Surviving summer

natural light

“Aah! Natural light! Get it off me, get it off me!”

With my third year in college unravelling as I speak, I now have to get geared for summer, as the next twelve weeks give way to sweltering heat. As a goth, walking around in summer heat is not something that I particularly relish. I prefer the cold and darkness of winter a lot more. After all, nobody can question your penchant for black clothes when its cold outside. In the summer, meanwhile, the amount of black clothes you wear can be a liability. Sure, your skin is less exposed to the sun if you wear a coat, but in the summer heat, you’ll be boiling your ass off. Hell, my dad doesn’t really respect the fact that I wore my big black coat out in the hot sun (then again, he doesn’t even know what goth even means, and even less on how to deal with my attitude).

It doesn’t help that I haven’t been going out very much (but rest assured, I don’t plan on being a house hermit my entire life, or for the next three months for that matter), which is rather hard for an introvert like myself. Worse still is my current situation. I’m currently mulling over possibilities for a part-time job so I can start having money coming in once again. Meanwhile, I’ve still got a massive self-directed art project in the works, along with some research that I’m required to gather. Considering what else I’d like to do, I have a lot to cram into my summer this year. At the very least I don’t have a planned vacation abroad this year.

The common stereotype of summer is that it’s this sweet time of year where most people go out to the beach and leave their brains at home. It’s a time of year for the extroverts, and it’s also a time where there’s pretty much nothing on TV (and no, I don’t have Netflix). To me, the only real way to survive summer is to try and get out and about, while trying my hardest not to boil in the summer heat. There’s no winning in this situation. If I go outside I’ll probably boil, but if I stay at home all this time, I’ll accomplish nothing. I’d say it’s a fairly open-and-shut case, though I’ve got a long scorching way to go.


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