Don’t let kids watch the news

Even though I know absolutely nothing about parenting, given my childhood experiences, I think there’s one piece of advice I should give – never let your kids watch the news. I say this because, unlike the countless other things parents accuse of corrupting children, letting your kids watch the news can do real damage a child’s mind. I should know this because when I was a kid, some of my perceptions of the world came from the news, which is a dreadful shame because the news is basically the pulpit of liars in suits.

bbc news 2007

Because in this business, lying can earn you fancy clothes and a paycheck.

When I was a kid, the news was flooded was stories of war in the Middle East, terrorists on the loose, kids getting killed on the streets, and of course, the seemingly neverending global warming crisis. That’s the kind of junk that can really mess up your child’s fragile little mind, and yet parents somehow think it’s okay to expose their kids to this crap. How is it that parents complain about sex, cartoon violence, rap music, violent video games (which they bought for their kids in the first place), and the Internet, but they think it’s okay to tell kids about Jesus’ violent, agonizing torture, or let them hear some false prophets tell them about how the world is going to hell.

I think the news media has more potential to warp a child’s mind than a cartoon, not just because kids are largely unaware of how the adult world works, but also because news reporters have the power to trick you into thinking that what they say is always true. As soon as you assume their words to be true, you leave yourself vulnerable to their mass-produced deception. It’s bad enough for adults, but try imagining your kids exposed to this?


No good parent would want this for their kids.

If you want your kids to turn out okay, don’t let them watch the news. Come to think of it, why would anyone watch the news in this day and age? It’s basically just a bunch of scripted, overdramatic sermons in the guise of information. I’d rather let my kids watch “Basic Instinct” than the news. It’s a way for the media to brainwash people into being vulnerable to deception. The only way I managed to avoid being brainwashed myself is because I know this is going on. A trick doesn’t work on you if you know it’s a trick.

With that in mind, I have a solution to this problem. All parents need to do is teach kids not to believe everything they see on TV, because every news reporter has his/her own agenda, and you may not even know what it is until it’s too late.


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