Another branch of the pop factory

Since the dawn of Pop Idol back in 2001, TV has been churning out talentless hacks and passing them off as musicians. For people who enjoy real music, it’s completely sickening that this even goes on. But for the many who comprise an ultimately less demanding audience, it’s simply entertainment, and tonight, Channel 4 is throwing their hat into the ring with The Singer Takes It All.

the singer takes it all

Which they should have renamed “Alan Carr Looking Stupid Volume #644”.

As if we didn’t have enough talent shows already, Channel 4 now wants to grab a slice of the ratings pie, and so has sunk to a new low. The premise of this show is that a bunch of contestants are on stage, and viewers use a special phone app to vote on whether they’re good or not. If a performer on this show manages to gain approval by the majority of the audience, they move on to a “Gold Zone”, were they can continue competing for a cash prize. Aside from it being marketed as an interactive talent show, there’s not a damn thing that’s different about it.

Like all the other talent shows out there, this one sets out to produce pop musicians for the masses. These talent shows are nothing but poison for the UK music industry. None of those talent shows are interested in real musicianship. If they were, we’d be seeing aspiring rock stars on those shows, even if they were poor man’s versions of AC/DC. Instead, we only get wannabee pop stars whose songs may as well have been written by a karaoke machine.

The people who run these talent shows are simply puppetmasters driven by a profit motive. They don’t care about the poor souls whose creativity is destroyed during the process of automatic stardom. Perhaps the saddest part of all this mass-produced pop is that many of the musicians who come through this factory process are quickly forgotten, almost as though all that meant nothing in the end.

Whatever Channel 4 is going to do with The Singer Takes It All, it won’t matter that much. It’s just going to be another soulless talent show milking the same ignorance that allows The X Factor to survive. Will this horrible cycle ever end? Judging by the mere fact that there’s going to be another X Factor season soon, it looks as though we may have to wait a little longer.

UPDATE: It recently came to my attention that The Singer Takes It All was cancelled after only four weeks, due to lousy ratings.


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