What happened to Cracked.com?

There once was a humour website called Cracked.com, and it used to be quite funny. However, something seems to have changed in the site’s ethos, and now, much of what they’re writing seems more like a weekly news magazine than a humour website. For example, they recently published an article where the writers sat down with a former IRA bomber, and wrote based on what he told them.

Cracked screen

Is it me, or is this starting to read like TIME magazine rather than an actual humour site? Even their Photoplasty contests aren’t hilarious anymore. In fact, they’re more like educational slideshows, or so they would be if they still kept the slideshow format. Now they’re just a collection of images with condescending facts on them.

What happened to Cracked.com to make it this bad? It’s as though they’ve dedicated themselves to correcting idiocy wherever they find it, while trying in vain to give loyal readers life advice with a paternalistic, condescending tone.

Also, the number of post that begin with a number seems to indicate both how lazy the writers are, and how lazy the writers think the readers are. Literally every recent written article is split into several parts. For God’s sake, are we really that lazy? Whenever I right posts like that, it’s a countdown, not a half-brained attempt to attract readers.

To be fair, I think this has more to do with the fact that not a lot of people would read humour articles, not when there’s plenty of entertainment on YouTube. If acting like condescending know-it-alls is the Cracked.com way of competing with everything else on the internet, then that site is doomed to survive only on loyal fans. I just hope the writing doesn’t get any dumber than Mike Scully.


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