My thoughts on Pokkén Tournament

pokken tournament

Does anyone remember back in 2013 when mysterious footage of a game featuring Blaziken and Lucario was leaked at the Pokémon Game Show? Well, that mysterious game has now been confirmed as Pokkén Tournament, a collaboration between the Pokémon and Tekken franchises. From what I can tell, it’s basically a fighting game where you get to play as Fighting-type Pokémon, though my suspicions haven’t exactly been confirmed as of yet.

As of now, very little of the game has been, and the only two Pokémon shown in the trailer are Lucario and Machamp (although I’m certain that Blaziken will be in this game). Also, Pokkén Tournament won’t feature any Tekken characters, which makes sense because I don’t imagine Nintendo making a Pokémon game with Tekken characters in it. The only other thing I know is that it’s going to be released for Japanese arcades in 2015. No Western release dates have been confirmed as of yet, and the possibility of a Wii U release has neither been confirmed nor denied by the publishers.

I’ve seen the trailer for this game, and it honestly looks like it could be a good game. Unfortunately, some of the comments on YouTube don’t agree with me. Don’t get me wrong, there are positive comments, but a lot of the ones I’ve read are stupid. One YouTube commenter even bashed Nintendo just because they aren’t going to release it on the Xbox and Playstation consoles. Why should they? It’s a Nintendo-developed game. Why would Nintendo not protect the console exclusivity of its franchises if they wanted you to buy their consoles. Most of the other comments are stupid too, with a lot the commenters just being mad at the fact that this game is even being released Japanese arcades.

Where some of these people expecting 7th generation Pokémon? That would be redundant seeing as we already had Pokémon X and Y announced and released last year. To be fair, I was hoping for a Pokémon Battle Revolution game for Pokémon X and Y, but I’ve got to give The Pokémon Company some credit because I didn’t expect them to announce this as a full-fledged game.

I’ll admit that it might be too early to judge, but I think that it might actually be a really good concept for a Pokémon spin-off, and it may provide new possibilities. Yes, it’s likely that we may only be playing as Fighting-type Pokémon, but that’s kind of the point. Also, if Lucario could Mega Evolve in Pokkén Tournament, and if Blaziken could Mega Evolve in Pokkén Tournament, then I think that opens up the possibility for more Mega Evolutions. For example, Machamp was featured in the trailer for Pokkén tournament. I can’t help but think that there might be a Mega Machamp for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, along with various other Mega Evolutions for any other Pokémon that might be in Pokkén Tournament. Is Medicham going to be in this game? It already has a Mega Evolution, and is more than ideal for this game, so why not?

Well, I think that’s enough of this rant. As with any Pokémon game, I’m going to keep my eye open for new details of this fascinating new project, and as always, I have faith that it’ll be a Pokémon game that’s worth my time, like a true Pokémon fan would.


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