Antibiotics and medical incompetence

I recently came back from an ophthalmic appointment, where I learned that the chalazion in my eyelid is supposed to fade away naturally, but because I was self-concious about it, I wanted it gone sooner. Possibly because of that, I was taken for a sap by a bunch of “doctors” who wanted to peddle a bunch of useless antibiotics.


It may as well be just like that.

For a while, I’ve been quite angry about having to cope with a monumentally dysfunctional healthcare system just to see myself through the whole ordeal. Ordinarily, something like a chalazion shouldn’t be a very big deal (unless it’s been their for about 3 years), but unfortunately, I’ve been quite self-conscious about it because I’ve been worrying about it botching potential job interviews, due to having been told that employers also judge based on how you look.

What’s angering me more is that I’ve been told too many different things by too many different doctors. So many doctors have given me antibiotics, and now the consultant has said that they’ve actually been doing the wrong thing. He said that they go away within a matter of months. That’s fine, but after all I’ve been through, I don’t want to go through any of it, and I want nothing more to do with this crap, so I’ve had to persuade him to have the chalazion removed surgically.

The whole ordeal had left me quite depressed for a while, which I suppose fits because it looks pretty depressing outside. My point is this – is the NHS really so dysfunctional that doctors have to resort to peddling crappy antibiotics that do damn near nothing? Moreover, do those doctors really think I’m some sort of moron? I’m insulted at how they could exploit my emotions to hock some useless drugs.

It might seem like I’m taking it too harshly, but let’s put it into perspective. I’ve never tolerated any kind of incompetence, and if it’s incompetence at the hands of the local healthcare system, that’s simply inexcusable, and that just about sums up my rant about the incompetence of the doctors I’ve had to put up with.


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