Why Bravely Second is going to suck

bravely second

If you didn’t like Bravely Default, there’s a good chance that the very thought of a sequel might make you bash your head against the wall. That sounds like my reaction, except for the fact that I didn’t actually bash my head against the wall, I just gave it a good old “what the f**k?” reaction.

For many months, not much was known about the game. However, last month, several details about Bravely Second were unveiled, including the horrible plot twist that Agnès, the main character from the previous game, becomes’ this game’s pope. What were they thinking? Agnès was the worst protagonist of any game I’ve played, but because Square Enix passed her off as a sex symbol, she got popular enough to stay in Bravely Second, almost as though they’re rewarding her stupidity.

Set seven years after the game’s true ending, the game’s story once again takes place in the fantasy world of Luxendarc, just with several new locations to be explored. In this game, you play as a new set of characters, all of which have ridiculous names. The main character is Yu Zeneolsia, one of the “three musketeers” whose job is to guard Agnès. The other two musketeers are Jean Engarde and Nikolai Nikolanikov, both of whom are joined by Magnolia Arch, the only female party member in this game.

I think Bravely Second is a stupid investment, mainly because I’m very sure that it’s going to be very indifferent to the first game. Just like last time, the game still uses the Asterisk system for job classes, complete with bosses that you have to defeat in order to get a particular job asterisk, implying that Bravely Second will use pretty much the exact same job system. I’m also very sure that the Asterisk bosses will still be horribly annoying, but that’s more of a personal experience than anything else.

Most of the gameplay is going to be identical to Bravely Default, complete with the “Brave” and “Default” commands, which are likely to be identical to the previous game. The only real difference is that, because Airy is absent from this game, there’s a “Tell Me Agnès” feature, in which the holy moron Agnès assists the party as their navigation guide, never mind that Agnès herself had a terrible sense of direction in the first game.

All that aside, I’ve said plenty of times that Bravely Default was an overrated, overly convoluted mess of a game that felt like torture to finish. With that in mind, why the hell would I waste £40 just to go through the exact same thing a second time? If I’m that confident that it’s going to be exactly like Bravely Default, in that it’ll be tedious and frustrating to the core.

If the Bravely Default series is supposed to be the next Final Fantasy, then I really have no hope for it. It’s just going to be a repeat of the same old clichés that were prevalent in Bravely Default, and that’s way Bravely Second is, for me, a really stupid investment.


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