My thoughts on the end of youth

Tomorrow is a very special day for me, or at least it’s meant to be. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday, and in light of this, I think it’s time for me to consider youth and age. From that point on, the time where one can use youth to excuse his or her actions would be over, but more importantly is that I have a new challenge: figuring out how not to feel old.

I could just be exaggerating, but it’s generally accepted that when you turn 21, you reach a point of no return, after which your life begins to drastically change. I’m rather sceptical of that notion myself, since rarely ever has my life changed as drastically as I want it to. One thing I know for an absolute fact is that this might represent the end of the time where I can get away with being naive. I’m also starting to think carefully about the way I actually run the sites, but that’s for another time.

People tend to look at age as though it’s a bad thing, but nowadays, I tend to disagree. After all, when did being older become such a bad thing? While we’re there, when did it suddenly become cool to pretend we’re still young and live in a naive fantasy? I’m past my childhood and my teenage years, and for me, those were not the best years of my life. The best years of my life, in my opinion, haven’t happened yet. I know that at some point, we all want to be kids again, but if we already lived out our childhoods perfectly, what’s the point of going back?

My point is that when I grow old, I’ll grow old with dignity, but without losing sight of my own values, whatever they are. You can grow up without selling out your beliefs, and you can grow up without being a total conformist. In the end, it’s your life, and if you think getting older is bad because it means you get stuck in the rat race, that’s entirely on you for letting yourself get caught up in the rat race to begin with.

In conclusion, as the end of my youthful years are nearly at hand, I’d like to embrace what comes next with open arms. The first twenty-one years of my life have come and gone, and now I need to focusing on how I should live the next two decades, and beyond.


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