Why world peace is impossible

world peace

An impossible dream.

Throughout the modern age, world peace has become a highly over-glamorized idea advocated by anyone seeking approval from the masses. Unfortunately, whenever people chant the “world peace” slogan, they have no idea what actual world peace would mean, or if it’s even achievable.

In theory, world peace is a state of peace, non-violence, and happiness throughout the entire world. While it sounds so simple in theory, such a dream is impossible to reach. The cold hard truth is that conflict is a driving force in not just human society, but also life itself. A state of world peace would actually be quite a dull prison, since the things that create conflict are also the things that make every human being unique. To eliminate conflict, you would have to sacrifice individuality, and that may as well be a crime against nature.

Also, I highly doubt that world peace and freedom are compatible. To preserve world peace, anything that might upset the harmony that has been created would inevitably be rooted out. That means there would be no dissenting opinion, no controversy, no freedom of expression, and no real happiness. Simply put it, a world that has world peace would have most or all the hallmarks of a one world dictatorship. Would you really want that for future generations, let alone yourself?

Of course, all this assumes that something like that would even be practical. You would need everybody on Earth to embrace such a system, which is impossible due to the simple fact that not everybody can agree when it comes to world peace. A state of world peace would require all nations to agree on everything, which is impossible. Also, there is no motivation for the whole world to unite as of yet, and there’s nothing that can be gained from the elimination of conflict.

Even if everything I said isn’t applicable in any way, you can’t deny that all we have when it comes to world peace are hopes and dreams, and the real world simply doesn’t run on hopes and dreams. Even if world peace could exist, it could only exist for a very short time, as conflict will always show up in some form, so the dream of eliminating conflict on a global scale is simply unreachable.


6 thoughts on “Why world peace is impossible

    • It really would be dull. If you were to achieve the mythical state of world peace, society would become stagnant, and then collapse fairly quickly, leading of course to more conflict.

      • I saw this one video by paulkchapell “is world peace possible?” after watching that I say world peace would actually stay for a long time. the reason why is because wars can only be started if both sides see each other as a aggressor. and in a world peace scenario I think any aggressive looking actions would be absent

  1. I too think as you do when it comes to “world peace”. People talk about their yearning for peace but do not stop to think about what horrible, cruel and outright terrifying events would have transpire to bring about such a notion. First, there would have to be some event occur that unites the various people of this world. There are very few events known that are capable of such a monumental task, and even fewer of these “events” are anything people would want to experience. Global plague, a cataclysmic natural or man made disaster, war, or a threat originating from outside this world are some of the events that might accomplish this. Second (as you have previously stated) people would have to sacrifice their individuality, personal desires, and beliefs to “join” this peaceful society. Sounds very similar to a dystopian or Orwellian society doesn’t it? A world that is constructed in such a way that an individual cannot question, raise concern, express doubt, or state disbelief within itself is a pure, unadulterated slave society. It is the ability to be an individual and think “outside the box” that has driven our society forward for millennia. Why would we want to lose that?

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