Why there is no karmic justice

endless knot

This is the endless knot, generally used as a symbol of the cycle of karmic cause and effect as believed by Hindus and Buddhists. Its relevance should be obvious soon enough.

Karma is the belief that the actions and intentions of an individual directly influence what happens to said individual either at some point in this life, or sometimes beyond. In the Western imagination, this means that doing good is rewarded with a good life, and doing bad means being rewarded with a bad life. Unfortunately, the Western version of this belief tends to utilize Christian morality, and being taught this kind of tricks you into thinking that bad things always happen to bad people, even though the truth is quite different.

In the real world, bad people can worm their way through life, while good, honest people who try to play by the rules get screwed over a lot of the time. If there really was karmic justice, this shouldn’t happen. If there’s one thing about it that’s true, it’s that bad deeds can come back to haunt you, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll pay for it, because there’s nothing enforcing any notion of karmic justice.

In this world, bad things can happen to good people, and good things can happen to bad people. Ever noticed how everyone who’s ever tried to change the world for the better ends up being snuffed out, all while the people who do nothing good for society live long, often luxurious lives? It’s because karmic justice is a myth. For me, this is because justice cannot exist without someone who believes in justice and can enforce it. Even the most primitive concepts of justice needed someone to act on them.

My point is simple. The world can’t wait on a vague spiritual judgement, especially when morality is completely subjective. If you keeping waiting for karmic justice to happen in your lifetime, then you’ll get yourself stuck in an endless knot of your own suffering. The only justice mankind can ever hope for is the justice they make for themselves, and by hoping for karma to bite people in the ass, you may find that you won’t get any justice at all.


3 thoughts on “Why there is no karmic justice

  1. Totally agree. Karma is just a superstition, not an actual rule that governs fortune. Events are judged by people as binary, good and bad, on a continuum. Well, if there are only two possible kinds of fortune, then bad people are bound to receive good things and good people are bound to receive bad things. We should just see all events as neutral results of the interplay of innumerable factors in society. Thanks.

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