How TV is built on plagiarism

These days, I just can’t go without hearing about some new programme that’s basically a rip-off of another programme. Everywhere I look on British TV, there’s always some new program that’s essentially a rip-off of a TV show that was already made. For example, there’s a new show called Secrets of the Clink, which is basically a rip-off of the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?, as if that show even needed to exist.

As I already mentioned a few weeks ago, we recently got a crappy new show called The Singer Takes it All, which is essentially a rip-off of The X Factor. We already had The Voice, which was primarily made to compete with The X Factor, so why did we need another one of those shows? If that’s not enough, there are dozens of reality TV shows about C-list celebrities with fake tan that seek to capitalize on the popularity on the entire reality TV phenomenon, and all of them seem to rip each other off, and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation.

It isn’t just a UK phenomenon. Ever since the History Channel aired Pawn Stars, pretty much every one of its competitors has come out with their own rip-off of that show. Since 2010, we started seeing more shows like Auction Kings and Storage Wars, until all of a sudden redneck reality TV shows became all too common.

redneck island

Because every redneck gets 30 minutes of fame.

The most obvious reason why so many rip-offs exist is because there’s always going to be somebody who sees the success and popularity of one show, and decides that he wants a slice of the pie. In fact, that’s pretty much how Family Guy was created. It seems like it’s the first rule of television to copy a more popular TV show as soon as an original TV show becomes highly popular.

Today, this happens with reality TV shows, and all of them keep appearing from out of nowhere, and it’s obvious that they were made to possible by ripping off another reality TV show. In the UK and America, rip-off reality TV shows plague the airwaves, and most of those shows are now about stereotypical rednecks from the southern US states. Unfortunately, this is why there’s almost nothing good or original on TV, and that’s what happens when TV tries to stick around long after video games made TV shows useless.


One thought on “How TV is built on plagiarism

  1. TV is a land where creativity is not the aim of the game. It’s all about getting as many people watching it as possible, and humanity at large probably aren’t clever enough to see through the endless orchard of plagiarism and self-replicating stupidity on TV.

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