Never mind the madman

It seems that North Korea is up in arms over America once again, this time over the impending release of Seth Rogen’s latest action comedy vehicle, The Interview, which is set to be released in America on October 10th.

the interview

This movie’s going to suck, no matter what North Korea says.

The premise of the film revolves around two “celebrity journalists” who manage to get an interview with Kim Jong-un, who they are then tasked by the CIA to kill. Okay, let me get this straight. The North Korean government is mad about a movie with a nonsensical premise such as this? At this rate, North Korea have just gone the extra mile to prove their insanity to the rest of the world.

What’s really ridiculous is the fact that North Korea is actually threatening “merciless retaliation” if The Interview gets released. This is insane for two reasons.

  1. Nobody’s really insecure enough to want to bomb an entire nation just because someone made fun of them…right?
  2. That aside, North Korea is actually incapable of following through on any of its threats, because doing so would end the ceasefire that halted the Korean War, which would mean that North Korea would once again be trapped in a war it can never win.

It’s obvious that the whole thing is just hyperbole designed to exploit the fact that most Americans don’t know much about the Korean War, or why America was fighting it. As for the movie itself, this isn’t the first time North Korea got mad at a movie.

In 2002, Die Another Day was the target of the late Kim Jong-il’s rage when it featured a North Korean villain. 12 years on, North Korea now celebrates James Bond as “an example of British greatness”. Given the usual closed-mindedness of the hermit kingdom, this makes absolutely no sense.

In another bizarre twist, there’s word going around that Kim Jong-un may watch The Interview, probably to see the film that’s being hyped up by his own minions. Will he like it? Will he at least get the joke? Let’s hope so. Either way, North Korea can’t exactly risk provoking another war with the UN, so it’s highly likely that nothing will happen.


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