The Simpsons: 2015 Predictions

the simpsons

This ain’t going to be good.

The Simpsons comes back to American airwaves this Sunday, but it’s nothing much to be excited about. It’s going to be the same awful writing, but there are a few things I predict for The Simpsons’ 2015 season (season 26).

First, I’d like to talk about this mystery death that’s been going on around the net. On the first episode of Season 26, one major character will be killed off (presumably just to grab ratings). I honestly think that the character being killed off is going to be Krusty the Clown. Why? Well, there are so many hints, and so many things indicating Krusty would get killed off. For starters, the episode in question is called “Clown in the Dumps”. Secondly, Krusty hasn’t been a very important character since season 12. If anything, the producers would naturally think to kill off a character they would think less of. Besides, if you look at all the clues, they’ll point that way, unless of course the producers are deliberately pointing to a false conclusion in order to keep the real ending secret. It wouldn’t be the first time.

Either way, it’s mainly desperate grab for ratings, and the ratings for The Simpsons over the past two years have been some of the lowest in the show’s history, with “What to Expect When Bart’s Expecting” (season 25, episode 19) reportedly seeing the lowest ratings in the entire run of the show. A show that has gone on for 25 years is bound to kick the bucket at some point, and while I’m not exactly saying the show won’t get renewed for a 27th season, I do think that ratings for the show will inevitably sink lower and lower until the network decides that the show has become unprofitable.

I’ve had a look at some of the upcoming plots for season 26 (even though only thirteen episodes have confirmed plotlines so far), and I’m not impressed at all, mainly because the writers seem to be continuing as though it’s just a cartoon.  Some of the plotlines are blatantly recycled from previous episodes without much effort. One episode, “Super Franchise Me”, sounds like a blatant carbon copy of season 8’s “The Twisted World of Marge Simpson”, in which Marge opens a pretzel franchise. There’s even another Christmas episode in which “the story of the sad side of Christmas is told”, never mind that they’ve already done that in the show’s first episode. Ripping off the premise of one episode is one thing, but when you rip off a classic season 1 episode, that’s probably a good sign that the show’s creativity is almost completely tapped out.

I’m predicting that fans will get very tired of all the slapdash episodes being churned out year after year. After all, I’ve read some of the reactions to some of the last season’s episodes, and they weren’t exactly positive. Even if the show doesn’t die, it’ll still be the horrendously lackluster corpse that it is now. The fans know it, the viewers know it, and the producers know it, and it’s only a matter of time before the show finally collapses in on itself.


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