Welcome to Stef’s Cave

A few months ago, I said that I would go about re-branding the site, and I today, I present the next incarnation of SMAGIC – Stef’s Cave. I re-branded SMAGIC into Stef’s Cave because the name SMAGIC no longer reflected me, nor what is influencing me right now. It had essentially become hollow and meaningless, and something had to be done. I also designed a new header logo for the new site (although a new version of it may come along eventually), although that was after picking a new theme.

For me, the name Stef’s Cave is perhaps the most reflective on the point of this website. It’s a home for my thoughts, and anyone can go in and explore. In case you’re worried, this is still the same site. However, I could not change the URL for free, and with no income, the URL will remain the same. All posts that were written under the old SMAGIC handle will remain unchanged unless I decide they need editing.

Finally, this re-branding signals the end of my hiatus, and I will be going back to work on writing new posts very soon. Until then, I’ve got a lot of work do.


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