An interest in the comic anthology

Since the last months of 2014, I had become increasingly disenchanted with the prospect of making video games, even as I kept defending video games as an art form (a stance I maintain to this day). As my time in my art course progressed, I kept scrambling to search for new ways to express myself creatively, while simultaneously trying to defend my method of creativity to the death.

As I was tidying up my room, I found some early examples of my creative writing. Although they were quite crude compared to my later writings, they did inspire me to look back, and think of another way of exercising creative writing and preserving my creative ideas, so I came to ask myself: instead of creating video games as part of my own video game development team, what if I started up my own anthology comic book?

Think about it for a moment. The video games industry places a lot of limits on how its writers can express themselves, as in it has to work within the context of a video game. I fear that my ideas would wind up being either rejected or butchered if I worked with the video games industry. If I started a new path writing for my own anthology comic book, I could do whatever I wanted. All I would need is a penciller to render my stories in visual form, which I will admit is something I’m not good at.

The way I would consider writing an anthology comic book is to have, at a minimum, four stories in one book, although sometimes, it would be three stories, with one story being split into two parts. This format, in theory, would allow me to create whatever I wanted with very little format/genre-specific limitations.

Even though I covered comic books in my previous Creative iMedia course, I still admit don’t know enough about the format professionally. Before I boldly go into this new pathway, I think the first thing I should do is to do plenty of research. I definitely need to get college out of the way before I can go all the way with this. However, I can’t slack off forever. I have to start planning this as soon as possible, and that means even less emphasis being put on journalistic writing.

I’ve only considered this format for over a day, but already I see that there could be a lot of potential in this direction. With enough research and planning, the comic anthology direction could be even greater than I ever thought possible.


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