Preachers ought to mind their own business

street preachers

Yesterday, I saw some old guy in the Carmarthen town centre, and he was preaching the usual fundamentalist Christian crap, which is really strange because I only hear about this coming from America. As far as I know, this usually doesn’t happen out in Wales. There isn’t a whole lot of difference, since they all spout the same garbage, though it’s not nearly as bad as reading through a Jack Chick tract.

Of course, being an atheist, I don’t exactly relish hearing such nonsense, especially since it all about how we’re somehow going to hell. If I wanted to hear about “my eternal soul going to hell”, I’d go back to church.

Anyway, am I supposed to believe that this old street preacher (who looked more like he was on a safari trip than a preacher) has nothing better to do than preach damnation to anyone other than himself? In fairness, he didn’t call me out at all. I’m actually thankful that he didn’t notice I existed, otherwise I would have done the equivalent of telling him to go f**k himself.

If there is a god, I highly doubt that he’d have much patience for those guys. I actually think he’d want those preachers to get laid before they go insane. Seriously, I’ll bet that half the time, the preachers haven’t been getting enough time in bed with their wives (if they have any), so they vent their sexual frustration with religion.

jack chick

Behold, Jack Chick’s midlife crisis in comic book form.

A lot of times, these preachers point “sexual deviance” as causing God’s wrath. I’m probably not the only one here who think’s there’s something wrong here. You’ve got to be a total pervert if your only focus is on what kind of sex people are having, almost as though the only holy way to get laid is the missionary position. At least they don’t barge into people’s houses just to see.

Some quarter of an hour after 2pm, I noticed the preacher was gone. What happened? Did he get arrested? It wouldn’t be that far-fetched, since I’ve heard that some people in Britain have actually been arrested for spewing anti-gay passages from the Bible. For example, a few months ago, a Manchester street preacher named John Craven was arrested for preaching biblical condemnations of homosexuality directly to a teenage gay couple.

I don’t think there was a commotion in Carmarthen. In reality, the preacher I found probably realised that nobody cared, and went home. It doesn’t bother me one bit. It’s people like him that are the reason why I’m atheist. The aggressively proselytize their religion, inadvertently making it seem worse than it actually is. At least I know for a fact that most Christians aren’t like the street preacher I found.


4 thoughts on “Preachers ought to mind their own business

  1. I saw a guy like that outside of a crowded baseball stadium over the weekend. He wasn’t talking but he was holding a sign that said “Repent!” and also had some biblical passage number written on it. I always wonder how those people have so much free time. They either don’t work or else they neglect their spouses and children (if they have any).

  2. If you don’t believe in God and don’t truly care about this man and his message, why did you take the time to write a blog post about it?

    It would seem to an average reader, like me, that you care quite a bit.

    • I wrote it because it bugs me that these kind of people are everywhere. I don’t care about the guy or his message. I care about the fact that people like him choose to waste their years by trying in vain to convince ordinary people that they’re sinners.

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