An artist’s path

It’s been over a year since I decided I wanted my creative mojo back, and that desire led me to abandon a potentially more lucrative degree course in favour of my principles. Since then, I have been slowly regaining my confidence in my creative abilities, and my artistic identity has begun to take shape, but it has been a long and arduous journey, one that has seen some unexpected changes in my own outlook on life.

The way I see it, the artist’s path is one of uncertainty, but also one of freedom and open-mindedness. I think that this has been true for me over the past year, as I now have far more independence than previously, and I have a lot freedom with regards to how to use it, but I now find myself worrying about whether or not I’m languishing in a path without direction, and with only one year left in college, this situation could become more dire if I don’t do something about that.

Of course, I enjoy the path of the artist, no matter how chaotic it can get, because I value freedom above pretty much everything else. Besides, I have gained so much in terms of both creativity and personal feeling. What I do here and the outlook I develop here may irreversibly alter the course of my life. At this point, I’m not too far away from a point of no return, and yet I feel that there could only be hope.

So far, it has been an uncertain road that twists and turns with every passing moment, but it has been a rewarding path in ways that I probably still cannot imagine yet. As far as I’m concerned, the initial storm is over, and if I play my cards right, the artist’s path that I aim to walk will lead me to opportunities that will make the whole journey worth taking in the end.


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