How to improve sexual education

In a society with increasingly loosened attitude towards sex, it’s important that we have good sexual education to keep the next generation from going overboard with it. Sadly, I feel that this is where society is a bit lacking. Suffice it to say, I think sexual education in this country could be much better, mainly because, in its current state, it only teaches about the act of having sex, and not about the wider issues, and certainly not enough about STI’s.

When I was young, they only taught sexual education once, and they taught it by the time I was 15. The inherent problem is that we assume that we’re all ready for sex at the same age. If that were true, then everybody would be doing it at the same time. I think they might have been focusing too much the physical aspect of sex, and not enough on real, emotional love, without which, I feel, the act of sex would be meaningless.

In my view, sexual education should be used to teach an impressionable younger generation about the difference between sex as depicted in pornography and how to treat a real partner. In other words, I think it would be a step in the right direction if sex education included lessons on how to maintain a good relationship and treat your partner right. I say this because the younger generation is constantly bombarded by the wrong messages. The pop industry keeps objectifying women in every possible way, and a lot of people are somehow okay with that. There’s virtually nothing going against this trend, and even when people do question this, it’s as though their words have fallen on deaf ears.

I also think that sexual education should be used to teach people not to see sex as a normal part of life, so that they won’t act completely childish about sex, as so many sitcom characters and religious demagogues do. I think that we would collectively have a much better outlook on sex and relationships if we were more able to handle it in an adult manner without sugar-coating any of the details, and if we were able to feel normal about it.

Simply put it, I feel that the best way to improve sexual education is to use it to change the way people see sex and relationships, in order to reverse what decades of Hollywood stereotypes and Christian scaremongering have done to how we see it. Only then will we have cured modern society’s obsessive and unnaturally overblown fixation with sex, which was caused by several centuries of sexual repression.


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