Hitting an all-time low

In America, the Republican party is in serious trouble. Many Republican figures have degraded into lunacy as they struggle in vain to maintain their stranglehold on the American conciousness, but perhaps nothing shows the true character of the Republican party in better ways than their willingness to defend the Duggars, a family who covered up the perverted antics of their eldest son. Most damningly, we have Mike Huckabee, who I remember for being a complete and total moron who wants to destroy the constitution, leaping to the defence of Josh Duggar, in spite of the fact that he confessed to having molested several underaged girls. So, let me see if gotten this correctly. We have Republican politicians and fundamental Christians, some of which include members of the extremely misogynistic Quiverfull movement, and somehow the Republican party, let alone Mike Huckabee, is okay with this? While we’re there, how are we okay with Mike Huckabee running for president while he’s defending a child molester?

mike huckabee

“Good people make mistakes” shouldn’t even apply here.

For those not familiar with what’s going on here, I’ll briefly clear this up. The Duggars are a large, close-knit partriachral family of fundamentalist Christians who were well-known for being the stars of a reality TV show called 19 Kids and Counting. Last week, it was revealed that the eldest son of the family, Josh Duggar, had been accused of being a sexual predator, but the family had covered it up until recently. The ensuing scandal caused their show to be pulled from the air, and advertisers to cut their sponsorship (and with good cause). I should also add that the Duggars are adherents of the Christian patriarchy movement, which advocates that the men are the highest authority and main providers after God (or Christ), and that women are treated like subservient homemakers and breeders. Apart from sounding eerily like Taliban philosophy, it just sounds like an appalling aberrance from all that is good and natural, and it gets even worse. Christian patriarchs don’t believe in public schooling, probably because what children learn in public schools would negate the influence of their foul propaganda, thus rendering their outdated belief system arbitrary. If that’s not enough, they also believe that having a large family is some kind of Biblical mandate. People like them are the reason America’s population is so huge, and yet when one of them if outed as a child molester, the Republicans defend him? For me, the Republicans have sunk an all-time low by choosing to defend a confessed child molester, and they are potentially undermining their credibility (assuming they had any left) in the eyes of the American public. However, the most significant aspect of this whole scandal is that it reveals just how obsessed with sex the Republicans and their allies are. They’re the same people calling for anti-abortion laws, demonize LGBTQIA people, and put both above all other legislative priorities, even above counter-terrorism. They’re so obsessed with sex that they treat women like walking wombs. If they had their way, women would be treated as literal sex objects, and predators like Josh Duggar would walk freely among the streets. Is this the world Christians want? If not, why aren’t they doing anything about it? After all, their religion is being abused to justify these horrible shenanigans. More importantly, the Duggars, the Quiverfull movement, and the Republicans who defend them are all a collective disgrace to the philosophy they stand for. If the Republicans and the church hope to survive, then the best course of action would be to distance themselves from them as far as possible, otherwise they will be forever associated with the scandal, and their image, credibility and values will be forever tarnished.


2 thoughts on “Hitting an all-time low

  1. So by any chance are your views on Rand Paul any different from your last post a few weeks back? Me personally, I would vote for him or possibly Bernie Sanders as while he is not quite his dad, he still makes most of the other politicians on his side along with Hillary on the side of the dems look incompetent & untrustworthy. Also, he has & continues to do admirable things like the recent 10-hour filibuster on the NSA spying aside from the one years back on Obama’s drone program & whether he had the right to kill citizens of his own country (i.e. Anwar Al Awlaki & his teenage son Abdel-Rahman) aside from working to bring recognition to the failure that is the War on Drugs & how innocent people are harmed with hefty sentences. Obviously there are things which he has done which I don’t approve of like that one time he got up & walked away from the table while eating when 2 members as part of a group called the “DREAMers” approached him & Rep. Steve King as soon as they mentioned who they were, along with his constant flip-flopping on various other issues like how he didn’t want intervention against ISIS but backtracked & said he would but to his credit, he would rather give intel & equipment to Turkey & Iran to vanquish it instead of putting troops on the ground while letting congress decide whether war was necessary.

    Nonetheless, I do remain weary of him overall though also cautiously optimistic.

    • Rand is a Republican. Therefore, my mistrust towards him remains unchanged. I’ve heard of Bernie Sanders, and I can say that if I lived in America, I would seriously consider voting for him (even after I discouraged voting in the British election). Other than Sanders, I don’t trust any of the Democrats.

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