An idea for a rebranding

After a veritable dry spell of new posts (likely caused by the amount of work I have to do in college), I’ve been thinking of re-branding the site in order to reflect on a newer Stefan Grasso. Before you start panicking, I’ve decided to keep the URL address the same for convenience, but I’m intending for an overhaul in the site’s design.

This, of course, would mean a new theme, but there’s one problem. I have less freedom to customize my theme now than I did around this time last year. Many of the other colour options are exclusive to Custom Design, which costs $30 a year. To me, that’s about £20 a year, which would be alright if I had a job. If that isn’t bad enough, if you stop paying for the Custom Design feature, any changes you make no longer apply, so I can’t just edit my theme to my content and then stop paying.

The last major change I have in mind is the name of the site. The name “SMAGIC” no longer seems relevant to me, mainly because it’s not very serious, and rooted in a sense of ’80’s nostalgia. The only new name I have in mind is “Stef’s Cave”, which I feel is decidedly more appropriate than the old name.

These changes, however, will not be in effect immediately. In fact, they may not be fully effect until mid-2015 at the earliest, though no guaranteed date is to be revealed. The biggest difficulty I’ll have is figuring out the new design, considering my limited options.

Whatever I end up deciding, I intend for the new design to improve over the current design, and more accurately represent who I am as a person. After all, this is my personal site, and so I want the site to aesthetically reflect on that as accurately as possible. Nothing is final, but let’s just say, I might have a few ideas up my sleeves.


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