What kind of future do we want?

Mankind is so quick to imagine far-flung futuristic possibilities that they think would be cool, but nobody ever stops to think whether they should. Where the hell is Dr. Ian Malcolm when you need him?

Aleph's Heretical Domain

The past week I’ve been seeing an ad for a show called Futurescape with James Woods, that will air on the Discovery Channel on Sunday (and also already aired on The Science Channel last year), and yes, this isn’t the first blog post I’ve written that started out this way. Anyways, there’s a lot the show is proposing about the future that I think we should not allow.

For example, one of the possibilities mentioned was technology that would allow people to read each others minds. Answer me honestly: do you really want people to be reading your mind, intruding into your thoughts? And do you really want that kind of technology to available in the future? Think of the damage that might do to privacy, think of the potential for people to erode each other’s liberty when you give them the power to read each other’s minds. And forget about…

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