Summer sucks


When I was a kid,  I used to think that summer was awesome. Back then, I hated going to school, and therefore loved summer because it meant not going school for six weeks, and I got to do whatever you wanted without a care in the world. Of course, ten years later, things are drastically different. Now I actually like going to college, and hate summer. Now, it means not going to college for about two months, all the while I have no idea what I want to do in the future, and I have a hard time focusing on what I want to do.

Looking back, I can’t help but feel that the worst part of summer isn’t the hot sun, nor the beaches, nor the fact that black is a bad colour to wear in summer. I’ve come to realize that the worst part about summer is the fact that, after a while, you tend to tune out from everything else around you. That at least happens to me, such is the despair of an introverted student’s summer. With the lack of available jobs for students, there doesn’t seem to be much of a purpose to even getting up, and without that sense of purpose, eventually you end up getting progressively lazier as you drift apart from the world around you, almost to the point that all you have left are memories.

That’s what’s starting to worry me about today’s kids. For them, the six weeks of summer they get at the end of every school year affords them more than enough time to basically loaf around watching TV and/or playing Call of Duty all day as they drift further away from the world until the next school year forces them back into it, and on and on it goes until they’re out in to the big bad world of adulthood. To me, it is summer, rather than winter, that represents decay, dissolution and death.

That in mind, why is summer considered so awesome? It’s not as though you actually get a summer holiday when you’re at work, and it’s not as though you magically feel happier during the summer. I think the only reason people like summer is that it’s warm enough that you don’t have to wear as much clothes as you do in the winter. While that might be a mild, short-term comfort, it’s not much. On the whole, it’s so long and boring that it crushes the soul to a bloody pulp, and the worst part is that there’s still some of it left over, so the feeling is still going to be there until September starts.


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