Do kid’s movies treat children like infants?

kids movies

One thing I keep noticing about the films being produced for a young audience is that they come across as ordinary films dumbed down to the point that only a child would want to watch it. For me, the very nature of kid’s movies reflects the way we view children. In this case, the reason why kid’s movies are so dumb is because many adults think that kids are too stupid or emotionally fragile to handle the outside world.

Parents tend to worry about what their children are exposed to. As such, they want their kids to watch something that they feel would be safe for children. Unfortunately, it is for precisely that reason that both children and parents can easily be taken in by unscrupulous corporations like Dreamworks and Disney, both of which make a living exploiting both the concerns of most parents and the perceived ignorance of children. As long as that cycle continues, animation studios will continue providing children with mushy, sugary fairy tales with no relation to anything.

Because film studios tend to assume that kids don’t know anything, they assume that kids will be drawn to the dumbest, loudest film there is as long there’s a mascot and some merchandising to go with it. Of course, because producers and advertisers know how to outsmart them, this assumption is almost constantly proven correct, at least here in the West. It also happens with TV shows. I can only hope that those in the film industry are even remotely concerned about the possibility that what they produce has even slightest chance of turning our children into a generation of morons.

Of course, the blame shouldn’t just fall on the producers. They wouldn’t be making so much of it if kids and parents didn’t buy into it so often. Part of the problem is that many parents rely on movies as a distraction for their kids, and on TV as an educator and a babysitter (though this is not so much the case if parents actually watch it with them). Perhaps if family entertainment really is so dumb and saccharine, maybe it’s because that’s what family audiences want. If that’s the case, then I find that rather disturbing. Either that is true, or film producers have convinced them that they want it so they can keep making a profit off an audience that will always fall for the same tricks over and again.

As sad as it sounds, kid’s movies are treating children like infants, in the sense that their producers assume them to have an infantile attention span, but it’s worse than that because the target audience is actually the parents. They make something that will appeal to kids, who will then beg their parents to shell out the cash for them to go and see it. What we see today is the result of the parasitic behaviour of producers trying to make a fast buck, and this is such an effective tactic that we just know they will make their fast buck at the expense of both children and their parents.


2 thoughts on “Do kid’s movies treat children like infants?

    • The best I can think of is The Secret of NIMH, an animated film that was suitable for chidren, but it didn’t have a patronizing tone, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including myself.

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