A game of desperation


Even with any semblance of recovery, these are still desperate times, and desperate times breed desperate people. Naturally, there’s always something out there to exploit the desperation of the damned, and one of the biggest exploiters of the people happens to be the lottery.

It’s really a machine of exploitation. It works by selling people false hope of winning a usually high cash prize, and getting people to buy lottery tickets, fuelling the lottery machine with money. It also works by selling lottery scratch cards, which more often than not cause you to waste more money than you’ll ever hope to win from them. If you win at all with a scratch card, you’ll most likely only win less than £5. If you’re hoping for more than that, you’ll be severely disappointed.

If you ask me, the lottery is simply a massive scam, in much the same way as casino gambling is a massive scam. After all, where does all the money you spent on lottery tickets and scratch cards go? It goes into the pockets of the people who run the lottery organization, and I’m willing to bet that they live lives of opulent luxury, all from the money they leeched from the masses.

I think the reason that the lottery has any appeal in the eyes of the dregs of society is because they are so desperately writhing in failure that they’re hoping that money falls from the sky. The lottery provides this illusion, while also providing the illusion of how to get said money. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many still believe you can (or sometimes even should) get something for nothing, and it seems like all the lottery does is reinforce this belief. In a way, the lottery isn’t just scamming innocent people. It’s also slowing down the progress of mankind by making it easier to cling to idea of money for nothing. In my opinion, to get rid of the lottery would be a great service to mankind, as it would make it easier to accept that you don’t get something for nothing.


2 thoughts on “A game of desperation

  1. calonordic — Wrong. Gambling is MADE POSSIBLE and promoted by the government! If the lottery and casinos were not legal, OK, some people may still bet illegally through bookies, but it would be FAR FEWER in number. Read a book on gambling addiction. The rate of gambling addiction doubles within 50 miles of a casino. Gambling was far less ubiquitous before being legalized.

  2. Agreed.

    However, gambling, like practlcally everything, should not be banned despite such an idea sounding rather enticing as it will only cause more problems than it solves; we should instead rely on support groups for those who have such addictions like we would for alcoholics & drug abusers, especially the latter which would be far from as big a problem as it currently is if all drugs were legalized.

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