My idea for the next Crash Bandicoot game

crash bandicoot

Last month, I wrote a post where I outlined my ideas for what the next game in the Spyro franchise should be like. Of course, this was a response to the idea news that Sony had expressed some interest in reviving the franchises, but because Sony no longer owns the license to the Crash Bandicoot games, this might be difficult. Thankfully, I’ve got a few ideas on what the next Crash Bandicoot game needs.

First, let me give you a brief retrospective of how the Crash Bandicoot franchise is doing so far. The last development team to work on the franchise was Radical Entertainment, who developed the Crash of the Titans, and its sequel, Crash: Mind over Mutant. The publishing rights for the franchise are currently owned Activision, and they currently have no plans to resurrect the franchise, not while they’re still milking the Call of Duty franchise for all it’s worth.

There hasn’t been a Crash Bandicoot game since 2008, and the last game we got was Mind over Mutant, which I remember for being completely terrible in almost every conceivable way. After that, it seemed as though the Crash Bandicoot franchise was dead in the water, which is a shame because I grew up with those games. Remember the Crash Bandicoot games for the original Playstation? Those games are some of the most nostalgic games I’ve ever played. If I could play any game on the original Playstation during my last days on Earth, it’d be those games. It’s too bad that nobody’s interested in making those kind of games anymore.

That being said, it’s been way too long since Crash Bandicoot has been out of the limelight, and I think it’s time that Crash got his comeback. The first thing I would suggest is to take lessons from Crash Bandicoot 2 or 3. In this format, Crash would collect 25 crystals over the course of the plot, while also collecting gems if he breaks all the boxes in a given level, or completes a dangerous bonus level to get a coloured gem. There are five warp rooms, which allow access to five levels each. Once each of the five levels in a warp room have been finished, you unlock a boss battle, which you must beat in order to unlock the next warp room.

crash bandicoot 3

Pictured: My childhood.

Of course, I’m aware that there’s room for some change in this formula, and thankfully, I have some suggestions for how to reinvent the classic Crash Bandicoot formula. I suggest that the new warp rooms take an approach similar to Sonic Colours, where there are six worlds, each of them having a specific theme. In this scenario, each of the six worlds would have five levels each, plus a boss level, which is unlocked after beating the other five levels. Once you beat the boss of a given world, you unlock the next world. I also have a good idea for what theme each world should have.

  1. Jungle (perhaps in combination with the ruins or river theme)
  2. Snow/Ice (complete with at least one level where you ride
  3. Sewers
  4. Desert
  5. Oriental
  6. Outer Space (set in the Cortex Vortex)

Since each world would consist of five levels (including a boss level), you would be collecting a grand total of 30 crystals over the course of the story. You would also get clear gems for destroying all the boxes in a given level, plus coloured gems that you could find in certain levels via “skull routes”, which are secret alternative routes that you can only access if you find a secret lift without dying once.

As for the gameplay, I think it’d be a good idea if the next Crash Bandicoot game strayed away from the beat ’em up gameplay of Crash of the Titans. Instead, I would suggest a return to the platforming gameplay of the original Playstation games, complete with bonus rounds within levels, and relics being obtainable when you replay a level. If you’re thinking that this may sound repetitive, I wouldn’t worry about it, mainly because I believe that, if Crash Bandicoot were resurrected, then the next game would target a young audience, so it wouldn’t exactly matter too much. Besides, wouldn’t you want the next Crash Bandicoot game to play like the classic games?

Well, that’s all I really have to say on this matter. The story shouldn’t be too hard to figure out for something like Crash Bandicoot, which was never a franchise that focused on story anyway. If either Sony or Activision takes interest in this, then I’d actually like to write for this game. I may have already said that in last month’s Spyro post, but my point remains valid. This kind of game needs to be made.


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