Why advertising is not a good outlet for creativity

mars bar truck

Although this truck looks pretty sweet.

During my first two years in college, I quickly fell into the impression that my Creative iMedia course was mainly about advertising, which was a big problem considering that I had far greater ambitions in mind. As the course came to a close, I learned that, while it is possible to be somewhat creative in the field of advertising, you cannot fully exercise creativity in the world of advertising.

Some people might be willing to challenge this statement, saying that advertisements can be creative, but keep in mind that advertising is a client-based industry, and in a client-based industry, you have to make whatever the client wants you to make. Advertising cannot be an outlet for creativity because the people making advertisements can only make something that relates to a product.

Let’s not forget that advertising has only one purpose, to convince you to buy a product that you otherwise wouldn’t even think about. Even though many advertisements are completely stupid, they’re apparently doing their job, and very few of them can really be considered creative. The cold hard truth is that advertising exists only as a means of inserting an idea into people’s heads. In fact, the reason why they usually aim for the dumbest possible audience is because it’s easier to sell them something.

media brainwashing

This perfectly illustrates my point.

Besides, advertising was never what I wanted to do. It’s not something that you would want to do anyway. It’s something that you have to do if you want to make your brand name visible to the public. I view advertisement only as a means to an end. Whether or not you can be creative with it depends on the industry. The problem here is that many industries still aren’t very creative with ads, mainly because if you’re creating an ad, you have to work within the boundaries the client has set for you.

I only want to be a part of an industry that would nurture my creativity without trying to systematically destroy it. Therefore, a client-based industry would not be suitable for me. I’m continuing my search for the most ideal industry for this purpose, but if I’ve learned anything from college, it’s that I should chart my own path to success, and I simply doubt that this can be done with advertising.


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