don’t even have a job? I live in the UK, and right now it’s hard enough as it is for people of my age to get a job. Why would I even care if I get paid more or less than a woman doing the same work? Never mind that the whole gender pay gap is pure nonsense. Not only do women not get paid less than men, they’ve been getting paid more than men over the past few years, so Buzzfeed doesn’t have any right to try and convince me otherwise.

Speaking of money, the next section is one I could actually take a bit more lightly, but again, this is an American quiz. Here in the UK, there are a number of people who don’t have a car and thus rely on public transportation to get around. I myself regularly took a bus to college, and I still have to use a bus or a train whenever I go out of my hometown. Suddenly the idea of white male privilege starts to crumble. However, a number of these questions don’t make sense because I don’t live on my own yet (I still have three more months before I move into halls, then I can worry about rent). Then we move on to education. This may astonish some people, but I actually did spend five years in a private school (the Boston Higashi School to be specific), but it wasn’t a sign of privilege. I had to go there because my parents felt it would do the most good for me, and believe me, it was ludicrously expensive. We almost had to sell our house. Does that sound like the position of somebody from a privileged family? Again, this is a website that doesn’t like nuance, and assumes you’re privileged if you don’t know what Sallie Mae is (I’ve heard that it’s an American student loans organisation, but that’s about all I know).

The questions on religion I find to be quite laughable. I’m an atheist in a country that is mostly atheists. I don’t think that necessarily counts as any form of privilege. It just means that people in the UK don’t give a shit if you’re atheist (unless you live in one of those Sharia law zones I’ve been hearing about). And then you have some questions that are just pure nonsense. “I have never lied about my ethnicity as self-defence” for example. I have a few questions for Buzzfeed. Why on Earth would I do that? Why would anyone in Britain or America lie about their ethnicity or religion as self-defence? What time period does Buzzfeed think we live in?

After all that nonsense and more, how “privileged” am I?


I don’t know what I find more amusing – the result of the quiz or the hypocrisy of the analysis. The logic here is that being “quite privileged” is not a bad thing nor something to be ashamed of. And here I thought the raging SJW’s at Buzzfeed despised privilege of all kinds. It’s like original sin to them, though in my case I think it’s just them being pompous. Also, I find the description rather disingenuous. I have had quite a few struggles, and many of them involved being taken seriously as someone with autism. Finally, what “advantages” do I have, why should I “work to help others who don’t have them”? Is there any reason why my life can’t be anything other than a progressive social justice cause?

No answer? I thought not.

There you have it. Buzzfeed has some very warped priorities if it spends its time convincing white boys that they’re awful because of how they’re born. Recently they’ve made a whole heap of stupid videos like this, and they all share the same bigoted premise. They’re in the same camp as the social justice morons who think that being not seeing race at all (sometimes referred to as “colour blindness”) is still somehow racist, and yet people basically just gobble it up without even thinking about it. I can’t help but think Buzzfeed is simply peddling this SJW nonsense to an impressionable young audience simply because it’s trendy, but then who am I to criticise. Aren’t I “privileged” after all?

check your privilege

And here come the SJW’s.


12 thoughts on “Buzzfeed’s privilege quiz (and why it’s dumb)

  1. I am a female and I scored higher than you, so HA!
    I think that part of why I scored so high despite this might be that I don’t let myself feel like I can’t accomplish my dreams because of my gender… despite what 3rd wave feminism seems to want me to think. All the white, straight men in my life have been rather supportive of me wanting to be a programmer, on the other hand. Who would have thought?

    • I wouldn’t call this quiz a competition, but I’m pretty much with you on this. It seems like third-wave feminists really have no faith in the ability of women. I’m glad that you don’t let anything make you feel like you can’t get where you want in life. May you continue to prove the feminists wrong.

  2. Didn’t mention the section about mental illness, apparently having depression ( which is the only one alluded to in the quiz ) deducts the same amount of points as a stranger coming up and asking to touch my hair. Appearntly a schizophrenic who at one point couldn’t go out into the world for fear of the talking houses and nuclear bombs constantly exploding right next to them has more privilege than a gay person. I’ve only had a few struggles according to the quiz

  3. Nice takedown. May I ask what “virtue signaling” is? I must be a bit behind.

    Also, has anyone here tried taking the quiz not as themselves, giving the real answers they would normally give, but as a “persona”? You know, pretending to be a character from, say, “West Side Story” or “The Breakfast Club”? Should be an interesting exercise.

    • Hey everybody, fun update! I just re-took that quiz pretending that I was Maria from “West Side Story” and actually got told that I was “quite privileged”–thirteen more privilege points than I got playing as my real self. Isn’t this nuts?

      Let me explain how some of that happened:
      Maria wouldn’t have known what Sallie Mae was because it was founded in 1973, over a decade after the movie took place.
      She would have traveled internationally, because she was an immigrant.
      None of the airport security questions would have applied to her, because airline terrorism was unknown in the early ’60s.
      She would never have been the only person of her race in the whole room, because all her friends and family were Puerto Rican.
      Her parents would have paid all her bills because she was only sixteen years old.
      She never pretended that her significant other was “just a friend” because she didn’t want anyone to know that she was seeing him in the first place.
      She had a salaried job–sure, it was a menial dead-end job in a bridal shop, and the family probably wouldn’t have been able to make ends meet if she hadn’t taken it, but hey, job=privilege, right?
      She was highly comfortable with her gender identity and her level of physical attractiveness. After all, she felt pretty, oh so pretty, pretty and witty and gay.
      She did not endure harassment or catcalling–even though her sister-in-law Anita did, which proves just how different the experiences of two people from the same background can be.
      She had no physical, mental, emotional, or social disabilities.

      Now, if you’ve seen “West Side Story” over and over again the way I have, you’ll know it’s absurd to consider Maria privileged. But that didn’t deter the intrepid devotees of social justice and lousy algorithms over at Buzzfeed!

      Had myself a great chuckle over this. 🙂

    • “Virtue signalling” refers to the act of saying that you’re for or against something to show how much of a righteous person you are to others. People like me who hate SJW’s use it whenever people repeat the lines of progressive Hollywood celebrities and politicians like Justin Trudeau. Also, I answered as myself.

  4. I scored 16, I would have scored 2 if my gender and ethnicity didn’t matter. So if we remove all the pointless statements such as the privilege of not being raped, which by the way isn’t a privilege, so much as it is a horrible freak event, I would be horribly underprivileged, but I’m white and happy being male, so I’m privileged.

    • Don’t you understand? Given that privilege is typically defined as a benefit, advantage, or right not enjoyed by others, there’s little privilege that I have at all. Even if I did, there’s not much reason for me to be concerned.

  5. “None of the questions make any sense from my perspective.” The point of understanding your privilege is knowing that your perspective is not the same as me, a mixed female from a poor background.

    • And it’s still nonsense. Of course my perspective isn’t the same, but that doesn’t mean I have privilege, or at least not in the way SJW’s define it. In fact, I’m sick to death of the idea that I have privilege just because I’m a straight white man (and none of those characteristics should even matter), and the whole reason the SJW’s and Buzzfeed readers have come to this conclusion is because racism (and sexism) have been redefined through the Marxist framework of “the oppressor vs. the oppressed”, and now it means “privilege plus power”. That’s how I, who comes from a poor family, can be seen as having privilege, and it’s ridiculous.

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