“Information” for the masses

When Philo Farnsworth invented the television, he may not have realized the full significance of what he was doing. Of course, Farnsworth was something of an idealist, believing his invention could change the world for the better, when in fact, TV has only made things worse. He thought that television could be used to educate the world, but in reality, it had the exact opposite effect. It was used to warp the minds of the masses, and nowhere is this more apparent than on broadcast news.

bbc news

Making you more comfortable with lies since 1954.

I’m aware that broadcast news is supposed to deliver information to TV viewers, which happens to be a good majority of the population. Unfortunately, as TV news became more prominent in our daily lives, many of us have grown dependent on it, and thus the corporations that run news outlet are able to exploit this dependence by spoon-feeding them lies that they present as facts.

Think of the society’s addiction to TV news as like an addiction to drugs. It doesn’t seem like it’s bad for you when you’re addicted, but it is, and when people have too much of this, they grow dependent on it, and the suppliers exploit this dependence. In this case, when the news outlets realize that so many people watch them, they know they can get their viewers to believe anything as long as they present it as an objective fact. These lies, when presented as facts, have the power to sway public opinion, and through that, they have the power to change the social climate.

Society’s dependence on outlets like BBC News, Sky News, and CNN for information have also made it easier for most of us to fall in line, and that also means making it more comfortable for the masses to embrace ignorance. This is perhaps the true reason for society getting dumber over the years.

I think that if we are ever going to change the world, then we first need to be aware of the fact that we’re being influenced by a bunch of mass media conglomerates competing for your attention and brain cells. After that, we need to be think about whether our perceptions of the world are truly are own, or if they’ve been implanted into us by media brainwashing.

The reason that the news is still able to brainwash the majority of people is that the people pay attention to them. The obvious solution, therefore, is to simply treat them as background noise (which is one of many reasons why I refer to Sky News as “Sky Noise”). This is important because if information is so valuable to us, we should also care about where we’re getting it from. If you profess to have a lot of knowledge, it is meaningless if got that knowledge from a house of lies, especially if that house of lies distorts your mind into always thinking that what you’re hearing is true. In a nutshell, that’s how I feel about broadcast news.


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