A special Boxing Day announcement

Today, in lieu of a normal blog post, I’d like to take the time to announce that I’m currently planning a new project for 2016. For a very long time, I have wanted to write my own film review site in a similar vein to what I do on Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews. After giving the idea much thought, I have decided to go through with it at some point in the new year. I have not decided whether it should be a site on WordPress or on a new platform, but I have decided that it will follow a similar format to that of Stefan Grasso’s Game Reviews, complete with scores and grades. Whatever I decide, this new blog will be called “Movies for Earthlings”, and I may decide to allow other people to write their own movie reviews on it as well in the future (maybe if I join a film society in university).

Prior to this, I wrote my film reviews on a site called Rotten Tomatoes. They were usually short, condensed reviews that were also published on Facebook, and I used to do them extremely often. However, the demands of my current course and project have made that impractical, and in the time I’ve been working, I’ve also grown tired of the format I’ve been using for the past three years. When Movies for Earthlings begins, I will begin upgrading some of my old film reviews so that they meet a new standard that I will set for them (I’m thinking something along the lines of 500 words minimum for each review).

Of course, because I’m still working on an extensive art project, among other things, nobody will even see the new blog until at least the spring of 2016, and that’s if I don’t want to wait until university to start the blog. The new blog is currently in its planning stages, and I’m currently still enjoying my holidays, so I won’t say anymore on these matters until I’m finally ready to unveil the new project. In the meantime, I might want to keep up my practice while I still can, figuring out what to do with the new site along the way.


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