Musings on the first half of the 2010’s

With 2015 now upon us, I thought it would be time for me to reflect on the first half of the current decade, and I could safely say that the time between 2010 and 2014 has been quite trying to say the least. When the current decade started, I was 15 years old, had no idea who I was or wanted to be, and was painfully naive. Nowadays, I’m fully aware of the need to establish who I am, but that’s become my raison d’etre for the next two years.

On top of that, I has gotten more aware of the culture that has been surrounding me for many years, and I grew to utterly despise it. I think about everyone who got famous over the past five years, and I don’t think many of them deserved it. Of course, I’m referring to the many pop stars, footballers, and reality TV stars, which today’s culture is now replete with. I’ve also developed a distaste for most of today’s popular music, which I’m convinced is hollow and without meaning.

So far, the 2010’s has been an age of confusion and suffering for me, mainly because many of the things I had been attached to since childhood were becoming ever less relevant to me, and I’m having to pick up the pieces of my identity myself. Then again, I have a recent history of being very negative about the past, often simply because I wasn’t the person I was now.

The biggest reason why I found 2014 to be quite disappointing is because I can’t see any significant change in my life. I still live with my Mom, I still can’t drive, I’m still in college (though to be fair, I’m doing something far more fulfilling), and I don’t even have a job. Suffice it to say, I imagined last year as this great year where everything was going to change, but I guess I was impatient. Real personal change, as it turns it, takes longer than this website would take to load if it were made in 1997.

What exactly will the second half of the decade bring? I’m hoping that the worst is over, but then again, I have a history of being wrong about this sort of thing. Perhaps I should stop having overly high expectations, and maybe leave more things to chance. After all, I’ve been a little too tightly-wound over the past decade. On the other hand, sometimes, I have to pave the way for progress by myself, and it’s about time I made a few changes.


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