On the Christian worldview

christ carrying the cross

“Christ Carrying the Cross” by Giovan Battista Tiepolo (1738)

Some people say that life is simple, but we make it complicated. I personally take this as “life sucks because we make it suck”, mainly because it has been a self-evident truth throughout the annals of human history, especially after the advent of Christianity. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that “the Christian resolution to find the world ugly and bad has made the world ugly and bad”. This strikes a chord with me because I find that it makes a lot of sense. After all, we are talking about a religion that devalues the Earthly world and treats human life as merely a path to the afterlife. It’s also the same religion that espouses poverty and chastity as virtues, even though actually living by them would be a monumentally stupid idea.

Even in the modern world, Christianity still has a strong hold on mankind and its values, mainly because humans have been conditioned to them for such a long time. Hence, most of us still try to abstain from selfishness altogether as opposed to emphasizing on self-improvement here on Earth. The Christian worldview teaches people to abstain from earthly pleasures that have no purpose other than enjoyment, and without such pleasures, life on Earth really is much worse than it would be with them.

Today, those who profess belief in God from a pulpit stand in opposition to the march of progress, as Christianity faces its inevitable decline, and every time they try to oppose the modern world, it simply feels like they just want to make life worse for everyone who doesn’t agree with them. The conservative Christians of the world want the rest of us to feel bad for deviating from “God’s plan”, and by their obsession, they’re slowing down the progress of mankind and achieving little else other than putting Nietzsche’s words into effect. Then again, as an organized religion, Christianity seems to no nothing but bring misery to the world. Under the continued Christian influence, the world continues to seem like a miserable place because we are so convinced that it is.

Bearing that in mind, why do I see so many adults just embracing Christianity and touting it as “the only path to heaven”? What do they have to gain from a system of values that are inherently based on self-denial and the vilification of the natural world? Moreover, why do we consistently insist on raising our children Christian? Those are some of the many questions about our society that have baffled me for the past five years. For me, all it proves is that the primary goal of Christianity is the domination of the soul rather than its salvation. Either that, or some of us cannot resist the urge to control others.

Either way, I find it very baffling that mankind continues to embrace and support a system of values that has consistently shown to hold us back at every opportunity. Why do we continue to exonerate something that only makes life more miserable than it needs to be, and why do we expect everyone else to follow the same pattern? Wouldn’t it be far better if we actually encouraged each other to follow our own path no matter what other people think? Furthermore, if we could make life miserable for ourselves for the most illogical reasons, then we also have the ability to make life better for ourselves by abandoning such dogma. Given that, I must wonder why we still don’t.


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