Is feminism the cult of our time?

smash the patriarchy

“…and to Hell with the Devil!”

If you have no idea what feminism is, and you look it up on the Internet, you’re almost guaranteed to find it as the rallying cry of vicious social justice warriors, status-seeking professional victims (such as Anita Sarkeesian), and the left-wing media outlets who take their side. They pretend that they are the oppressed, when in reality, they are the ones oppressing speech in universities, pressuring advertisers and businesses, and demanding that boys attend consent classes in universities. If that sounds terrifying, you haven’t even heard the worst of it yet.

Despite how unpopular feminism has become, it has still managed to influence a vast number of people in society, and the tactics and rhetoric employed by modern feminists make feminism look like a dangerous cult, but to be fair, that’s because it is. As a progressive ideology, feminism has an incredibly flimsy narrative. If women were really oppressed, then not many women would be going to universities, and we certainly wouldn’t have a woman running for president, let alone as the Democrats’ frontrunner. In order to survive, feminism requires the obfuscation of facts and a willing suspension of disbelief. It requires that you conform to groupthink, and are willing to abandon rational thought, which is a universal trait in all religions and cults.

Another disturbing trait of modern feminism is militaristic hatred towards men. They claim to want gender equality, and they have claimed in the past that feminism benefits men. Well, if I as a man was supposed to benefit from feminism, then why do feminists actively spam such inspiring hashtags as “KillAllMen”, “MasculinitySoFragile”, and “IBatheInMaleTears”? The reason feminists are so hostile to men is because their goal isn’t equality. Their goal is to create a matriarchal society, a complete reversal of the old-fashioned gender roles that were enforced before the 20th century, and I feel that the only reason they could possibly have is vengeance. Why else would they operate under the banner of social justice?

Of course, once you actually read into feminism and study the antics of their followers, you’ll find something much darker. Modern feminism can definitely be likened to a sickening cult, but there are certain cues that have led me to an even more disturbing conclusion, that feminism has become a kind of postmodern religion – specifically the matriarchal equivalent of Christianity.

Before you assume that I’ve gone crazy, allow me to explain why I think this makes sense. Christianity and modern feminism have a lot of nasty habits in common. Both are unashamedly sexist, but where Christianity was sexist towards women, feminism is sexist towards men. Both Christians and feminists are eager to try and convert people to their banner, and some are often very annoying in their approach (though we have yet to see the online feminist equivalent of Jehovah’s Witnesses, maybe “Anita’s Witnesses” would suffice?). Both of them believe in an adversarial figure that must be resisted, with the mythical “patriarchy” being the feminist stand-in for Satan.

Both Christianity and feminism share a culture of victimhood. In Christianity (or at least in certain denominations), we are all victims of the original sin of Adam and Eve, and remain powerless unless we “accept” the word of Jesus. In the feminist world, women are victims of oppression, and remain powerless without feminism to empower them. Call me old fashioned but I don’t think that sounds very empowering. In fact, it sounds to me like feminism is doing the opposite of empowering women, by casting them as a perpetually oppressed group. All the while, feminism is doing the exact same thing that a Christian cult would do, complete with the brainwashing and denial of reality.

Both Christianity and feminism have a weird obsession with the female body. Of course, the church wanted to control it, and convinced believers that the body itself is sinful. Feminists, meanwhile, associate their cause with the body positivity movement, but use that to demonize fertile, thin-looking women (as Naomi Wolf has made a career out of doing), and also any women who voluntarily works in porn or as a topless model. For the middle-class feminists, bare breasts on Tumblr or Instagram are good, but bare breasts on The Sun are bad, even though there’s no difference other than their prudish disgust for anything they don’t like. Speaking of prudery, today’s feminists have become the left-wing equivalent of the conservative moral busy-bodies of the 1980’s, eager to censor anything that looks remotely sexual, including advertisements featuring bikini-clad women, “sexualized” video game characters, music videos and pornography.

Another major thing they have in common is the concept of blasphemy. In the Dark Ages, Christian dogma was the law of the land, and if you went against the teachings of the church, you were perceived as having committed blasphemy against the religion, and would likely have been put to death. Feminists, meanwhile, routinely push for the censorship of anything that hurts their feelings or offends their ideology, and it doesn’t just stop at men, as feminists are not above shutting out the opinions of women who they perceive to be the wrong type of feminist. They both have buzzwords for those who deviate from their narrative. The Christians had “heathen” or “sinner”, while the feminist’s favourite buzzword is “misogynist”, which they use to make you feel as if you hate women just because you don’t accept feminism. They frequently use this word in order to shut down legitimate debate.

Just as Christianity presumes the guilt of all non-Christians, feminism presumes the privilege of all men (especially straight white men), thereby presuming that all men are guilty of sexism and misogyny, and are supposedly likely to commit rape. Finally, they both idolise figures who they paint as victims they revere for their suffering. For the Christians, this is Jesus Christ, and for the feminists, that would be the likes of Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Laurie Penny, and just about any feminist who performs the same pallid routine.

Of course I’m overlooking the obvious differences, but I didn’t intend to go all the way. The fact of the matter is that modern feminism has become a militantly far-left cult, using the vast array of progressive causes in order to strengthen it and gain membership. Much like Christianity, it serves only as an obstacle to social progress, because despite the feminist’s pretence of advancing social progress, their movement has in fact become so regressive and tribal that it now presents the greatest threat to women’s rights, and a lot of it will be down to bad image, because ever since the Gamergate fiasco, feminists have become among the most despised people on the planet in very short order. Even with all the dirty tricks they will use in order to dominate the political arena, and despite being favoured by many celebrities in mainstream culture, the feminist movement is failing to achieve its goals. With all that in mind, you hear a feminist complaining that “feminism” has become a dirty word, I think I’ve aptly presented my case for why.


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