My thoughts on Nintendo’s new 3DS model

new nintendo 3ds

In a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo unveiled yet another new version of the 3DS, but unlike last year, they’ve unveiled an advanced version of the console. This new version, which to my dismay is called the “New Nintendo 3DS”, boasts numerous significant changes from the old version. While some of these changes are good, other proposed changes don’t seem to have been thought through very well.

The first thing that most people might notice is that the face buttons now have the same colours as the face buttons found on the Japanese and European versions of the SNES, but that’s purely aesthetic. The most significant change is that this version has ZL/ZR trigger buttons on the back of the console. This would technically make the N3DS the first portable console to have both shoulder and trigger buttons, making a port of Xenoblade Chronicles possible.

Another glaringly obvious trait is the C-Stick, which is located near the X button. Of course, it’s mainly there to control the camera, making the N3DS more like a home console than its predecessor. Of course, there’s one little flaw with this, mainly the fact that the C-Stick is about as small as the Gamecube’s C-Stick, or perhaps even smaller than that. I can’t help but feel that this would make 3D games made specifically for this console harder to control.

The New 3DS is compatible with your old 3DS games, as well as most DS games, and you can transfer data from the old 3DS to the new 3DS, although I think this is basically an attempt to make the old 3DS obsolete. Why? Because it’s the same thing as on the Wii U, where you can transfer save data from the Wii to the Wii U, making the Wii obsolete. One thing that baffles me is that the console uses Mirco SD cards for save data storage instead of SD cards. I wouldn’t have a problem with them, except for the fact that you can lose them more easily.

Another baffling design choice is that they’ve decided to put the stylus holder, the power button, and even the game card slot on the base of the console, where on the old 3DS the headphone slot was located. What kind of drugs where they on when they thought of that? Seriously, I doubt that they gave any explanation for it.

Of course, the most important part of the console is that it sports an enhanced CPU, which will allow for improved download speeds, and more importantly, better graphics. With enhanced graphics and CPU power, there will inevitably be games made to flaunt this, but these games won’t be playable on an old 3DS.

In my opinion, this should have been its own independent game system entirely. I think we’ve had quite enough variations of the same console already, so why is Nintendo churning out another one? It’s kind of like when Sega rolled out the 32X to extend the life of the Mega Drive, but at least you don’t have to own an old 3DS in order to use it. Besides, they’re probably going to put region locking on it, almost as though they didn’t listen when people complained about region locking to begin with.


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