Living in Wales

Ever since I my time in America ended, I’ve felt firmly attached to American culture, which is why when I settled back into the UK, I never fully integrated with British culture. Living in Wales, it was always hard to integrate with Welsh culture, so I never really bothered trying. Ever since my school days, I didn’t want much of anything to do with Welsh culture because I saw it as something everyone else was a part of.


I don’t resent living in Wales, but I never really got attached to Welsh culture. Then again, back when I was a kid, all I wanted to do was create. I didn’t want anything to do with nationality, the Welsh language, national pride, and all the other political crap that I had no idea even mattered to people back then. Today, it’s largely the same situation, except now I do know about all the political crap, but I get very sick of it.

One issue that has constantly pervaded my life in Wales in the Welsh language. The local government in Wales wants to bolster the language all they can, and in Wales, learning the local language in school has been compulsory since the time I was in school. However, due to varying circumstances revolving around my autism, I never learned Welsh. Of course, when I was a kid, that didn’t bother me one bit. However, I eventually heard of cases where people who didn’t know the Welsh language had less of a chance of being employed than people who were fluent in Welsh.

I have no idea if anything about that has changed since 2012, but I still didn’t like that at all. Ever since then, I became ever more cynical about living in Wales until, after one of several depressingly introspective moments I’ve encountered in my new course, I ultimately concluded that, even in childhood, I never intended to live in Wales permanently anyway.

In conclusion, living in Wales, for me, has been quite patience-trying, due both to my longing to come back to America, and because I never identified with Welsh culture at all. I don’t really have much resentment. After all, I can’t really resent a nation with a variety of outstanding castles and landscapes that could potentially inspire an artist like myself. However, in many ways, I feel so apart from Welsh culture that it’s almost as though I’m an outsider in my own home country. To put it simply, the sooner I get back to America, the better.


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